BASODA (Princely State)





AREA: 104 km2 (1901) PRIVY PURSE: xx ACCESSION: xx
STATE: Bhopal DYNASTY: Firoz Khel Pathan RELIGION:
VILLAGES: 23 (1901) POPULATION: 4,897 (1901) REVENUE: 19,000Rs


called Nawab-Basoda or Haidargarh-Basoda to distinguish it from the
named state in Gwalior. Ancestor was Muhammed Diler/Dalal Khan, an
of the Barakzai Firuz Khel, whose elder son founded Kurwai
and the younger founded Basoda in 1753. Rulers

    1. Nawab AHSAN ALLAH KHAN,
      1st Nawab of Basoda 1753/1786,
      second son of Nawab
      Muhammed Diler Khan of Kurwai, settled first at Rakha and Bahadurgarh
      Isagarh in Gwalior state, 1901), but being hard pressed by the
      moved his capital to Basoda in 1753, alienated part of his lands to
      the state of Muhammadgarh, married and had issue. He died 1786.

      • Nawab Baqa Allah Khan (qv)
      • Nawab Muhammad Khan, he received some territory from his
        father and succeeded as the 1st Nawab of Muhammadgarh.


    1. Nawab BAQA ALLAH KHAN,
      2nd Nawab of Basoda 1786/1817, married Nawabzadi
      Hashmat Zaman Begum, sister of Nawabzada Mange Khan of Bhopal.

1817/1822, the state fell into the hands
of the Maharaja
of Gwalior in 1817, but it was restored to the Nawab in 1822 on the
of the British authorities.

    1. Nawab ASAD ALI KHAN,
      3rd Nawab of Basoda 1822/1864, sometime
      Minister of
      Bhopal; married and had issue. He died 1864.

      • Nawab Omar Ali Khan


    1. Nawab OMAR ALI KHAN,
      4th Nawab of Basoda 1864/1896, born about 1830,
      to the gadi on 6th February
      1864 (#1),
      and had issue.

      • Nawab Haidar Ali Khan Firuz Jung (qv)
      • Nawabzada Yusuf Ali Khan


    1. Nawab HAIDAR ALI KHAN
      Firuz Jung
      , 5th Nawab of Basoda 1896/1929, born
      January 1854, succeeded 12th June 1896; married and had

      • Nawab Muhammed Ayub Ali Khan Firuz Jung (qv)
      • Nawabzada Safdar Ali Khan, styled Nawab Sahab of Basoda,
        married (amongst others), Nawabzadi Mukarram Jaha Begum Sahiba, born
        1881 in Jaora, daughter of Maj. HH
        Ihtasham-ud-daula Nawab Mohammed Ismail Khan
        Bahadur Firoz Jung, 3rd Nawab of Jaora,
        and his 3rd wife, HH Nawab Taj Mahal Begum Sahiba, and had issue. She
        died 2nd June 1954.

        • Mohtarma Sohel-ara-begum, married (as his second wife),
          Nawabzada Mohammed Mansoor Ali Khan Bahadur (later H Asif-ud-Daula
          Nawab Mohammed Mansoor Ali Khan Bahadur
          Saulat-e-jung, 7th Nawab of Jaora).
        • Mohtarma Sitara Jibeen, married (as his third wife),
          Nawabzada Mohammed Mansoor Ali Khan Bahadur (later H Asif-ud-Daula
          Nawab Mohammed Mansoor Ali Khan Bahadur
          Saulat-e-jung, 7th Nawab of Jaora).


    KHAN Firuz Jung
    , 6th Nawab of Basoda 1929/,
    married (amongst others), Nawab Arjuman Bano Begum, and had issue. He
    died 1947.

    • Haji Nawab Masood Ali Khan, born 12th March 1940, married
      20th March 1959, Nawab Mahmmed Zaman Begum of Mohammedgarh, and has

      • Nawab Kishwar Ali Khan
      • Nawabzada Anwar Ali Khan, born 20th March 1955, married
        26th May 1973 in Sehore, Begum Nayyer Sultan [Majala Miyan],
        and has issue.

        • Sahibzada Tehmina Khan
        • Sahibzada Siddiq Ali Khan M.Sc. (Zoology Fisheries),
          B.E.H.M.S., M.C.M., born 24th April 1975, married 8th June 2010, Jullet.
      • Nawabzadi Farrukh Zaman
      • Nawabzadi Marrukh Zaman
      • Nawab Bakityar Ali Khan
      • Nawab Jahandar Ali Khan
      • Nawabzadi Firoz Zaman
      • Nawabzadi Amana Zaman




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