BEGUN (Thikana)





STATE: Udaipur DYNASTY: Sisodia (Chundawat
clan, Meghawat subclan)
POPULATION: 12,505 (1901)



Rawat Sawai HARI SINGHJI II, 19th Rawat Saheb of Begun (Fort
Begun, P.O. Begun, Distt. Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India)



First Class Umrao, married 1stly, Rani
Kunwar, died 4th April 1969, daughter of Thakur Govind Singhji of Raipur, and his wife, Thakurani
Kunwar, married 2ndly, 9th September 1970, Rani Suraj Kanwar, daughter
of Rana Pratap Singh of Guda Malani, and has

  • Kanwarani Pravin Kunwar (by Rani
    Kunwar) (+) [Rani Pravin Kunwar of Begun], married Kunwar
    Singh, later Raj Rana Ghanshyam Singhji of Bari-Sadri.
  • Kunwar Maha Singh (by Rani
    Kunwar), married Kanwarani Sanyokta Kanwar, daughter of Kunwar Jaideep
    Singh of Ladana.
  • Kanwarani Uma Kanwar (by Rani
    Kunwar), married Kunwar Rajvir Singh of Amarkot.
  • Kunwar Madhav Singh (by Rani
    Kunwar), married 1994, Kanwarani Annapurna Kanwar, born 1967, daughter
    of Thakur
    Guninidhan Singh of Talaogaon.
  • Kunwar Ajay Raj Singh (by Rani Suraj Kanwar), married
    Kanwarani Rohini Kunwar, daughter of Rawal Kishan Singh of Jasol.



An off-shoot of Salumber. Rulers were…

    1. Rawat GOVIND DAS, son of Rawat Khengar
      of Salumber, he was the founder of
      the estate and is said to have been killed in an engagement with Mirza
      Shahrukh, one of Akbar’s generals near Jawad (later in the Nimach
      district of Gwalior).


    1. Rawat MEGH SINGH I fl.1608, he defeated the Imperial army
      under Mahabat Khan at Untala, later his estate was (briefly) given to
      Ballu Chauhan of Bedla; he was given the mansab of four hundred Jat and two
      hundred Sawar, and the Pargana of Malpura in Jaipur by Emperor Jahangir
      of Delhi.


    1. Rawat RAJ SINGH


    1. Rawat MAHA SINGH I, married and had issue.
      • Rani Takhat
        Kanwar, married (as his first wife), Rao Nahar Singhji of Parsoli.


    1. Rawat MOKHAM SINGH


    1. Rawat UDAI SINGH


    1. Rawat KUSHAL SINGH


    1. Rawat BHUPAL SINGH


    1. Rawat ALLU SINGH [Allaji]


    1. Rawat ANUP SINGH I


    1. Rawat HARI SINGH I


    1. Rawat DEVI SINGH


    1. Rawat Sawai MEGH  SINGH II


    1. ??Rawat Sawai PRATAP SINGH


    1. Rawat Sawai MAHA SINGHJI II -/1824 and
      1839/1866, became a religious mendicant at the shrines of Nathdwara and
      Kankroli, but he resumed management of the estate on his sons death,
      and had issue. He died 1866.

      • Rawat Sawai Kishore Singhji (qv)
      • Kanwar Madho Singh, married 1848, Kanwarani Chaman
        Kanwar, committed sati in 1861, daughter of Raj Rana Kirti
        Singhji II of Bari Sadri, and his first
        wife, Rani Sringar Kanwar. He died 1861.
      • Rawat Sawai Megh Singhji III (qv)


    1. Rawat Sawai KISHORE SINGHJI 1824/1839, murdered in 1839.


    1. Rawat Sawai MEGH SINGHJI III 1866/1905,
      born about 1857, married 1879, Rani Chand Kanwar, daughter of Maharaj
      Shri Balwant Singh, Rao of Dattigaon,
      his third wife, Rani Gulab Kanwar, and had issue.

      • Rawat Sawai Anup Singhji II (qv)


    1. Rawat Sawai ANUP SINGHJI II 1905/-,
      born 1889, he adopted Kunwar Hari Singh, son of Maharaj Shri
      Gopal Singhji of Anoopura, and his wife, Rani Dolat Kunwar, daughter of
      Raja Khuman Singhji of Ralayata;
      married Rani Mohan Kanwar, born 22nd January 1894, daughter of
      Kunwar Devi Singh of Parsoli, and his
      first wife, Kunwarani Gulab Kanwar, and had adoptive issue.

      • (A) Rawat Sawai Hari
        Singhji II


  1. Rawat Sawai HARI SINGHJI II (see above)

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