BHADAUR (Jagir)



    VILLAGES: 96 (1947) REVENUE: xx ACCESSION: 1857
    STATE: Punjab (Sangrur Dist.) DYNASTY: Phulkian RELIGION: Sikh


    , Raja of Bhadaur since 1997.

    born 23rd September 1947, married Rani Gurmit Kaur, daughter
    of Lt.-Colonel N. S. Kang of Kotla Shamaspur, Tehsil Samrala, Ludhiana,
    and has issue two children.

    • Rajkumar Prithvi Partap Singh Sidhu, born 14th November
      1973, married Kumari Shweta Singh, and has issue, one son and one

      • Kumari Rohini Singh, born 5th September 2004.
      • Kunwar Veer Partap Singh Sidhu, born 17th September 2008.
    • Rajkumari Pavitra Sidhu, married 2004, Shri Udaiveer Singh


    Phul, the
    founder of the dynasty, was father of Ram or Rama, who was father of
    Duna Singh, founder of Bhadaur in 1718. This estate is the biggest
    jagir in Patiala and probably the most prestigious. Became a feudatory
    state of Patiala in 1857. Estate holders

    • Chaudhuri Sardar DUNA SINGH,
      Bhadaur, Sangrur etc.
      1718/1729, married and had
      issue. He died

      • Chaudhuri Bigha Singh (qv)
      • Sardar Dao Singh, died 1723.
      • Sardar
        Sangu Singh, died 1744.
      • Sardar
        Sukhu Singh, died 1765 and his widow married his brother Chaudhuri
        Bigha (qv).
      • Sardar
        Suma Singh, married three wives, and had issue, five sons. He died 1772.

        • Sardar
          Jassa Singh, he died sp.
        • Sardar
          Massa Singh, with his younger brothers, he was ancestor of the Sardar
          of Rampuria and Kotlakoura.
        • Sardar
          Tek Singh
        • Sardar
          Charat Singh
        • Sardar
          Budh Singh
    • Chaudhuri BIGHA SINGH,
      1729/1773, married 1stly, married
      2ndly, married 3rdly, 1765,
      the widow of his
      Sardar Sukhu, and had issue. He died 1773.

      • Kanwar Gurdas Singh (by 1st wife), born 1742, died 1748.
      • Chaudhuri Chuhar Singh (by 2nd wife)(qv)
      • Sardar Mohar Singh (by 2nd wife), married and had issue.
        He died 1826.

        • Sardar Amrik Singh, married and had issue. He died 1826.
          • Sardar Dewa Singh, born 1803, married and had issue.
            He died

            • Sardar Narain Singh, born 1852, married and had
              issue. He died 1872.

              • Sardar Balwant Singh
        • Sardar Samand Singh, married and had issue. He died

          • Sardar Achhal Singh, born 1832, died 1879.
        • Sardar Sujan Singh, married and had issue. He died 1828.
          • Sardar Uttam Singh, married and had issue. He died

            • Sardar Attar Singh, born 1837, died 1879.
      • Sardar Dal Singh (by 3rd wife), he was granted the jagir
        of Kot
        Duna (Revenue: 5,826Rs in 1870), married and had issue. He died 1793.

        • Sardar Jit Singh, Sardar Sahib of Kot Duna 1793/1818;
          married and had issue. He died 1818.
          • Sardar Mahtab Singh, Sardar Sahib of Kot Duna
            1818/1834, born 1802, married and had issue. He died 1834.

            • Sardar Attar Singh, Sardar Sahib of Kot Duna
              1834/1863, born 1832, married and had issue. He died 1863.
            • Sardar Kishan Singh, Sardar Sahib of Kot Duna
              1863/-, born 1859.
          • Sardar Jodh Singh, born 1816, married and had issue.
            He died after 1870.
            • Sardar Lal Singh, born 1833.
            • Sardar Panjab Singh, born 1836, married and had
              • Sardar Makhusudan Singh, born 1856.
              • Sardar Bhag Singh, born 1859.
    • Chaudhuri CHUHAR SINGH,
      1773/1793, he fought alongside the
      Sikh forces and forced Amar Singh Thapa to retreat back to Nepal;
      married and had issue. He
      died 1793.

      • Sardar Dip Singh (qv)
      • Sardar Bir Singh, married and had issue. He died 1823.
        • Sardar Jawahar Singh, married and had issue. He died

          • Maharani Attar Kaur, married Maharaja Nau Nihal
            of Lahore. She died 1840.
        • Sardar Jaimal Singh, married and had issue. He died

          • Sardar Khazan Singh C.S.S., born 1805, married the
            elder daughter of Sardar Dhanna Singh of Malwai, and had
            issue. He died

            • Sardar Mahan Singh, born 1826, married and had
              issue. He died

              • Sardar Ishar Singh, born 1848, died 1866.
          • Sardar Nidhan Singh, born 1806, married and had
            issue. He died

            • Sardar Kehar Singh, born 1835, married and had

              • Sardar Pratap Singh, born 1853, married and had

                • Kunwar (name unknown) Singh, born 1887.
              • Sardar Uttar Singh, born 1863, married and had
                issue, two sons.
        • Sardar Jagat Singh, married and had issue. He died 1865.
          • Sardar Gulab Singh, died 1850.
          • Sardar Basawa Singh, died 1845.
          • Sardar Khem Singh, died 1846.
          • Sardar Narain Singh, died 1865.
          • Sardar Ajaipal Singh, born 1858.
    • Sardar DIP SINGH,
      Sardar of Bhadaur 1793/1822, married and had issue. He died

      • Sardar Kharak Singh (qv)
    • Sardar KHARAK SINGH,
      1822/1858, married and had issue. He

      • Mahamahopadhyaya, Maulana ul Fuzma Sardar Sir Attar
        Singh (qv)
    • Mahamahopadhyaya, Maulana
      ul Fuzma Sardar Sir ATTAR SINGH
      Rais-i-Azam of Bhadaur 1858/1896,
      1833, educated at Benaras University; he was rewarded with the title of
      Maulana ul Fuzma for his Arabic-Persian learning, he
      set up a library which he transferred to Ludhiana, when he moved there
      in 1878, and which after his
      death, was transferred to the Panjab Public Library at Lahore; elected
      a member of
      Anjumani Punjab in 1869 and Vice-President in 1880, also elected a
      member of the Asiatic Society of Bengal in 1869; appointed a member of
      the senate of the Panjab University College,
      Lahore, in 1870; member of the Bengal Philharmonical Society and also
      served on
      the Committee of Management of the Aitchison Chiefs’ College, Lahore;
      in recognition of his literary and political services he was awarded by
      the British with the title of Fazil ul Fuzala in
      1877, C.I.E.
      1880 and K.C.I.E.
      in 1888, and he was rewarded with the title of Mahamahopadhyaya
      for his eminent services in the promotion of
      Oriental learning, he was admitted to Knighthood in 1888,  founder
      of Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Ludhiana, established in 1884, he also took a
      leading part in the establishment of the Khalsa Diwan at Lahore of
      which he became patron-in-chief; in 1886 he had been nominated a member
      of the General Committee of the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) at
      Amritsar; in 1890, he was made vice president and trustee of the Khalsa
      Establishment Committee and later vice president of the Khalsa College
      Council; married and had issue. He died
      10th June 1896 in Ludhiana.

      • Sardar Bhagwant Singh (qv)
      • Sardar Balwant Singh, born 1855, married and had issue,
        one daughter. He died 1902.

        • Bibiji Kushalpal Kaur, married 1886 (as his
          first wife), Sardar Bahadur Sir
          Sundar Singh Majithia, and had issue (see Majithia Family).
    • Sardar BHAGWANT SINGH,
      1852, married and had
      issue, three daughters and one son. He died 1924.

      • Raja Harchand
        Singh Sidhu (qv)
      • Rajkumari Bibiji Rajbans Kaur, married Rao Sahib Giriraj
        of Kutchesar, Bulandshahar, Hapur, U.P. (see Kuchesar)
      • Rajkumari Bibiji Prasan Kaur [Sardarni Lady Prasan Kaur
        Majithia], married, Sardar Sir Sundar Singh Majithia (see Majithia family).
      • Rajkumari Bibiji (name
        ) Kaur, married Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh of Hathras, near Aligarh and Mathura, U.P.
    • Raja HARCHAND
      , Rais-i-Azam of Bhadaur 1924/1934, born 1887, married
      1stly, Rani
      Bakhtawar Kaur [Dalip Kaur], daughter of Harnam Singh Wala, Rampura
      Phul Dist., Bathinda, issue, one daughter and one son, married 2ndly,
      Rani Jagdish Kaur, died 1959, daughter of Mal Singh Wala, Dist.
      Bathinda, had issue, one daughter and one son. He
      died 1934.

      • Maj. Raja Ram Partap Singh Sidhu (by Rani Bakhtawar Kaur)
      • Rajkumari Ajmer Kaur (Rani Bakhtawar Kaur), born 1929,
        died 1998.
      • Rajkumari Birinder Kaur (by Rani Jagdish Kaur), married
        the Late Air Commodore
        Jaspal Singh, and has issue, a daughter.

        • Bibjii Trepan Kaur, married Sardar Harisimran Singh
      • Rajkumar Simran Singh (by Rani Jagdish Kaur), born 14th
        October 1933, married
        Rajkumarani Kultaran Kaur, and has issue two sons.

        • Kanwar Kanwalinder Singh, born October 1965, died 19th
          January 1988.
        • Kanwar Amritinder Singh, born 20th February 1972,
          married Kanwarani Shona Manco, and has issue, two daughters.

          • Hartaran Kaur Sidhu, born 21st June 2007.
          • Japjyot Kaur Sidhu, born 4th January 2009.
    • Maj.
      , Rais-i-Azam of Bhadaur
      born 6th October 1921, educated
      at Aitchison Chiefs’ College, Lahore; Commandant
      Major Yadvinder Guards, Patiala State; HH Maharaja Yadvinder Singh of
      Bodyguard; married Bibiji Surinder Kaur [Rani Surinder Ram Partap Singh
      Sidhu of Bhadaur], born 13th May 1924, died 21st May 1984, daughter of
      General Sardar Bahadur Sir
      Singh of Jind State (and younger sister of Maharani Bhaktavar Kaur
      Sahiba of Patiala), and had issue. He
      died 14th October 1997.

      • Rajkumari Kiran Sidhu, born 16th April 1944, married
        Lt.-Col. Sardar
        Narjinder Singh, late of Skinners
        Horse, son of Major Sardar Joginder Singh of Manimajra, he was
        guardian to (then) Yuvraj Yadvinder Singh of Patiala by HH Maharaja
        Singh and was commandant of the Rajindra Lancers in the Patiala State
        Forces and was the Sardar of Manimajra Jagir in Amballa district, he
        served as A.D.C. to HH
        Maharjadhiraj Bhupindar
        Singh of Patiala; and has issue, two sons.

        • Dr. Kanwar Govind Singh married Kanwarani
          Amardeep Kaur, daughter of Sardar Gurpreet Singh Jallewalia of
          Ahlawalpur Jagir in West Punjab.
        • Dr. Kanwar Gopal Singh, married Dr. Kanwarani
          Samrina Kaur, grandaughter of Sardar Jasbir Singh Veglia of Wacchoya
          Jagir in West Punjab.
      • Tikka Ajaypartap Singh Sidhu, succeeded as Raja
        Singh Sidhu of Bhadaur (qv)
      • Rajkumar Udaypartap Singh Sidhu, born 3rd August 1950,
        married Rajkumarani
        Sonia Singh, daughter of Brigadier W. S. Choudhry of Karnal, and has
        two children.

        • Kumari Mehar Sidhu
        • Kanwar Amanpartap Singh
      (see above)

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