BILASPUR-(11 Gun Salute)

AREA: 1,173 km2 PRIVY PURSE: 70,000Rs ACCESSION: 12th October 1948
STATE: Himachal Pradesh REVENUE: 100,000Rs (1891) RELIGION: Hindu
VILLAGES: 992 POPULATION:100,994(1931) DYNASTY: Chandela




H.H Raja Dr. Gopal Chand was born on     3rd September, 1969.  As per Late H.H. Raja Anand Chand’s wishes,Tikka Gopal Chand performed his father’s funeral rites, lit the funeral pyre and kirya ceremony.   On 26th October,1983  on ‘ RASAM PAGRI DAY’, Tikka Gopal Chand was installed as the 45th Ruler H.H.Raja Gopal Chand of Bilaspur.    Raja Gopal Chand was educated at the City of London School for Boys, London.    He achieved four ‘A’ Grades in A Level and achieved  awards in Physics, Chemistry and Maths.   Raja Gopal Chand  received his MA and PhD from Trinity College Cambridge in the United Kingdom.   H.H. Raja Dr. Gopal Chand married Rani Lakshmi  Chand M.Sc.:London in 1996 (H.H Rani Lakshmi Chand of Bilaspur, daughter of Major Gandharb Singh Rana.   They have issue, two children

  • Tikka Raj Chand born  October, 1997.
  • Rajkumari Jaya Chand born  November, 1999.


Bilaspur is lying in the foothills of the Himalays and Bilaspur town is situated on the banks of Sutlej River which divides the State into
two equal halves called the Parla (Trans)and the Warla(Cis) Mandi and Kangra bordered on the North, on the west by the Hosharpur District, on the South by Nalagarh and the East by Baghal and Suket. The Capital of the State was originally at Jhandhari and then at Kot Kehloor, but was later transferred to Bilaspur. Its Rulers were members of the Kheloorea Clan of the Chandravanshi Rajputs and they are worshipper of ‘Gopal’. Bilaspur was founded by Raja Bir Chand in 697 AD when his father Raja Harihar Chand, on his way to Jwalamukhi in Kangra from the ancestral home at Chanderi in Madya Pradesh, was killed by the then Raja of Kangra and Bir Chand as the eldest of the four brothers decided not to go back home. He established a small fort at Kot-Kahloor in the low lying area below the peak of Shri Naina Devi (Goddess Durga) whose Temple he erected on top of the Hill. He died in 730A.DRAJA KAHAL CHAND(894-902AD)He was Sixth in Line and built Kot Kehlur.RAJA KAHN CHAND (1057-1099A.D) eleventh in line had three sons. His eldest son Ajit Chand succeeded his father and he founded the present ruling dynasty of Hindur, now called “NALAGARH.RAJA SANGAR CHAND (1197-1220A.D) Sangar Chand, 16th in line had ten sons, seven of whom were the ancestors of Rajput families in Bilaspur.RAJA MEGH CHAND (12-1251A.D) Megh Chand was exiled into Kulu by the People of Bilaspur but reinstated himself with the help of the Emperor of Delhi.RAJA ABHAISAND CHAND (1302-1307a.d.) 21ST Raja, was murdered by the Generals of a relieving force.RAJA RATTAN CHAND (1355-1406), He received a reward of a lakh and a quarter rupees from the Emperor by slaying a lion, which was distressing the suburbs of the city.RAJA GYAN CHAND (1518-1555) Gyan Chand, 27th Raja, quarrelled with the Mohammadan Governor of Sirhind and married the Governor’s daughter whose descendants are the only landowing mussalmans in the State. Gyan Chand’s tomp is still shown at Kiratpur.

RAJA BIKRAN CHAND (1555-1593), Bikran Chand abdicated

RAJA KALYAN CHAND (1600-1636) Sultan Chand’s son Kalyan invaded the territories of the Raja of Suket, whose daughter he had married, and was slain there. His son Tara Chand avenged his father’s death.

RAJA DEEP CHAND (1653-1665) Deep Chand, son of Tara Chand, removed his Capital from Sunhani to a place on the Sutlej, close to a shrine of Rangunath Shiva and a cave of Vyasji called “Byaspur” later known as Bilaspur.

RAJA BHIM CHAND (1665-1692) During his time, the territorial limits of Kehlur reached a new height. He built the temple of Mariaridevi (at present in Mandi Distict). He defeathed the Mogul Governor Alif-Khan in battle in conjunction with Guru Goving Singh.

RAJA AJMER CHAND (1692-1738)reigned for over forty years.

RAJA DEVI CHAND (1738-1778) Devi Chand succeeded in 1738. He was a contemporary of Nadir Shah soon afterwards coming into collision with the afghani forces. He killed the Raja of Nalagarh in a battle and placed a Mian Gajay Singh on the Gaddi of Nalagarh. He also built a Fort and Tank at Mahalmorian in Kangra whose signs are present even to this day. He married a Katoch Princess and had a son named Mahan Chand.

RAJA MAHAN CHAND(1778-1824) He showed no interest in State affairs and spent his time in sensual pleasures.

RAJA KHARAK CHAND ( 1924-1839) Raja Kharak Chand’s reign marks the darkest page in the history of Bilaspur because of evil influence an vicious habits. In 1835 he married the younger sister of the Raja of Sirmoor.

RAJA JAGAT CHAND (1839-1850) A.D.) Raja Kharak Chand was issueless. Mian Jangi performed Raja Kharak Chand’s funeral rites and was installed as Raja Jagat Chand in April 1839. The Raja extended his aid to the British in the Second Sikh War and turned the Sikh forces out of the territory of Kot Dhar and Nalagarh. Raja Jagat Chand had only one son, Narpat Chand, who died in 1844 leaving a son named Hira Chand. Hira Chand was only 15 years of age and he was married to the sister of Maharaja Ranbir Singh of Jammu.

RAJA HIRA CHAND (1850-1882 AD) His reign of 32 years is still remembered as a golden age in Bilaspur’s history. In winter 1882

Raja Hira Chand had gone to Shimla with his son Amar Chand but died on his way to Bilaspur

RAJA AMAR CHAND (1883-1888 AD) Raja Amar Chand was installed in January 1883 and had a short reign of 6 years. He was fond of painting and he built the famous Rang Mahal Palace at Bilaspur. He also constructed a bridge across the Sutlej at Bhajwani. He died in 1888 at the age of 31

LIEUTENANT-COLONEL.H.H.RAJA.BIJAI.CHAND KCIE (1872-1931) Raja Bijai Chand succeeded his father in 1889 when he was only 16 years old. He was given the decoration of the Companion of the Star of India on the occasion of the Delhi Durbar in 1911 and was made Knight Commander of the Indian Empire (KCIE) in 1918. During World War 1 he placed his personal services and all the resources of his State at the disposal of the British Government.
Raja Bijai Chand married Rani Suraj Devi in 1898 when she was 12 years old. To her was born a son in 1913 and named ANAND CHAND. She suffered a stroke and died at the age of 53. Raja Bijai Chand abdicated in favour of his son. TIKKA ANAND CHAND and himself retired to Benaras and died of heart failure in 1931.


RAJA ANAND CHAND was born on 26th January,1913. He studied at Mayo College by standing first in the Post Diploma Examination. He then went to Delhi and engaged in Civil and Judicial training in the Gurgaon District before he was invested with full ruling powers on the 9th January,1933. The Raja abolished Begar (heavy labour) in 1936 and passed legislation abolishing child marriage. In 1942 he introduced the Bilaspur Prohibition Act. New roads linking Suket and Mandi were built, and schools, health centres, a ladies club and cinema halls all flourished during his reign. Raja also built the Shri Gopalji Temple and the New Palace, which were later submerged in the Bhakara Reservoir along with the historic old Bilaspur Town, and a New Town was built upslope of the Old.


During Raja’s reign from 1939-1945 there was the Second World War in which his State played its full part and won many Awards including Victoria Cross and the George Cross. Raja received the KCIE.KNIGHT COMMANER OF THE INDIAN EMPIRE in 1945
Raja also served as a Member of the Constituent Assembly (1947-1948). On 12th October, 1948, Bilaspur was constituted as a Centrally Administered Area, and the Raja was appointed Chief Commissioner with a Deputy appointed by the Government of India. On the 26th January, 1950 Bilaspur became a SEPARATE STATE OF INDIA UNDER A CHIEF COMMISSIONER. On the 1st July, 1954 it was merged into Himachal Pradesh and Bilaspur continues as a District of the State of Himachal Pradesh.
Raja Anand Chand served in the First Lok Sabha (1952-1957) representing Bilaspur. Later he served in the Rajya Sabha (1958-1970) and a member of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly (1977-1982). Raja also served as a Secretary of the Chamber of Princes.Raja Anand

Chand wrote several books ‘Bilaspur past, present & Future’and ‘ also ‘Bilaspur People Betrayed’.
IN 1976 RAJA ANAND brought his family to London In 1982 Raja had a stroke. With the dedication of the doctors, nurses and family Raja did recover but died on 12th October, 1983. Rani Lady Sudarshana Chand, Tikka Gopal Chand and Rajkumari Sunanda Chand and Raja’s personal English nurse Margaret accompanied Raja’s body to Bilaspur and H.H.Raja was cremated at the banks of River Sutlej and the whole of Bilaspur paid their tributes to their raja.
Raja Anand Chand firstly married RANI UMAWATI , daughter of Raja Rana of Jubbal . She was born in 1919 . Rani Umawati died of a heart attack in March, 1961 in Dr. Sen’s Nursing home in Delhi. They had two sons and two daughters.
YUVRAj RAJENDRA CHAND (1935-1971)Yuvraj Rajendra Chand Studied in Bombay but he became ill in 1955 and in 1957 he was admitted in Crichton Royal , Dumfries, Scotland . He lived there most of his life and died on 28th August,1971.
RAJKUMARI AMBIKA DEVI(1933-1981) Rajkumari Ambika was born on 31st July,1933 and died on 29th August, 1981 from Cancer in Bilaspur. She was running children school on the lower part of her residence. She was teaching the children herself also along with the other teachers. In her Will, she bequeathed her residence (Uma Pragati Niketan) in Bilaspur to a Trust in order to operate it as a school for the disadvantaged .
RAJKUMARI RAJESHWARI (1937-2004) Rajkumari Rajeshwari was born on 8th November,1937 and died on 12th November, 2004 I from Heart Failure in Sunder Nagar Hospital. She bequeathed her Residence in Bilaspur to the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh to run as an Old Age Home, for Blinds and also an orphanage. The Will has not been executed.
KANWAR KIRTI CHAND (1941-) Kanwar Kirti Chand was born July,1941. He studied in Chandigarh and Canada. Kanwar Kirti Chand married Kanwarani Karuna Devi, daughter of Hamender Singh of Mohal (Kulu)in 1979. They have two children.
Kumari Rajya Lakshmi born February,1980
…Son Shubhendra Chand October, 1987
Raja Anand Chand married a second time Rani Sudarshana Chand daughter of Mehar Chand of Bhojpur, Sunder Nagar. She was born October, 1941. She received her early education in Sunder Nagar, Finishing school from St. Godrics College, Hampstead, London and BA (Hons.)Eng from Miranda House, Delhi. She worked in the Indian High Commission London. They have issue – two children.

H.H. Raja Dr. Gopal Chand of Bilaspur MA(Cantab),
PhD (Cantab)(qv)
Rajkumar Dr SunandaChand MBBS,MRCGP

Dr. Rajkumari Sunanda Chand-MBBS,MRCGP was born January,1973 in Delhi. She received her education from City of London School for Girls, London and received many prizes, awards, and distinctions. She did MBBS and MRCGP from Imperial College London. She is GP. She married Dr J Singh and has one daughter.

Kumari Priya Chand born February,2008.




Above details provided by:
Rajmata Lady Sudarshana Chand of Bilaspur wife of
Late H.H. Raja Sir Anand Chand KC IE,MP,MLA

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