DARKOTI (Princely State)


Area: 13 km2 Privy Purse: 3,000Rs Accession: 15th April 1948
STATE: Himachal Pradesh Dynasty: Kachhawa? Religion: Hindu
Population: 518 (1901)


Present Ruler: Rana RAGHUBIR
, present Rana of Darkoti since 1996.


married, Rani Nirmala Wati, daughter of Thakur Pratap Singh
of Ghund, and his wife, Thakurani Rama
Wati, and has issue.

  • Tikka Diveshwar Singh
  • Kanwar Jitinder Singh


Predecessors and Short History: Reportedly
founded by Raja Durga Singh Kachhawa in the 11th century or founded by
a Rajput who came from Marwar at an unknown date and settled in the
Simla Hills. The Gurkhas overran this State, with others in the Simla
Hills, and
when they were expelled by the British in 1815 the then Rana was
confirmed in his possession of the state. The Rana maintains a military
force of 10 infantry. Rulers

  • Rana BAL RAM, Rana
    of Darkoti 1787/-, married and had issue.

    • Rana Jathu Ram (qv)

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