DAVAD (Jagir)


Area: 15.5 km2 Revenue: 10,000Rs Accession: xx
STATE: Idar Dynasty: Rathore Religion: Hindu
Villages: 3 Population: 2,000


Present Ruler: Maharaj
Shri (name unknown) Singh
, Thakur Saheb of Davad


Predecessors and Short History: The
estates of Narode and later Davad, were granted to Maharaj Shri Sirdar
younger son of Maharaj Shri Indar Singh of Soor.
Estate holders were…

    1. Maharaj Shri SIRDAR SINGH,
      1st Thakur Saheb of Davad; born
      1810, married and had issue, he was
      succeeded by his great-grandson.

      • Kumar Shri Guman Singh, born 1839.
      • Kumar Shri Dhonkal Singh, born 1847.
      • Kumar Shri Man Singh, born 1849.
      • One of the above sons,
        married and had issue.

        • Kumar Shri Bhanwar Singh, married and had issue.
          • Maharaj Shri Kishor Singh (qv)



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