The estate was founded in 1712. Estate holders were…

    1. Thakur Bhanu Pratap Singh,
      1st Thakur of Kairpur 17xx/17xx, born
      172x, youngest
      son of Thakur Shardul Singh of the Panchpana in Shekhawati, married and
      had issue.
      He died 17xx.

      • Thakur Yogesh Singh (qv)
      • Thakur Dushyant Singh, he succeeded to Ramsagar Nagar.
    2. Thakur SURAJ MAL,
      2nd Thakur of Kairpur 17xx/17xx, born
      17xx,one of themost outstanding warriors of his time who led the victorious Rajputs
      and died valiantly fighting in the battle of Tunga against the Marathas led
      by Mahji Scindhia, founded Surajgarh in 1778, constructed the Fort of
      Surajgarh; married the daughter of Kunwar Dip Singh of Dhariawad, and had issue. He died 28th July 1787 in the battle of Tunga.

      • Thakur Satyendra Singh (qv)
    3. Thakur Ram SINGH,
      3rd Thakur of Kairpur 17xx/18xx, born
      17xx, the most famous of all the rulers of Bissau, he brought fame and fortune to the
      state of Bissau, he was considered amongst the best warriors of his time and aligned with the French in his constant battles with the British.Hadalso maintained very close ties with the Maharaja Ranjit Singh of the Punjab; married 1stly, Thakurani Mertaniji, married 2ndly, Thakurani Bikawatiji, and had issue.
      He died 20th July 1833 ().

      • Thakur Udai Singh (qv)
      • Thakur Dhirendra Singh of CHandan garh
        18xx/-, married and had issue.

        • Thakur ABCD Singh.
        • Thakur Karan Singh.
          • Thakur Harsh Singh (qv)
          • Thakur Rohit Singh
            • Thakur Yash Pratap Singh
          • Thakur Karni Singh.
    4. Thakur Gajendra Pratap Singh
    5. Thakur Gyanendra Bhusan Singh
    6. Thakur Arvind Singh
    7. Thakur Bhawani Singh