DINAJPUR (Zamindari)



AREA: 10,101 km2
REVENUE: 350,000Rs (1919) Accession: 16th May 1951
STATE: Bengal (Dinajpur
DYNASTY: Roy Religion: Hindu
Present Ruler: Maharaja (name unknown) Dev Roy Bahadur,
Zamindar of Dinajpur since 1962.


Predecessors and Short
believed to have been founded by a Dinaj or Dinaraj, otherwise
unknown, from whom
the district derived its name. During the rule of Mughal Emperor Akbar,
a holy man known as Kasi Thakur, also familiar as Brahmachari and
Mohanto, claiming descent from Raja Ganesha, a Hindu
1414/1418, who, for a very short period, overthrew
the Ilyas dynasty of Bengal. Born in a 400 year old ruling family, he
was the zamindar of Bhaturia, and Governor of Dinajpur. He deposed
Ala-ud-din Firuz Shah, the Ruler of Bengal in 1414 and is credited with
the establishment of the Dinajpur Raj
, acquired
considerable lands in Dinajpur and Maldah
He is
reported to have bequeathed his whole estate to Srimanta Dutta
Chaudhury, one of his favourite Kayastha disciples. The
East Bengal State Acquisition and Tenancy Act of 1950 was drafted on
31st March 1948 following Independence from the British Government of
15th August 1947, and subsequent partition into the Union of India and
the Dominion of Pakistan. The bill passed on 16th May 1951, thereby
abolishing all Zamindari families rights, rule and responsibilities.
Rulers were…

  • Srimanta DUTTA CHAUDHRY,
    Zamindar of Dinajpur, married and
    had issue.

    • Srimanta Harishchandra Chaudhry (qv)
    • Daughter, married Hari Ram Rai, Diwan to the Zamindar of
      Idrakpur; and had issue.

      • Raja Sukh Dev Roy (qv)

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