DUJANA (Princely State)


Area:  259 km2 Privy Purse:  34,000Rs Accession:  3rd March 1948
STATE:  Haryana Dynasty: Yusufzai Pathan Religion:  Muslim
Population:  23,416 (1892)


Present Ruler: VACANT in
Predecessors and Short History: The
state was founded
in 1806 by a Abdus Samad Khan , a scion of a branch of the Yusufzai
Pathans of Jhajjar. Rulers were….

    1. Nawab ABDUS SAMAD KHAN,
      1st Nawab of Dujana 1806/1825, born 1764, still as a
      youth, he took service as Rasaldar under Bhaji Rao, the Peshwa,
      rising eventually to high command of the Maratha troops, which assisted
      Lord Lake in his campaign against Sindia, and he ultimately joined Lord
      Lake’s force as a Shashsadi (Commander of Six Hundred Men);
      married and had issue. He died 1825.

      • Nawabzada Ghulam Muhammed Khan, married and had issue. He
        died vp.

        • Sahibzada Muhammed Amir Khan, married and had issue.
          • Sahibzada Ibrahim Khan, married and had issue.
            • Sahibzada Muhammed Imtiaz Ali
          • Sahibzada Ismail Khan
          • Sahibzada Abdullah Khan
      • Nawab Muhammed Donde Khera Khan (qv)


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