ISARDA (Thikana)



VILLAGES: 70 REVENUE: 600,000Rs Accession: xx
State: Jaipur Dynasty: Kachhawa (Rajawat


Present Ruler: Maharaj
, Raja Saheb of Isarda since 5th February 1997.born 13th January 1981.


Predecessors and Short History: The
estate was founded
in the early 17th century, the village of Isarda lies about 108
south-east of Jaipur city. Estate holders were..

    Thakur of Raisar fl.1600, married and had issue, the Rajawat clan,
    including the Thakurs
    Jhalai, Ranoli and Siwar.

    • [?Kunwarani Kusum
      Kanwar, married Kunwar Mahesh Das of Jalore, grandson of Maharaja Udai
      Singh of Jodhpur, and had issue.]
  • ……
  • Thakur KOJU RAM,
    Thakur of Isarda, died 6th April 1730.
  • Thakur AJIT SINGH,
    Thakur of Isarda fl.1761
  • ……
  • Thakur Saheb RAGHUNATH
    , Thakur of Isarda, married a daughter of Thakur
    Sardar Singh
    of Kerote, and had issue.

    • Thakur Saheb Pratap Singh (qv)
    • Kanwar Qayam Singh [Kaim Singh], adopted by HH Maharaja
      Sawai Ram Singhji
      II of Jaipur, and succeeded
      there as
      HH Maharaja Sawai Madho Singhji II, Maharaja of
      Jaipur (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb PRATAP SINGH,
    Thakujr of Isarda -/1892, he adopted Kanwar Balwant
    Singh from a
    branch of the Isarda family; married twice (including), Rani Pratap
    Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Jhujhar Singh of Geejgarh, and his second
    wife, Thakurani Anand Kanwar, and had adoptive issue. He died sp
    in or about 1892.

    • (A) Thakur Saheb Sawai Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb SAWAI SINGH,
    Thakur of Isarda 1893/-, born 1881, as Kanwar
    Balwant Singh,
    of Thakur Nathu Singh of the Jagmoda Derola branch of the Isarda
    family, he succeeded by adoption in 1893;
    married Thakurani Sugan Kunwar, died 1945, daughter of Thakur Umrao
    Singh of Kotla, and had issue.(#1)

    • Thakur Saheb Bahadur Singh (qv)
    • Kanwar Mor Mukut Singh, he was adopted by HH Maharaja
      Sawai Madho Singhji II, Maharaja Sawai of
      Jaipur, and succeeded there as HH Saramad-i-Rajahai
      Hindustan Raj
      Shri Maharajadhiraj Sir Sawai Man Singhji II Bahadur, Maharaja Sawai of
    • Maharani Gopal Kumari, married 1928 HH Sir Maharaja
      Mahendra Yadvendra
      Singh of Panna.
    • Baiji Lal Chand Kumari, married (as his second wife),
      Raja Udai Pratap Singhji of Katiyari, and had issue.

      • Rajkumari Sulekha Kumari, married Thakur
        Digvijay Pal Singh of Kotla.
    • Rani Man Kumari, married Maharaj Ajit Singhji of Jodhpur,
      born 1907, died 1978, and had issue.
  • Thakur Saheb BAHADUR SINGH,
    Thakur of Isarda, married twice, but died without
    issue, and
    succeeded by his adopted son and nephew (see Jaipur).

    • (A) Maharaj Shri Jagat Singh (qv)
  • Maharaj Shri JAGAT SINGH,
    Raja Saheb of Isarda -/1997; born
    15th October 1949, fourth son
    of HH Saramad-i-Rajahai Hindustan Raj Rajendra Shri Maharajadhiraj Sir
    Sawai Man Singhji II Bahadur of Jaipur, and his third wife, HH Maharani
    Devi; educated initially in Jaipur and briefly at the Mayo College in
    Ajmer, then at
    School, England
    1963/1967; he travelled widely and became a gifted photographer whose
    work was published in various European magazines, he also catalogued
    and photographed many of the treasures of the various royal palaces;
    married 10th May 1978 (div. 1987), Mom Rajawongse Priyanandana
    Rangsit, born 3rd July 1952, daughter of HSH Prince Piyarangsit
    Rangsit, and his wife, HRH Princess Vibhavadi Rajani
    of the Royal Family of Thailand,
    and had issue, one son and one
    daughter. He died 5th February
    in London.

    • Raj Kumari Lalitya Kumari Singh, 3rd February 1979.
    • Raja Saheb Shri Devraj Singh (qv)
  • Maharaj Shri DEVRAJ SINGH,
    Raja Saheb of Isarda (see above)


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