AREA: 87.5 km2 REVENUE:  ACCESSION: 1952
LOCATION:  Jodhpur (nr Merta) DYNASTY: Kak (Kashmiri


was the Jagir granted to Sir Sukhdeo Prasad Kak by the Maharaja of
Jodhpur State. Originally it was called Kalukeki, but it
was renamed Jasnagar in honour of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II.
Spread over
35,000 Bighas (approximately
87.5 square kilometres), it is located near Merta in Rajasthan. Sir
Prasad Kak was granted two more Jagirs, Gole Sayla [in District
Jalore] and Rani Kalan in [District Pali]. These
were also called Umaidabad and Sardargarh respectively after the
Maharajas of Jodhpur.

  • Pandit Bhola Nath Kak, he left the Kashmir Valley in the
    be­ginning of the 19th century and settled in Bhopal state in
    cen­tral India, where he became a tutor
    to the daughter of the Begum of Bhopal at the
    palace; he received some villages as in jagir from the Nawab Begum in
    gratitude for his services; married and had issue.

    • Pandit Shiv Narain Kak (qv)
    • Pandit
      Shiv Prasad Kak, migrated from Bhopal state to the imperial capital,
      Delhi and attended Delhi College, afterwards he moved to Bharatpur
  • Pandit Shiv Narain
    Kak, educated at Delhi College; joined the Maharaja of Jodhpur’s
    service in 1848, as a tutor to
    the Yuvraj, as he was a matriculate and was fluent in English; later he
    headed the newly created Criminal Court and was Private
    Secretary to HH Maharaja Takhat Singh, and later his successor, a post
    he held
    until his death; he married Rukma Gurtu, and had issue, three sons and
    four daughters. He died 1892 in

    • Pandit Dina Nath Kak
    • Rai Bahadur Pandit Sir Sukhdeo Prasad Kak (qv)
    • Pandit Lasoo Kak
    • Sukhbai Kak, married Pandit Suraj Prakash Wattal of
    • Girwarbai Kak, married Pandit Mohan Kishan Bakshi.
    • Mansarovarbai Kak, married Pandit Niranjan Nath Kaul.
    • Kalabai Kak, married Pandit Radhey Nath


  • Rai Bahadur Pandit Sir
    , B.A., Kt.,
    Thakur of Jasnagar, born March 1862 in Jodhpur, educated locally in
    and at Calcutta University (graduated around 1883), Member of council
    at Jodhpur;
    judicial secretary to the Council at Jodpur from 1887/1888; chief
    minister at Udaipur
    1911/1918 and again in the 1930s, famine secretary 1899/1900;
    joint musahib ala of Jodhpur
    (Prime Minister) 1900/1901; senior
    member mahakma khas
    (secretariat) 1902/1908; Minister 1908/1911; he retired briefly in
    1911, returning in 1918 to form a new regency in Jodhpur; served as
    revenue member and senior member, mahakma khas and judicial
    member until 1926 until he was forced to resign; he attended the Round
    Table Conference in London as the
    Representative of the Rajputana Princely States; he was granted the
    of Rai Bahadur in 1895 for his service to Jodhpur princely state, he
    was awarded the Kaiser-i-Hind
    in 1901, and made C.I.E. in 1903, he was
    knighted in 1922 (the only civilian/non Princely family member
    in the Rajputana States to be so honoured); he married
    Mohini Hukku, daughter
    of Pandit Jialal Hukku and grand daughter of Pandit Motilal Hukku of
    Bijnore state, and had
    issue. He died 7th October 1935.

    • Pandit DHARAM NARAIN KAK (qv)
    • Pandit Kripa Narain Kak, born 31st October 1898 in
      Jodhpur, educated in Jodhpur and Aberdeen, Scotland, former
      and Rural Development Officer in Udaipur; member of Jawaharkhana (Royal Treasury) in
      Jodhpur state, married
      Kailash Atal, sister of Raja Amarnath Atal, and daughter of Dewan Jai
      Nath Atal of Jaipur state, and had issue.
      • Pandit Vijendra Narain Kak [Ramji], born about 1920;
        joined Textile Mfg. Co.; undertook progressive farming on his own farm
        ‘Vasundhara’ near Jaipur; has held the posts of Sports, and Tourism
        adviser to the Rajasthan Government, married
        Shyama Kaul, and has issue, two daughters.

        • Sudha Kak, married Captain Tej Raina.
        • Nandita Kak, married Vidhu Dar.
      • Pandit Hari Narain Kak, M.A., LL.B. I.P.S. [Indian
        Police Service]; born 20th December 1929, has
        in Rajasthan in various posts, including, A.D.C. to the Governor of
        Rajastan, Delhi Police, the Indian Railway Board and the Cabinet
        Secretariat, Government of India; he retired as the Additional
        Secretary, Secretariat, Government of India; married Indu Wanchoo,
        daughter of
        Justice Kailas Nath Wanchoo, the former Chief Justice of
        India, and has issue.

        • Pavan Sukhdev B.Sc. (Hons.), educated at Oxford
          University, Director with Deutsch Bank, presently (2009) on deputation
          to the
          U.N. and is heading the ‘Economics of Environment’ project, married and
          has issue, two daughters.
          • Mahima Bhavani, educated at Yale University.
          • Ashima Ragya, educated at the University of
        • Sameer Kak B.Sc., educated at Delhi University
          (B.Sc.) and at Boston University (M.Sc. in Business Administration), he
          is a Senior
          Executive, and a Writer, having had published books on English Poetry,
          Essays, Dogs.
    • Pandit Dr. Jai Nath Kak, educated at Leeds University,
      U.K. (Medicine Degree), undertook a specialist course in E.N.T from
      Vienna, and has practised in Allahabad; married Kamla, daughter of
      Ma­jor Dr.
      Pyare Lal Atal from Jaipur state, and had issue, three

      • Pandit Sukh Kumar Kak, educated in Allahabad and the
        has held senior Executive Posts in British
        Firms; married Maya, daughter of Pandit Rameshwar
        Nath Muttoo of Lucknow.
      • Pandit Siddarth Kumar Kak, Indian Revenue Service
        General Customs and Excise.], worked in the Ministry of Commerce,
        G.O.I., posted in Hongkong, Member of the I.R.S Board, married Manju
      • Pandit Tilak Kumar Kak, I.P.S. [Indian Police Service]
        Uttar Pradesh
        cadre, worked in the State, C.R.P.F. [Central Reserve Police
        Force], Additional Director General, U.P., Director General, Seema
        Suraksha Dal [S.S.B.], married Kanak, daughter of Pandit Amar Nath
        Wanchoo of Gurgaon city in Haryana.
    • Sukhraj Kak, married Pandit
      Maheshwar Nath Kaul
    • Roop Kumari Kak, married Pandit
      Manmohan Nath Chak

  • Pandit DHARAM
    , Jagirdar of Jasnagar, Gole and Rani Kalan in Jodhpur
    born 25th December 1888 at Jodhpur, initially educated in
    Jodhpur, then at Downing College, Cambridge University, U.K.
    (Graduated), and later Bar at Law from Inner Temple; served as sub
    Judge in Jodhpur State 1915/1917, on the invitation of Maharana
    Fateh Singh of Udaipur state went
    from Jodhpur to Udaipur and became a Senior Minister there in 1917,
    appointed Musahab Ala [chief
    Minister] of Udaipur in 1935 on his father’s death, he was granted the
    jagir of Soniana by the Maharana Saheb of Udaipur, and later served
    Jodhpur state as the Deputy Chief Minister, and represented the Indian
    States at the League of Nations conderence; he was granted the title of
    Diwan Bahadur and also awarded the C.I.E.; he married Sushila Watil
    sister of the renowned Indian Film Star, Chandramohan, and had issue,
    three sons and six daughters. He died 1971.

    • Pandit Krishna Prasad Kak, his early education in the
      U.K. was
      curtailed due to WWII forcing his return to India where he joined
      Jodhpur service; he married Roop Kumari
      Wattal of Lahore, and had issue. He died at a young age.

      • Bharat Kumar Kak, presently farming on agricultural
        land in the former family jagir of Rani Kalan.
    • Pandit Ravinder Nath Kak, he served as Magistrate in the
      Rajasthan Government; joined Vizag Shipping and later Mughal
      Lines where he served as senior Executive, married Asha Bukshi,
      daugh­ter of
      Pandit Shyam Sunder Narain  Bakshi of
      Lucknow, and had issue.

      • Susheel Narain Kak, has held top jobs in Foreign
        and Indian Banks.
    • Pandit Kapil Deo Kak, a Corporate Executive.
    • Chandra Mohini Kak, married Pandit Niranjan Nath Wanchoo
    • Shakuntala Kak, married Pandit Maheshwar Nath Zutshi
    • Krishnawati Kak, married Pandit
      Mankameshwar Nath Zutshi
    • Padmawati Kak, married Pandit
      Satendra Nath Kaul
    • Sulakshana Kak, married Pandit Kapil Raina
    • Kamla Kak, married Pandit Brij
      Avtar Tikku


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