JILIYA (Thikana) 



LOCATION: Jodhpur DYNASTY: Rathore (Mertia
clan, Raghunathsinghot


, Tazim
present Thakur Saheb of Jiliya since 2004  (Jiliya
Fort, Jiliya-Charanwas, via Kuchaman City, Rajasthan, India), 
February 1975, Kunwarani Sajjan Kunwar Sahiba [Thakurani Sajjan
Kunwar Sahiba of Jiliya], died 2003, elder daughter of Maharaj Shri
Bagh Singh
Saheb of Thikana Maukala (Chauhan), and has
issue, two sons and two daughters.

  • Kunwar Shri Sultan Singh Rathore, born January 1977,
    educated in Dehradun and Jaipur, married 2003, and has issue.

    • Bhanwar Yuvraj Singh, born 15th September 2004.
  • Kumari Baiji Lal Rajshree Rathore, born January 1978,
    educated in Dehradun and Jaipur, married 2003, Vijay Pratap Singh of
  • Kumari Baiji Lal Padmani Rathore, born May 1979,
    educated in Jaipur, married 2005, Dr. Mukesh Shekhawat of Kali Pahari
    in Rajasthan, and
    had issue, one daughter. She died in a road accident in 2009.
  • Kunwar Shri Shakti Singh, born May 1980, educated in Jaipur
    and Jodhpur, married 2006, and has issue, one son.
The Thikana was originally known as Abhaypura, but is now known as
Jiliya after the name of the village where the seat of the family is
situated. The ancestor of the family was Rao Dudaji, fourth son of Rao
of Jodhpur, and his wife Rani Chauhaniji.
The estate is one of five thikanas belonging to the descendants of Raja
Raghunath Singh of Maroth. Estate holders were..

    Thakur of Maroth, son of Thakur Sanwal Das, and his wife, the daughter
    of the Thakur Sahib of Bagru-Mahal in Jaipur, he
    established the Five
    Magnificent Forts in Maroth near Nawa/Nawan (better known as
    Maroth), he took part in a number of battles against Maharaja Jaswant
    Singh of Marwar and his General, Durgadas Rathore, in 1658 after the
    Battle of Dharmat, he captured the pargana of Maroth from the Gaur
    Rajputs and established an independent state of about 160 villages,
    married and had issue, eight sons (three died young), the
    Raghunathsinghot branch
    of the Mertia Rathores.

    • Thakur (name unknown)
      Singh, founder of Thikana Minda, in the East of Maroth, near the
      Mendhawa river.
    • Thakur Vijay Singh (eldest son) (qv)
    • Thakur (name unknown)
      Singh, founder of Thikana Narayanpura, comprising 12 villages, to the
      South-West of Maroth.
    • Thakur (name unknown)
      Singh, founder of Thikana Panchota
    • Thakur (name unknown)
      Singh, founder of Thikana Bhanwata
  • Thakur VIJAY SINGH,
    Thakur of Jiliya, founder of Thikana Abhaypura (later Jiliya) towards
    the North-West of Maroth, married and had issue, the
    Vijaysinghot branch of
    the Mertia Rathores.

    • Thakur Bagh Singh (qv)
  • Thakur BAGH SINGH,
    Thakur of Jiliya, married and had issue.

    • Thakur Nahar Singh (qv)
  • Thakur NAHAR SINGH,
    Thakur of Jiliya, married and had issue.

    • Thakur Sher Singh (qv)
  • Thakur SHER SINGH,
    Thakur of Jiliya, married Thakurani Gopal Kanwar, daughter of Thakur
    Madho Singh, Thakur Sahib of Mundota,
    he adopted his nephew. He died sp.

    • (A) Thakur Bakhtawar Singh (qv)
    Thakur of Jiliya, adopted by his childless uncle,
    Thakur Sher Singhji, as his son and heir, married and had issue.

    • Thakur Bijay Singh (qv)
    • Thakur BIJAY SINGH
      [Thakursa Shri Bijay Singhji Rathore], Thakur of Jiliya, Tazeem Naresh
      Panchmahal Maroth, Thakur Saheb of 14 villages of
      Panchmahal Maroth, founder of Thikana Jiliya, married 1stly,
      Thakuranisa Ambika Prasad (Lallan Sahiba
      Ambika Prasad of Nagod)
      , daughter of Thakursa Lal Saheb
      Singh, Yuvaraj Saheb
      of Nagod, and his wife, Lal Saheba
      Ranchod Kunwar of Shankargarh, she had issue, one son (died young) and
      two daughters,
      2ndly, Thakuranisa Lad Kanwar, daughter of Thakursa Pane Singh
      Khangarot (Bhakarsinghot) of Jadawata, Thakursa of two villages, and
      had issue, one son and two daughters. He died 17th January 2004.

      • Bada Kumari Shrimati Hem Kanwar (by Thakuranisa Ambika
        Prasad), married Thakur Raghuveer Singh of Seva, and has issue, three

        • Kunwar Bhanwar Singh
        • Kunwar Mool Singh
        • Kunwar Gopal Singh
      • Chhota Kumari Shrimati Sharad Kanwar (by Thakuranisa
        Ambika Prasad), married Thakur Yadvendra Vikramdev of Gangiasar
        (Jhunjhunu), and has issue, two sons.

        • Kunwar Sudarshan Vikramdev
        • Kunwar Yogendra Vikramdev
      • Thakur
        Indrabhan Singh [Thakursa Shri
        Indrabhan Singh Rathore] (qv)
      • Bada Kumari Shrimati Kiran Kumari, married February
        1968, Brigadier Thakur Umaid Singh Shekhawat of Sarwari in Sikar, he
        was commissioned
        in the Indian Army into the Rajputana Rifles Regiment. He commanded
        13 Raj Rif at Bikaner and later 71 Mountain Brigade at Shahjahanpur.
        He was also an Instructor at OTA Chennai from 1985 to 1987. He also
        had a posting as A.Q.M.G in SFF and undertook parajumps, and
        has issue, one son.

        • Rajkumar Dinesh Singh Shekhawat, born April
          1971, educated in Shillong, Chennai, Jodhpur and Jaipur, presently
          working at Falna, married 1994, and has issue.
      • Chhota Kumari Shrimati Krishna Kumari, graduated from
        Jodhpur University; married 22nd
        1978, Col. Kunwar Anand Singh Shekhawat of Mundru, born 11th July 1957
        Mundru, Sikar Distt., Rajasthan, educated Sainik
        School, Chittorgarh (B.A., N.D.A.), Khadakvasla
        Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, Uttar Pradesh, commissioned in
        the Indian Army in 1979, into the 14th
        Battalion of Jammu & Kashmir Rifles Regiment. He has excelled in
        horse riding at the NDA and won Spurs. During his training at IMA
        Dehradun, he voluntarily undertook five parachute jumps at Sarsawa
        (U.P). He also learnt Tibetan language during his training at NDA and
        IMA. He participated in Himalayan Car rally in 1986 and stood First
        in Desert Rally in 1995. He was given the honour of looking after the
        security of the Honourable President of India, Shri Giani Zail Singh in
        1986 and Shri R. Venkataraman in 1987 during their visits to Army
        Units. He was also associated with the Security arrangements for the
        launch of Agni missile tests in 1998 and 1999. He has had staff
        appointments as General Staff Officer (Intelligence) Grade III in a
        Mountain Brigade and Deputy Assistant Quarter Master General in an
        Infantry Division. Besides various appointments in the Indian Army he
        also served in Defence Research & Development Organisation and
        the National Cadet Corps;
        and has issue, a daughter and

        • Kumari Pooja Shekhawat, born November 1986,
          educated in Delhi, Kolkata, Dehradun and the Maharani Gayatri Devi
          Girls School,
          Jaipur; she is a graduate in Law (Stood First at the
          Institute in Business Law Group scoring 70% marks); has secured First
          Position in National Essay Competition, 2006 (Senior category)
          conducted by the Jawaharlal Nehru University in collaboration with
          the Ministry of Personal and Public Grievances and Dept. of Information
          Technology, awarded by Honourable Governor of Kerala, Mr. H.L. Bhatia;
          Awarded First Prize in Poetry writing Competition conducted by DRDO,
          Delhi in 1998-99 by His Excellency the Honourable President of India,
          A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Besides being a keen sports person having been the
          Best Athlete of her Schools and making new records in M. G. D. Girls’
          School she has also held the Student Editorship of the A.I.L. Law


        • Kunwar Shri Vikram Singh, born August 1988,
          educated in Dehradun, Meerut, Delhi, Kolkata and Jaipur; currently
          a Bachelors Degree in Law from the Army Institute of Law, Mohali
          (Punjab); he
          holds the Editorship of the College magazine and is a member of the
          Institute Placement Cell.


        • Kunwar Shri Ravindra Singh, born August 1992,
          educated in Delhi, Kolkata and Jaipur, Bikaner and A.P.S Dagshai


    Thakur of Jiliya


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