JUBBAL (Princely State)




AREA: 710 km2 PRIVY PURSE: 101,000Rs ACCESSION: 15th April 1948
STATE: Himachal



[Prince Yogi], present Raja of Jubbal since 1966. (Hainault,
Shimla, Himachal
Pradesh, India)



20th July
1937 in Jubbal, educated at the Doon School, Dehra Doon, Uttaranchal,
passed out in 1954. He graduated in 1958 from Hindu College, Delhi
He contested the H.P. Vidhan Sabha elections from 1985 to 2003
winning three elections and losing two. He was Spokesperson for the
Pradesh Congress Party (H.P.C.C.) from 1998 till 2000. He is presently
Vice-President of the H.P.C.C., Convenor-Indian National Trust for
Art & Cultural Heritage, (HP); Chairman of Bhagat
Educational Society, Jubbal. Chairman of Hainault Educational Society,
Shimla; President of Dr. Y.S. Parmar Institute of Mathematical Science,
Shimla. President of State Amateur Boxing Association since 1971;
General  President, S.D. Pratinidhi Sabha, Educational Society,
Member of the World Life Fund. Member of the State Bank of India, Local
Board, Delhi (two terms) from 1971, and Member of Policy Holder’s
LIC, 1967 to 1977. Elected to State Legislative Assembly in 1985 on
National Congress ticket and in November in 1993 as an Independent
Returned to the House in 1998 as a Congress Candidate. He contested the
Vidhan Sabha election again from Chopal in February
2003 on a Congress ticket, but lost to an independent candidate. He
retired from active politics in December 2007 and resigned from the
Congress party at the same time. Interests and
include, agriculture / horticulture, education and tourism, music,
reading and sports, married 5th May 1960, Rani Sudha Kumari,
of Raja Hitender Sen of Keonthal, and
has had issue, one son and four daughters.

  • Rajkumari Bhavna Kumari, born 16th December 1963 at New
    Delhi, educated at Tara Hall, Simla and later at The Modern School, New
    Delhi, graduated from Hindu College, Delhi University; married
    5th March 1990, Kunwar Shyamendra Singh of Nagod.
  • Rajkumari Shrikriti Kumari, born 10th May 1966 at New
    Delhi, educated at Tara Hall, Simla and later at The Convent of Jesus
    & Mary, (Chelsea School ) Simla. She then studied at Dehra Dun,
    Uttaranchal, and graduated from St. Bede’s College, Simla; married
    December 1997 at Simla, Kanwar Rajeshwar Singh of Bashahr,
    and has issue.
  • Rajkumari Aditya Kumari, born 12th August 1967 at Simla,
    educated at Tara Hall, Simla; Loreto School, New Delhi and The Convent
    of Jesus & Mary, Dehra Dun, Uttaranchal; graduated from St. Bede’s
    College, Simla and is currently the Administrator of Hainault Public
    School, Simla (2005).
  • Rajkumari Urvashi Kumari, born 11th February 1972 at New
    Delhi, educated at Shishuvan School, New Delhi; Tara Hall, Simla; The
    Convent of Jesus & Mary, New Delhi and The Convent of Jesus &
    Mary, (Chelsea School ) Simla. She died
    31st May 1994 at Simla.
  • Tikka Anirudh Chand, born 15th December 1975 at New Delhi,
    educated at
    Doon School, Dehra Dun, Uttaranchal, graduated by correspondence course
    from Delhi University in English. Later he did his L.L.B. from H.P.



around 1100AD, Jubbal State lies east of Simla between Sirmur and
Rawingarh and Dhadi were the tributaries of this state. The state
are among the best and most valuable of the kind in India and were
departmentally during the reign of Raja Rana Bhagat Chand. Occupied by
Nepal 1803/1815 and by the British 1832/1840. The Rana maintains a
military force of 50 infantry (in 1892). Rulers were…

    Rana of Jubbal ca1519/1527, married and had issue. He died

    • Rana Karan Chand (qv)
    • Mian Duni Chand, he was granted the jagir of Rawingarh.
    • Mian Mool Singh, he was granted the jagir of Sairi.
    Rana of Jubbal 1527/1558, born ca1499, married and had
    issue. He died

    • Rana Amar Chand (qv)
  • Rana AMAR CHAND,
    Rana of Jubbal 1558/1575, born ca1529, married and had
    issue. He died

    • Rana Amboo Chand (qv)
    Rana of Jubbal 1575/1616, born ca1553, married and had
    issue. He died

    • Rana Kirti Chand (qv)
    Rana of Jubbal 1616/1629, born ca1568, married and had
    issue, four sons.
    He died in 1629.

    • Rana Bhag Chand (qv)
    • Mian Ganesh Chand of Kanar.
    • Mian Hem Singh
    • Mian Jalap Singh, Thakur Sahib of Kolhara, married and
      had issue, three
      sons, whose descendents live in Village Sillori, Pargana Peontra,
      in southern Jubbal State.

      • Kanwar Balibhadra Singh, Thakur Sahib of Kolhara
      • Kanwar Sudama Singh of Peontra and Silori.
      • Kanwar Nerodh Singh
  • Rana BHAG CHAND,
    Rana of Jubbal 1629/1676, born 1585, he was captured by
    the Raja of
    and was a prisoner for several years in that state. His youngest
    Rajkumar Jalap Singh, took over a part of Jubbal State known as Kohlara
    and became independent of Jubbal at Kohlara. He became the Thakur Sahib
    of Kohlara, which was a part of northern Jubbal State. When the exiled
    Bhag Chand returned to Jubbal, Jalap Singh was forced to flee to Sirmur
    and died in prison in Nahan. On the return of Rana Bhag Chand to Jubbal
    after many years, his subjects would not believe he was their ruler,
    he was very good in archery, he performed some feats which convinced
    people that he was indeed their real Rana! He married and had issue and
    died in 1676 aged 91.

    • Rana Narain Chand (qv)
    • Mian Kishen Chand
    • Mian Gogar Singh
    Rana of Jubbal 1676/1680, born 1615, married and had
    issue. He died

    • Rana Tarem Chand (qv)
    • Mian Deep Chand
    Rana of Jubbal 1680/1681, married and had issue. He died

    • Rana Roop Chand (qv)
    • Rana Tegh Chand (qv)
    • Rana ROOP CHAND,
      Rana of Jubbal 1681/1690, died sp 1690.
    • Rana TEGH CHAND,
      Rana of Jubbal 1690/1699, married and had issue.
    Rana of Jubbal 1699/1720, born 1660’s, married and had
    issue. He died

    • Rana Narpat Chand (qv)
    • Mian Karam Chand, married and had issue.
      • Kanwar Jalgir Singh, married and had issue.
      • Kunwar Mau Singh of Kalonta, married and had issue.
        • Kanwar Jwala Singh, married and had issue.
          • Kanwar Jogi Ram, married and had issue.
            • Kanwar Rai Singh
            • Kanwar Madan Singh, married Kanwarani Manki Dei,
              daughter of Kanwar Mollu Ram of Bherog in Tharoch,
              and had issue.

              • Kanwar Jatinder Singh, married Kanwarani Champa
                Devi, daughter of Kanwar Mohan Singh of Kumharsain,
                and has issue.
            • Kanwar Nar Singh, married 1stly, Kanwarani Jantu
              Dei, daughter of Kanwar Mollu Ram of Bherog in Tharoch, married 2ndly, Kanwarani
              Jaku Dei, and had issue.

              • Kumari Subhadra Devi, married Kanwar Kanah
                Singh of Ghund, and has issue.
              • Kumari Dipti Kumari, maried Kanwar Devinder
                Singh of Dhami, and has issue.
            • Kanwar Bhim Singh, married Kanwarani Dharam Dei,
              daughter of Kanwar Mollu Ram of Bherog in Tharoch,
              and had issue.

              • Kanwar Ranjit Singh, married Kanwarani Kamla
                Devi, daughter of Kanwar Ramanand Singh of Dhadi,
                and his wife,
                Kanwarani Surtu Devi, and has issue.

                • Kumari Amita Kumari, married Kanwar Devinder
                  Singh of Dhadi, and has issue.
              • Kumari Shakuntala Devi, married Kanwar Balbir
                Singh of Kumharsain, and has issue.
            • Kumari Bindra Devi, married Kanwar Sar Singh of Darkoti, and has
        • Kanwar Dhamia Singh, married and had issue.
          • Kanwar Sadh Singh, marrried and had issue.
            • Kanwar Surjan Singh, married Kanwarani Govinda
              Devi of Ghund, and had issue.

              • Kanwar Sawan Singh, married Kanwarani Vidhya
                Devi, daughter of Mian Bhagwan Singh from Badshal in Bashahr, and had

                • Kumari Manorama Dei, married Kanwar Parmodh
                  Singh of Rawingarh, and has issue.
              • Kumari Shankri Dei, married 1924, Kanwar
                Singh of Tharoch. She died sp in 1945.
              • Kumari Gopi Dei, married Kanwar Gyan Singh of
                Kiar in Darkoti, and has issue.
            • Kanwar Durga Singh, married two Kumaris of
              and had issue.

              • Kanwar Chatter Singh, married Kanwarani Murtoo
                Devi, daughter of Kanwar Ram Singh of Roopa in Ghund, and his wife, Kanwarani Kasho Devi,
                and had issue.

                • Kanwar Govind Singh, married Kanwarani
                  Santosh Devi of Samba, and has issue.
                • Kumari Nirmala Devi [Rani Nirmala Devi of
                  Kuthar], married Rana Arun Chand of Kuthar,
                  and has issue.
              • Kumaru Surtu Dei, married Kanwar Sher Singh of Ghund, and had issue.
              • Kanwar Jagat Singh, married and had issue.
            • Kanwar Budhi Singh of Kiri-Nerwa, married and had

              • Kanwar Bahadur Singh, married Kumari Brami
                Devi, daughter of
                Kanwar Ram Nand Singh of Dhadi, and his
                wife, Kanwarani Surtu Devi, and
                had issue.

                • Kanwar Surender Singh, married Kanwarani
                  Sheela Devi, daughter of Kanwar Sohan Singh of Ratesh, and his wife,
                  Kanwarani Shanti Devi of Ghund, and has
              • Kumari Padma Devi, married Kanwar Jai Singh of Tharoch.
              • Kanwar Bhupinder Singh, married Kanwarani Gopi
                Devi, daughter of Kanwar Ram Nand Singh of Dhadi,
                and his wife,
                Kanwarani Surtu Devi, and has issue.
            • Kumari Attam Devi, married Rana Raghunath
              Singh of Darkoti, and had issue.
      • Kunwar Manga Singh, married and had issue.
        • Kunwar Dharam Singh, married and had issue.
          • Kunwar Hari Singh, married and had issue.
            • Kunwar Gulab Singh, married and had issue.
              • Kunwar Surat Singh, married and had issue.
                • Kanwar Krishen Singh, married and had issue.
                  • Kumari Digsha Dei, married Capt. Kanwar
                    Bhavender Singh of Koti.
                • Kanwar Ishwari Singh
                • Kumari Leela Kanwar, married Kanwar Madan
                  of Darkoti, and has issue.
              • Kumari Surti Devi, married Kanwar Shiv Singh of
                Ghund, and had
    • Mian Dhan Singh
    Rana of Jubbal 1720/1738, born 1680, married and had
    issue. He died

    • Rana Yog Chand (qv)
    • Mian Atal Singh
  • Rana YOG CHAND,
    Rana of Jubbal 1738/1758, born 1712, married and had issue.
    He died

    • Rana Hukam Chand (qv)
    • Rana Paras Chand (qv)
    • Mian Khinchir Singh, he attempted to seize power in
      in 1773, but
      defeated and exiled. He died in Sirmur.
    • Mian Tharu Singh
    • Mian Mimtu Singh
    Rana of Jubbal 1768/1773, born 1740, died sp 1773
    Rana of Jubbal 1773/1802, born 1753 at Jubbal, married
    and had issue.
    He died 1802.

    • Mian Rasbal Singh, died young vpsp.
    • Rana Puran Chand (qv)
    Rana of Jubbal 1802/1839 (abdicated), born 1772,
    confirmed in his
    by a sanad dated 18th November 1815, abdicated in favour of
    British Government who appointed a Tahsildar to administer the
    on their behalf, married 1stly, a Rani from Rawingarh, married 2ndly, a
    Rani from Theog, married 3rdly, a Rani from Kumharsain, died after
    1854, and had issue.
    died 1843.

    • Rana Karam Chand (by Rawingarh lady) (qv)

    Rana of Jubbal 1839/1877, born 1835, he was granted full ruling
    powers in
    married seven wives, including Ranis from Mangal, Koti and Dhami, and
    had issue. He died 17th March 1877 at Chopal

    • Rana Padam Chand (qv)
    • Rajkumar Gambhir Chand, born 1864, he was granted the
      Deortha worth 2,000Rs in value,
      married twice, including a Kumari from Koti, and had issue, four sons
      and four daughters. He died
      14th December 1924?.

      • Kanwar Shamsher Singh, born in 1884.
      • Kanwar Shiv Singh, born in 1886.
      • HH Maharani Brinda Devi [née Kumari Brinda Devi]
        (by the 2nd
        from Koti in H.P.), born 11th January 1892, married Tikka Raja Paramjit
        Singh [later HH Maharaja Paramjit Singh of Kapurthala],
        and had issue. She died May 1962 at Woodville Palace, Simla.
      • Kanwar Mahinder Singh, born 1893, died July 1977 in
      • Kumari Bhawani Devi, born 1898, married the Raja of
        Tajpur, now in
        Bijnor in U.P., and had issue. She died 1970.
      • Kumari Madhwi Devi [later Rani Madhwi Devi], born 1899,
        married the
        Shri Ala Vajsur Khachar of Jasdan, and had
        She died 1998 in New Delhi.
      • Lt.-Col. Kanwar Rajinder Singh, born 1900, married
        Kanwarani Bindurani, daughter of Shri Jodha Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal, and had
        issue. He died
        1996 in New Delhi.

        • Rani Vidya Devi, born October 1942, married October
          1983, Maharaj
          Singhji, Raja Saheb of Jhalai (see also Jaipur).
        • Kumari Shree Devi, born 1947, married 1stly (div.),
          Mr. Arun Somdutt of
          Kolkatta, married 2ndly, Sardar Tejinder Singh of New Delhi, and has
          by 1st marriage.

          • Vivaan Somdutt, born in 1984.
      • Kumari Kamala Devi, born 1901, married Major General
        Thakur Sheo Dutt Singh, a
        Rajput from Bikaner in Rajasthan. She died in 1959.
    • Kumari (name unknown), married 1873, Raja Narendra
      Chand of Nadaun,
      now in District
      Hamirpur in H.P.
    Rana of Jubbal 1877/1898, born 1862, succeeded 17th March
    1877 (#1),
    married, 1stly, a daughter of Thakur Pritam Singh,
    Thakur of Delath, married 2ndly, a
    Princess from the Katoch family of Dehra Gopipur in Nurpur, Kangra,
    married 3rdly, a Princess from Rawingarh in District Shimla, married
    1887, a Princess from Sairi in District Shimla, and had issue, eleven
    He died 1898 in Jubbal.

    • Rajkumar Bharat Chand, born 1880, died 1883.
    • Rajkumar Sudhar Chand, died 1886.
    • Rajkumar Pratap Chand, died 1887.
    • Rajkumar Uday Chand, died 1890.
    • Rana Gyan Chand (qv)
    • Raja Rana Sir Bhagat Chand Bahadur (qv)
    • Rajkumar Ishwari Singh, Thakur of Basa-Nerwa, born 2nd
      September 1890, he was
      granted the jagir of Basa-Nerwa, married
      to a Rajput
      (name not known) from Badyar in Himachal Pradesh and had issue, two
      He died 1936.

      • Kanwar Raghubir Singh, born 1916, he contested the
        Vidhan Sabha election from Chopal in 1957 on a Congress ticket and lost
        to an independent candidate. He died in 1958.
      • Kanwar Bhawani Singh, born 1919, married Raj Kumari
        Krishna Kumari,
        of Rana Jai Singh, Rana Sahib of Dhadi,
        and had
        issue, three sons. He died in 1998.

        • Kanwar Surinder Singh, born
          married 1975, Kanwar Rani
          Snehlata Kumari, daughter of Rana Krishen Chand of Khaneti
          State, elected as a Zila Parishad member from the Nerwa Ward in
          Chopal Constituency in District Shimla in December 2005, and has issue,
          three daughters.

          • Kumari Ruchi Kumari, married Kunwar Sangram Singh
            Katoch, son of Shri A. K. Katoch D.I.G. of Indora Kangra, and has issue.

            • Shauryaveer Singh Katoch, born 28th July
            • Venus Kumari, born 31st January 2008.
          • Kumari Ambika Kumari
          • Kumari Aditi Kumari
        • Kanwar Uday Singh, born 2nd February 1957, married
          Kalpana Kumari, born in September 1965, fifth daughter of Kunwar Murat
          Singh of Tharoch, and has issue,
          two sons.

          • Dushyant Singh, born 10th May 1983 in Dehra Dun,
            Uttaranchal; educated
            in Tharoch and at Delhi University.
          • Sidharth Singh, born 27th July 1985, educated at
            Nerwa and in Simla.
        • Kanwar Kuldeep Singh, born 1962, married Kumari
          Kumari of Khaneti,
          and has issue, two sons.

          • Drishtant Singh, born 1988 at Jubbal.
          • Abhinav Singh, born 1993 at Nerwa.
    • Rajkumar Nigham Singh, born 1891, died sp in 1917.
    • Rajkumar Lakshmi Singh, born 1893, died 7th April 1894.
    • Rajkumar Kishan Singh, born 16th January 1897, married
      1stly, a
      Rajput lady
      Kunihar in District Solan, married 2ndly, Kanwarani Dharamwati,
      daughter of Kanwar Hira Singh of Chamba, and had issue, four children,
      and a son. He died 24th April 1974.

      • Kumari Ramawati Kumari, married Thakur Pratap Singh of Ghund in Simla,
        and had issue, four children. She died 24th April 1974.
      • Kumari Kamla Kumari, born 1932, married 1951, Mian
        Avtar Singh
        second son of Mian Dalip Singh of Mankot,
        and has issue, two sons.
      • Kumari Lalita Kumari, born 1934, married Apji Girdhar
        of Kotah, son of
        Apji Chattar Singh of Kotah, ADC to Her Highness the Rajmata Sahiba of
        Kotah, and has issue, two children, a son and a daughter.

        • Vijay Singh, born 1957, married to
          Rajput lady from Sahibabad
          in U.P. 
        • Kalpna Kumari, born 1958, married
          May 1987 to Kuldeep
          Singh, son of Kanwar Narbir Singh of Sirmur State.
      • Kanwar Bhopal Singh, born 1st February 1935 in Jubbal,
        married Kumari
        Devi, daughter of Lieutenant Thakur Nand Singh, (ADC to H.H. The
        of Jhalawar), born on 13th April 1940 at Jhalawar, and had issue, three
        He died 1st June 2000.

        • Kumari Rajeshwari Devi, born 5th December 1961 at
          Jubbal, married 28th
          November 1983, Thakur Chetan Singh of Narsinghgarh in M.P., and has
          issue, two

          • Yaksht Pratap Singh, born 10th
            1985 at Vidisha in M.P.
          • Kumari Deepshika Kumari, born
        • Harshvardhan Singh, born 8th February 1963 at
          Jhalawar, married May
          Kumari Gita Devi, daughter of Thakur Roop Singh of Sirmur, and has
          issue, two children.

          • Suryavardhan Singh, born 1st September 1994 in
          • Kumari Vaishali Kumari, born 26th December 1996 in
        • Kumari Nirupama Kumari, born 8th March 1965 at Jagir
          Kerag in Chopal in
          Southern Jubbal, married Tikka Kirti Chand of Theog,
          and has issue,
          children, a son and a daughter.
    • Rajkumar Durga Singh, born 15th July 1897, when Rana Gyan
      Chand of
      Jubbal died in 1910,  without having any children, his mother
      claimed the throne for Rajkumar Durga Singh on the grounds that she was
      the senior most Rajmata of Jubbal State and that her second son,
      Rajkumar Durga Singh, should be made the ruler of Jubbal as he was the
      full brother of Rana Gyan Chand. She filed a case at the High Court of
      Calcutta in Bengal (there was no Supreme Court in India in those days)
      and even went there herself to Calcutta, which was nearly 2,000
      kilometers away, (there were no aeroplanes then and Calcutta was the
      capital of India in 1910). However, the judgement went in favour of
      Rana Bhagat Chand, as in the eyes of the British Government, all legal
      wives of the ruler were of equal rank, and the throne would pass to the
      next elder son, regardless of whether he was a full or step brother of
      the deceased ruler. He married four wives, the first two were from
      Dhami State, the third was from Bhajji State and
      the fourth, Kumari Mangla Devi, died 2000, also from Dhami, and
      had issue,
      fourteen children.

      • Kanwar Bhupinder Singh, born 23rd July 1923 at Jubbal,
        married October 1950, Kumari Chandra Prabha Devi, daughter of Kanwar
        Gopal Singh of Baghat, and his wife,
        Kanwarani Devwati, and
        had issue, two daughters. He died 13th June 2000 in Solan, Himachal

        • Kumari Lata Kumari, born 1952, married 1972,
          Kunwar Uma Pratap Singh of Isenagarh in Uttar Pradesh, killed in an
          automobile accident in 1991, and has issue, two sons.

          • Divya Singh, born 2nd March 1975.
          • Rudra Pratap Singh, born November 1979.
        • Kumari Sunita Kumari, born 27th January 1966,
          married Mian Parmindar Singh of Nalagarh,
          District Solan, and has
          issue, one daughter.
      • Kumari Vedpriya Kumari, born 1924, married Maharaj
        Shri Umrao Singhji of Thikana Indergarh
        in Kotah, Rajasthan, and had
        issue, one daughter. She died in 1998.
      • Kanwar Jagdish Singh, born 1926, died unmarried 22nd
        June 1983.
      • Kumari Tejwati Kumari, born 1926, married Thakur Salam
        of Bikaner, Rajasthan.
      • Kanwar Bhairav Singh (by the second wife), born
        December 1935, married 1966, Kumari Shakuntala Devi, daughter of Kanwar
        Mohan Singh of Kumharsain, and had
        issue, two sons and a daughter. He
        died 12th June 1986.

        • Sagar Singh, born 1968, married 26th April 2001 at
          Simla, Kumari Jayanti Devi, daughter of Mian Mahinder Singh of Kumharsain,  and his wife,
          Kanwarani Krishna Devi, and has issue,
          one daughter.
        • Dharmender Singh, born 1970.
        • Kumari Raj Rajeshwari Kumari, born 1973, married
          Surinder Singh of Shivan, and has issue, a daughter and a son.

          • Kumari Shruti Kunwar.
          • (name
            ) Singh
      • Kanwar Rajender Singh (by the third wife), married
        1971. He died in a car accident in 1971, having been married for only
        10 days.
      • Kanwar Birendra Singh (by third wife), married Kumari
        Sheila Devi, daughter of Mian Sher Singh of Tharoch,
        and had issue, two
        sons and a daughter.
        died in 1997.

        • Kumari Pushpa Devi
        • Kamlesh Singh, married Kumari Nimya Devi, daughter of
          Thakur Roop Singh.
        • Rajendra Singh, married Kumari Usha Devi of Sirmur.
      • Kumari Santosh Kumari
      • Kumari Maheshwari Kumari, married Mian Vikram Singh of Khaneti.
      • Kumari Bhagyawati Kumari, married Thakur Shakti Mohan
        Singh, a
        Rajput gentleman from Uttar Pradesh.
      • Kanwar Homendra Singh (Prince Jathu) (by the fourth
        wife), born 1938, a Forest and Public Works Department contractor and
        contested several Panchayat elections successfully,  married
        Kanwarani Gyan Devi of Tharoch, died
        1st May 2008 at Dehra Dun,
        and had issue, six children, four
        daughters and two sons. He died 1984.

        • Kumari Radha Kumari, married in Dehra Dun,
          Uttaranchal, Kanwar Raghvinder Singh from Banjara, and has issue, three
        • Kumari Anita Kumari,
          married Rajkumar Ravinder Singh of Dhadi,
          born 1958, and has issue, two
        • Kumari Ranjana Kumari (third daughter), married Tikka
          Sahib (later Rana) Hemendra Singh of Kotkhai,
          and had issue.
        • Kumari Rekha Kumari, married Kanwar Narender Singh of
        • Yudhvir Singh, born 1969, married Kumari Kusam
          Kumari, daughter of Thakur Devinder Chand of Madhan,
          and his second wife, Thakurani Leelawati Devi, and has
          issue, one son and one daughter.

          • Shubhan Singh, born 1996,
          • Kumari Kritika Kumari, born 1997.
        • Karanvir Singh, born 1972.
      • Kanwar Narendra Singh (by the fourth wife), born 1943,
        married Kumari Vimla Devi, daughter of Mian Devi Singh of Tharoch, and has issue, four children,
        two daughters and two sons.

        • Kumari Hemlata Devi
        • Kumari Rajeshwari Devi
        • Rajir Singh
        • (name unknown)
      • Kanwar Shamsher Singh (by the fourth wife), born 1944,
        married Kumari Shanti Devi, and has issue, two sons and two daughters.
        died in 1995.

        • Hemant Singh
        • Vinod Singh
        • Kumari Ritu Devi
        • Pravin Devi
      • Kanwar Balbir Singh, born 1948, served in the Indian
        army as a Non-Commissioned Officer, married Kumari Krishna Kumari,
        daughter of Mian Lal Singh of Tharoch,
        and has issue, two

        • Puneet Singh
        • Amit Singh
    • Rajkumari Indumati Devi (daughter of the Dehra Gopipur
      Rani), married
      his 3rd wife) 1904, Raja Bijey Sen of Keonthal.
    • Rajkumari (name unknown) Sahiba (by the Bhadiyar,
      H.P. Rani),
      (as his fourth wife) 1904, Raja Bijey Sen of Keonthal.
      She died sp.
    • Daughter3, married (as his third wife), Yuvraj Bhagwant
      Singh of Orchha, and
      had issue, a
    • Daughter4, married Raja Bikram Singh of Baghal,
      now in District Solan.
    • Rajkumari Shyama Devi, married Raja Bikram Singh of Baghal.
    • Rana GYAN CHAND,
      Rana of Jubbal 1898/1910, born 1887, educated at
      Aitchison Chief’s
      College, Lahore; married 1stly, 1904, sister of Raja Pratap Bikram Shah
      of Khairigarh-Singhai, married
      2ndly, 1904, Rani Sita Devi, died in
      in 1980, sister of Raja Pratap Bikram Shah of Khairigarh-Singhai.
      He died sp on 29th April 1910.

  • Raja Rana Sir BHAGAT CHAND Bahadur
    Raja of Jubbal 1910/1946, born 12th October 1888,
    (Hereditary) [cr.1918], K.C.S.I. [cr.1936], C.S.I. [cr.1928], educated
    at Aitchison’s Chiefs College in Lahore, Pakistan and graduated with a
    diploma in 1907, Zamindar in the Dehra Dun District of Uttaranchal, as
    well as owner of extensive properties in Simla, Delhi and Jagadhri in
    He attended the Coronation Durbar of Their Imperial Majesties King
    the Fifth and Queen Mary at Delhi in 1911. He represented the Simla
    States in the Council of Princes from 1921 to 1924, he was elected a
    of the Standing Committee of the Chamber of Princes in 1939. He created
    an Endowment Trust Fund to make Education and Medical Relief free and
    of the State in memory of his late father, Rana Padam Chand Bahadur of
    Jubbal State. He abolished many small taxes in the State on the
    of his Silver Jubilee in 1935. He made an extensive tour round the
    accompanied by the Rani Sahiba fom 1932 to 1934. He abdicated from the
    throne on 12th October 1946, in favour of his eldest son Tikka Digvijay
    Chand, after ruling for 36 years. During his long reign, Jubbal State
    great economic progress, 18 Forest Rest Houses were constructed in
    the Southern portion of Jubbal State and one at Deorah, the capital of
    Jubbal State, which is in the Northern part of the State. The State was
    one of the first Princely Kingdoms to avail itself of electricity with
    the construction of a hydro-electric plant in 1924. Education and
    Services were made free by him in the State and the Raja Sahib
    a college of higher education for his subjects in Simla, married 1stly,
    1912, Rani Tara Devi, died 1918, daughter of Kanwar Mohan Singh of Keonthal, married
    2ndly, 11th May 1919, Rani Bai Shri Leila Ba Kunverba Sahiba, born 14th
    February 1893 in Gondal, died 7th March 1975 at New Delhi,
    daughter of HH Maharaja Shri Sir Bhagwatsinhji Sagramsinhji Sahib of Gondal,
    and his first wife, HH Maharani Shri Nandkunverba Sahiba, and
    had issue. He died on 5th October 1951 at Woodville Palace, Simla,
    behind an efficient and modern state with sound finances.

    • Raja Rana Digvijay Chand [Prince Digbee] (by 1st
    • Rajkumar Narbir Chand [Prince Noor] (by 1st marriage),
      born 31st July
      at Jubbal, educated at the Aitchison’s Chiefs College, Lahore (now in
      married 1937, Kumari Balbir Wati, a Rajput lady from the noble family
      Ramgarh, now in Haryana, died in 2002 at Dehra Dun, and had issue,
      He died 13th January 1986 in Dehra Dun, Uttaranchal.

      • Kumari Kusum Devi, born in 1939, married to Mr. Mohan
        Krishan Wazeer
        Jammu and Kashmir and has issue, three children.

        • a son, born 25th January 1959.
        • Ajay Vir Wazeer, born 13th October
        • Anupama Wazeer, born on 23rd April
      • Kanwar Yashodhar Singh, born 31st August 1942, educated
        at Col. Brown’s
        School in Dehra Dun and later did his Bachelor’s Degree from Government
        College, Chandigarh. He worked as a Manager for Solan Breweries
        Solan. He died unmarried 26th June 1990 in Dehra Dun.
      • Kanwar Karan Vir Singh, born 30th January 1950,
        educated at Col.Brown’s
        School in Dehra Dun and did his Bachelor’s Degree from Government
        for Men at Bhopal, M.P. He is a commercial pilot with Indian Airlines,
        married 1stly in February 1975 (div. 1977), Rajkumari Indra Devi,
        of the late Raja Chandra Chur Prasad Singh Deo of Udaipur
        in Chattisgarh, married 2ndly, 10th July 1981, Kumari Preeti Devi,
        of a Kanwar Sahib of Kutch in Gujarat, and has had issue, one son by

        • Siddarth Singh (by 1st wife), born 25th April
        • Bhriguraj Singh (by 2nd wife), born 14th September
    • Rajkumar Lokendra Singh [Prince Lokhra] (by 1st
      marriage), born 18th
      1915 in Jubbal, educated at Aitchison’s Chiefs College, Lahore (now in
      Pakistan), officer in the Indian Forest Service and was a Conservator
      Forests, married 1945, Kumari Ramneek Kumari, a Rajput lady from
      in Gujarat (married 2ndly, 1969, Colonel K.N. Bhalla), died 1986,
      issue. He died 7th June 1959 at Mandi, H.P.

      • Kanwar Surinder Singh, born 20th April 1952, educated
        at Doon School,
        Dehra Dun, and earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Hindu College, Delhi
        in 1974, married 21st April 1977, Kumari Uma Devi, daughter of Rana Ram
        Chandra Sinhji of Vana in Gujerat, born 25th January 1954. He died sp
        in September 1989 at Dehra Dun, Uttaranchal.
    • HH Rani Umawati Devi (by 1st marriage), born 1916,
      married 18th May
      HH Raja Sir Anand Chand of Bilaspur,
      and had issue.
      died March 1961.
    • Lt.-Col.
      Rajkumar Birendra Singh [Prince Baby] (by 2nd marriage), born 15th May
      1920 at Jubbal, educated at the Prince of Wales Military School in
      Dun, commissioned (I.C. 365) as a Second Lieutenant from the Indian
      Academy (I.M.A.) in Dehra Dun in December 1940, first served as an
      in King George the Fifth’s Nineteenth Lancers (now in Pakistan), later
      he was in the Rajputana Rifles, commandant of the 16th Sikhs Regiment,
      he served in the Burma Campaign in the Second World War 1939-1945 and
      shot in the leg and was sent back to India for recuperation. He was
      the following medals whilst in the Army: namely, the Coronation Medal
      1937 and of 1953, the Medal of 1939/45, the Burma, Africa and Pacific
      the Defence, War and I.G.S. Medals of 1945 and the Indian
      Medal of 1947. He retired from the army in 1953 and lived at Woodville
      Palace, Simla till his death. He was a keen hunter in his leisure-time.
      He married Maharajkumari Ourmilla Devi of Kapurthala,
      [Rajkumar Rani Ourmilla Devi of Jubbal], and had issue. He died 15th
      1961 at Simla .

      • Kanwar Uday
        Singh, born 25th October 1949 in Saint Elizabeth’s Nursing Home in
        Maharashtra, Managing Director & C.E.O. of Woodville Palace Resorts
        Private Limited, C.E.O.of Woodville Orchards (which has 54 acres and
        apple trees, being near Village Sillori in Pargana Peontra in Chopal,
        is in the southern part of Jubbal State), educated at Chalet Nursery
        School and at Bishop Cotton School in Simla, later in 1967, joined
        College, Delhi University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (History,
        1970) and Master of Arts (History, 1972), became a permanent member of
        Delhi Gymkhana Club in 1972, a life member of the National Rifle
        of India in 1974, President of the Himachal Pradesh Karate Association
        from 1983/1990, appointed President of District Shimla Kisan (Farmers)
        Congress in 1991 and still
        holds this post, President of the
        (part of former Jubbal State) Fruit Grower’s Association, an elected
        of the Himachal Pradesh State Congress Committee (P.C.C.) since 1993
        still holds this post, a Director of the H.P. State Land Use and
        Development Board, former member of the Telecom Advisory Committee,
        from 1994 to 1998, member of The Indian Heritage Hotels Association of
        India since 1995, member of The All India Hotel and Restaurants
        of India, member of I.T.C.Welcome Heritage (a chain which markets 40
        hotels in India), Member of the Pacific Asian Travel Association,
        Indian Chapter, and also a Member of the Confederation of Indian
        (C.I.I.), unsuccessfully contested the Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha
        Legislature elections in October 1993 from Chopal constituency in
        Shimla on an Indian National Congress (INC) ticket, elected to the
        Bishop Cotton School Old Cottonians’ Association (Simla Chapter) for a
        year as executive member on 6th November 2005; President of The
        International Wilderness Association; interests include
        and numismatics, enjoys reading, surfing the net and listening to
        music of the sixties and seventies (the Doors are a favourite rock
        group, as well as the Beatles and Elvis Presley), a collector of rare
        a keen squash player, married 12th December 1976 at Lucknow, U.P.,
        Vibhuti Shah of Khairigarh, U.P.
        Rani Vibhuti Singh of Jubbal], born 23rd February 1951 at Lucknow,
        at Loreto Convent School, Lucknow, and graduated from Loreto Convent
        Lucknow; contested the District Simla Zila
        Parishad election in
        1995 from Kedi-Kupvi ward in Tehsil Chopal (now in Southern Jubbal
        and defeated her opponent by a record margin of 8,352 votes, a member
        5 years, up to December 2000, and has issue. (Woodville
        Raj Bhawan Road, Simla – 171002, District Simla, H.P., India)

        • Diviya
          Kumari, born 19th January 1979 at New Delhi, educated at Chalet Day
          School and later at The Convent of Jesus and Mary. She finished her
          at The Lawrence School, Sanawar, Simla Hills. She then did her
          in Business Administration from The Indian Institute of Learning in
          (I.I.L.M.), Lodhi Estate, New Delhi, and passed out in 2000; initially
          a Director and now an Executive Director in Woodville Palace Resorts
          Private Limited,
          Shimla; married 8th October 2009 at Woodville Palace, Shimla, Angad
          Singh Sandhu, son of Mr. Satinder Jeet Singh Sandhu, Chairman and
          Managing Director of Shivalik Bimetal Controls Limited in Chambaghat,
          District Solan – 173 213, and his wife, Mrs. Sarita Singh Sandhu.
        • Divraj
          Singh, born 2nd December 1982 at Lucknow, educated at Chalet Day
          School and later at The Lawrence School, Sanawar, Simla Hills, and
          his schooling from Bishop Cotton School, Simla, securing a First
          Division; he has undertaken a course in Hotel Management from The Merit
          School of Hotel Management in Ooty, Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Naidu State,
          India and in August 2006, achieved a first division in Hotel Management
          from the University of Tamil Nadu and is now (2006) working as a
          full time Executive Director at Woodville Palace.
      • Kumari Neira Devi, born 8th December 1944 at Portmore
        Sanitorium (a
        hospital), educated at Chalet Nursery Day School and at Tara Hall
        passing out in 1960, later at St. Bede’s College for women (Bachelor’s
        Degree), teacher at Chalet Nursery Day School in Simla, Ground Hostess
        in New Delhi for Air India in 1966, married 4th April 1968, Mr.Ashok
        of New Delhi, born 18th October 1941, Director in Sikand and Company,
        Delhi, and Managing Director of Sikand Motors, New Delhi, died 5th
        1983 at New Delhi, and has issue, a daughter and a son.

        • Tara Sikand, born 15th April 1972
          New Delhi, married 11th
          April 1993 at New Delhi, Bir Singh Atwal, son of Sardar and Sardarni K.
          S. Atwal of Punjab, born 14th November 1967, and has issue, a

          • Miss Gayatri Singh Atwal, born
            December 1994 at New
        • Viraj Sikand, born 11th September
          in New Delhi.
    • HH Maharani Ila Devi (by 2nd marriage), born 16th April
      1923 at Jubbal,
      married 5th May 1940 at Woodville Palace, Yuvaraj Harish Chandra Singh
      [later HH Maharaja Rana Harisch Chandra Singhji] of Jhalawar,
      and has issue. She died 3rd February 2007 in the Sawai Man Singh
      Medical College Hospital, Rajasthan.
    Raja of Jubbal 1946/1966, born
    educated at the Aitchison’s Chiefs College in Lahore, now in Pakistan,
    Honourary A.D.C. to the President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, from
    1957 to 1960, held the Honarary rank of Major in the Brigade of Guards,
    31st January 1932, Rani Hemant Kanwar, born 13th September 1913, died
    11th March 1964, daughter of HH Shri Huzur Raja Sir Arjun Singhji Sahib
    Bahadur, Raja of Narsingarh, and
    his first wife,
    HH Rani Shiv
    Kunwarji, and had issue. He died
    30th December 1966.

    • Maharani Devender Kumari, born 13th July 1933 in Simla,
      married 21st
      1948 at Woodville Palace, Maharaja Madaneshwar Singh Deo of Surguja,
      and has issue.
    • Rajkumari Rattan Kumari, born 16th August 1934 in Jubbal,
      married 28th
      May 1954, HH Raja Virbhadra Singh of Bashahr,
      (currently the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh for a record fifth
      and had issue, four daughters. She died 27th September 1983 in Simla.
    • Tikka Dig Pal Chand, born 1935, died 10th October 1936.
    • Raja Rana Yogender Chand (qv)
    Raja of Jubbal (see above)


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