KACHHI BARODA (Princely State)




AREA: 90 km2 REVENUE: 30,000Rs ACCESSION: 1947
STATE: Madhya Pradesh DYNASTY: Rathore RELIGION: Hindu



, present Thakur Saheb of Kachhi-Baroda since 1973. (Kachhi-Baroda House, Royal
Park, 19/3,
New Palasia, Indore 452001, Madhya Pradesh, India)



born 4th February 1926 at Indore, educated at
Daly College,
member of the record breaking Holkar XI Cricket Team, in the Ranji
of 1945/1946, in which six centuries were scored, including a century
the Maharaj, the side declared at 8 for 912; he married 13th December
at Agra, Late Rani Saheb Rukmani Kumari, daughter of Raja Suryapal
Singhji of Awagarh, and has issue, two
sons and one daughter.

  • Baisa Neera Kumari [HH Maharani Sahiba Rathoriji
    of Banswara, now HH the Rajmata Sahiba of Banswara], married 1975, HH
    Sri Raj-i-Rajan Maharawal
    Suryaveer Singhji of Banswara, and
    issue, one
    son and one daughter.
  • Kunwar Tripureshwar Pratap Singh, born 30th July 1952,
    educated at Daly College,
    married Kunwarani Dipti Kumari, eldest daughter of Thakur Digvijai
    Singh of Bedia, and has issue, one son and one

    • Bhanwar Tejvir Singh, born 25th November 1981, educated
      at Daly College, Indore
      (graduating in 2000, being the fifth generation of his family to do
      so), and at Hobart College, Geneva, N.Y., attaining a Degree of
      Bachelor of Economics, he was the first squash player from Daly College
      to represent India in junior squash, being ranked nationally in the top
      5, later at Hobart College he captained the squash team for two years,
      and was part of the historic 2005 top 10 Hobart Squash finish at
      the National team Championships at Yale University, he is presently
      working as an analyst at Alpine Capital, being based in New York
    • Kumari Rohini Kumari, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer
      (2003), at Daly College, Indore and graduated from Mt. Carmel College,
      Banglore, she finished her Masters degree in Communications from
      S.B.M.J.C., Bangalore.
  • Kunwar Chandikeshwar Singh, born 10th July 1958, married
    Kunwarani Shilpa Kumari of Rawatpura, Bundelkhand, and has
    issue, one son
    and one daughter.

    • Bindeshwari Kumari, educated at Daly College, Indore.
    • Bhanwar Rajeshwar Pratap Singh, educated at Daly College,



state was a
guaranteed Thikana under the Acheson Treaty of 1865, with full powers
Judiciary, Customs, Police and Excise. Rulers were…

  • Maharaj Shri RAI SINGH, Thakur of Kachhi-Baroda,
    son of Raja
    Ratan Singh of Ratlam; married and had

    • Maharaj Padma Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Anoop Singh, he was adopted by his uncle, Maharaj
      Sakat Singhji of Multhan, and succeeded there as Maharaj Anoop Singhji
      of Multhan.
  • Maharaj Shri PADMA SINGH, Thakur of Kachhi-Baroda
  • Maharaj Shri NAHAR SINGH, Thakur of Kachhi-Baroda
  • Maharaj Shri JORAWAR SINGH, Thakur of Kachhi-Baroda
  • Maharaj Shri SOBHAL SINGH, Thakur of Kachhi-Baroda
  • Maharaj Shri BHAGWAT SINGH, Thakur of Kachhi-Baroda
    -/1857, on
    December 1818, a Settlement (No. CCXXIV) was made by Sir John
    Malcolm with the Thakur Saheb, by which the Thakur received sixteen
    villages subject to an annual payment of Rupees 9,459
    to the Dhar Darbar, and he also engaged to be responsible for the peace
    of the villages; his widow adopted his nephew as his successor.
    He died sp 1857 (#2).

    • (A) Kunwar Dalel
      Singh, he succeeded as Maharaj Dalel Singh, Thakur Saheb of
  • Maharaj Shri DALEL SINGH, Thakur of Kachhi-Baroda
    1857/1897, born 1839, succeeded 1864 (#1),
    of Chhayan in Kachhi-Baroda, nephew of preceding, married a
    Rani from the Sisodia family of Kulthana, Pratapgarh, and
    had issue. He died 1897.

    • Maharaj Jalam Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumar Ram Singh, he was adopted by HH Raja Shardul
      Sinh of
      Sitamau and succeded there as HH Raja Sir Ram Sinh II Bahadur of Sitamau.
    • Maharaj Kishan Singh
    • Baisaheb Manak Kunverba, married Raja Bahadur Singh of Raghogarh.
  • Maharaj Shri JALAM SINGH, Thakur of Kachhi-Baroda
    1897/1906, educated at Daly College,
    Indore, married
    and had issue. He died 13th June 1906.

    • Baisaheb Vishnu Kumari, born 1895, married (as his first
      Rawat Jai Singhji, 3rd Rawat Saheb of Meja.
      died sp 1968.
    • Maharaj Beni Madho Singh (qv)
  • Maharaj Shri BENI MADHO SINGH, Thakur of
    Kachhi-Baroda 1906/1973, born 3rd October 1904
    and succeeded
    13th June 1906, educated at Daly College, Indore; married 1stly, 1924,
    Brijraj Kumari, daughter of Raja Saheb Lakshmi Raj Singh of Gabhana,
    Dist. Aligarh, U.P., married 2ndly, Rani Sushil Kunverba of Malia, died
    sp, and had issue. He died 1973.

    • Maharaj Sahib Rameshwar Pratap Singh (qv)
    • Kumar Deshpal Singh, born 17th April 1931, educated at
      Daly College,
  • Maharaj Sahib Shri RAMESHWAR PRATAP SINGH, Thakur of
    Kachhi-Baroda (see above)


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