KANKARWA (Thikana)







, present Thakur Sahib of Kankarwa since 1971married to Thakurani Suchana Kumari of Ranoli, and has issue.

  • Kunwar Divyarishi Singh Ranawat
  • Baisa Tapasha Ranawat
  • Baisa Diksha Ranawat
of this thikana are descendants of Maharana Udai Singh II
of Mewar (founder of Udaipur)
through his third son Baba Veeramdeo, the younger
brother of Rana Sagat Singh (founder of the
Shaktawat-Sisodia clan). This thikana is a Baba Ranawat thikana (that
is, a thikana from which male children were adopted to the ruling house
of Mewar, in
the absence of a male heir). The descendents of Maharana Udai Singh II
the first branch of Sisodias to carry the patronym of Ranawat.
They are a sub-branch of the jagir of Sanwar, and other Viramdevot
are found in Hamirgarh, Kherabad, Sanwar, Jaiwana, Pahuna,
Ranawaton-ki-sadri and Ranawaton-ka bangla. Estate holders were….

  • Maharaj Shambhu Singh, 1st Baba Saheb of Sanwar; son of
    Maharaj Sangram Singh, 4th Baba Saheb of Kherabad,
    took part with the Mewar forces in a number of battles against the
    Maratha ruler of Indore, Malhar Rao Holkar; married and had issue, the
    Thakur Sahebs of Sanwar and Kankarwa.
    He was killed in battle against the forces of Bundi in 1773 fighting on
    the side of the Maharana of Udaipur.

    • Maharaj Jai Singh, 2nd Baba Saheb of Sanwar.
    • Maharaj Prithvi Singh (third son), 1st Baba Saheb of
  • ……
  • Thakur Sahib ZALIM SINGH, Thakur Sahib of Khartana,
    married and had issue.

    • Rawat Sahib Uday Singhji (qv)
    • Thakur Saheb of Pahuna, he adopted his nephew, Kunwar
      Randeep Singh, as his successor in Pahuna.
    • Thakur Saheb of Jaiwana.
    • Thakur Sahebs of Turkiya.
  • Rawat Sahib UDAY SINGHJI, Thakur Sahib of Kankarwa,
    moved to Kanakarwa and made his
    home there, he was appointed to the Council of Regency (1870-1874)
    during the minority of Maharana Sajjan Singh of Mewar, and the Council
    of Mahadraj Sabha (an 18
    member Judicial Council similar to a Supreme Court); he was invested
    with the title of Rawat by Maharana Sajjan Singh; married and had

    • Kunwar Randhir Singh, married Kunwarani Fateh Kanwar,
      born 1866, died 1970, an Udawat Rathore lady
      from Pih-Thamli in Ajmer, and had issue. He died vp.

      • Thakur Sahib Guman Singh (qv)
      • Hon. Thakur Mahendra Singhji Ranawat, born 31st March
        1901, educated at the
        Balwant Rajput College, Agra (M.A., LL.B.), Member of the Rajya
        Sabha [3.4.1952] – [2.4.1954], Food and Jagirdari resettlement
        Government of Rajasthan; Minister to the Princely states of Kotah,
        Sirohi and Bharatpur, prominent historian of Rajasthan; married
        Thakurani Gulab Kanwar Rathoriji, and had
        issue, two sons and three daughters. He died 16th November 1987.
        • Thakur Narayan Singh Ranawat, involved in farming and
          business in Udaipur; married a lady from Danta state in Gujarat, and
          had issue. He died 1983.
          • Thakur Yadavendra Singh Ranawat
          • Thakur Pradyuman Singh Ranawat
        • Thakur Sajjan Singh Ranawat, IAS Deputy Health
          Secretary, Rajasthan; married to
          a Yaduvanshi lady from Bihar, and has issue.
          • Veena Kunwar, married Mr. Arjun Singh Pundir, a
            businessman from Aligarh.
          • Kunwar Mrityunjay Singh Ranawat
          • Thakurani Madhu Kanwar, married Col. Thakur Himmat
            Singh Bhati, son of the Late Col. Thakur Durjan Singhji of thikana
            Maluhga in Jodhpur, and has issue.
            • Baisa
        • Thakurani Shyama Kumari, married Brig. Hari Singh
          Deora of thikana Galthani, Jodhpur, and had issue.

          • Thakurani Nisha Kumari, married Thakur
            Ashwapat Singh Rathore of Bajekan,
            Haryana, and has issue.
      • Justice Thakur Jawan Singh Ranawat, born 1905, educated
        at the
        Balwant Rajput College, Agra
        (B.A., LL.B., LL.M.); Chief Justice of Rajasthan 1963/1968, Chief
        Justice of Mewar, shortlisted amongst three candidates
        for the position of Chief Justice of India. Formulator of the Ranawat
        Commission, Rajasthan; married and had issue. He died 1993.
        • Thakur Rajendra Singh Ranawat, Commandant, Home
          Rajasthan, and WW2 veteran; married and had issue. He died 1984.
          • Thakur Virendra Singh Ranawat, farmer, married and
            has issue.
            • Kunwar Ranaditya Singh Ranawat, B.A., LL.B.
            • Kunwarani Nidhi Ranawat
          • Thakurani Padma Kanwar, married Col. Thakur
            Singh Naruka of Kothi Rao, Alwar, and has issue.
          • Thakurani Pushpa Kanwar, married Dr. Kishen Singh.
          • Thakur Parmeshwar Singh Ranawat, married Thakurani
            Pushpendra Kumari (Hada
            Bairisalot) from Balwan, Kotah, and has issue.

            • Kunwarani Praniti Ranawat, born in Jaipur,
              married Kunwar Chakovarty Singh of Thikana Ghantel in Bikaner, and has

              • Jai Singh Rathore
            • Kunwarani Meghna Ranawat, born in  Jaipur,
              married in Latoti, Marwar to Kunwar Abhimanu Singh, and has issue.

              • Baisa Priyamvadha
            • Kunwarani Bhawna Ranawat, born in Jaipur, married
              in Khejarla, Marwar, to Kunwar Nikkitesh Singh.
            • Baisa Tripti Ranawat, born in Jaipur.
          • Thakur Dhirendra Singh Ranawat, married Thakurani
            Madhu Singh, and has issue.
            • Kunwar Harshranwat Singh Ranawat B.Com., M.B.A.,
              born 3rd October 1983 in Udaipur.
            • Kunwar Shakti Singh Ranawat, born 10th December
          • Kunwarani Jyoti Kanwar, married Kunwar Praveen
            son of Thakur Madan Singhji of Bhev in
            Sirohi, and has issue.
          • Thakurani Anuradha Kanwar married Thakur Ranveer
            Singh Rathore of Kanota, Jaipur.
        • Thakur Raghubir Singh Ranawat B.A., married Thakurani
          Arjun Rajvi of Hanumangarh, and had issue. He died 1998.
          • Rani Meena Kanwar, married 10th
            December 1981, Maharaj Shri Abhimanyu Singhji Sahib of Bambolia in Kotah, and has issue, three
          • Capt. Kunwar Ravindra Singh Ranawat, Regiment of
            Artillery; Commandant Home Guards, Rajasthan.
          • Kunwar Anil Singh Ranawat, Rajasthan Tourism.
          • Thakurani Rajshri Ranawat, married Mr. Rajendra
            Kachchawa, a hotelier in New York, USA.
        • Thakur Rajendra Singh Ranawat, married to a Rajawat
          lady of Ranoli, and had issue.
          • Kunwar Subhash Singh, he was adopted by his aunt
            Baijilalsa of Raja Durjan Singh Sahib of Jaoli,
            wife of Thakur Guman Singh Sahib of Kankarwa, and succeeded there
            as Thakur Sahib Subhash Singh Ranawat (qv)
          • Thakur Janardan Singh Ranawat
          • Thakur Niranjan Singh Ranawat, married to a Rathore
            lady from Kushalgarh in Banswara
          • Thakur Vibhuti Singh Ranawat, married to a Rathore
            lady from Ras in Ajmer.
        • Wing Commander Thakur Hargobind Singh Ranawat,
          to a Parmar lady from Nahan in Himachal Pradesh, and has issue.
          • Maj. Kuwar
            Yashwant Singh Ranawat, maried to Shekhawat lady from Sikar.
          • Kumari Pratibha Singh, married to Lt.-Col. Bhanu
            Pratap Singh Rathore of Para.
        • Thakurani Mohan Kanwar, married Thakur Sahib Maan
          Singhji of Thikana Baghpura in Mewar, and has issue.
      • Thakur Bhawani Singh Ranawat, R.A.S, born 1907,
        educated at
        Balwant Rajput
        College, Agra (B.A., LL.B.), Secretary to the Government of
        Rajasthan for Public Health and Education, Finance and Revenue and
        Railways 1948/1954, Commissioner of Udaipur 1954/1957; married
        Thakurani Kamla
        Ranawat, born 1916, died 2007, daughter of Thakur Chaudhary Hardayal
        Singh (Rawalot Bhati) Dhoom-Dadri, and
        had issue. He died 1957.
        • Dr Saroj Singh (Mrs. Saroj Panwar), educated at
          Medical College, Jaipur; D.C. Path, Senior Medical Officer, Indian
          Railways (Retd). First Rajput lady doctor from
          Rajasthan; married Mr. Udaiveer Singh Panwar of Boom, Haryana, died
          Alumni of Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore; Retd. Chief
          Administrator, Northern Railways. Twice awarded the President’s
          Commendation for distinguished services to the nation. Chief, Diesel
          Component Works, Patiala. Forwarded on deputation to the Government of
          Phillippines and Zimbabwe for development of their national
          railworks. Introduced the first diesel engine to the Indian Railways in
          1962, and had issue.
          • Aprajita Panwar (Mrs. Aprajita Rana), B.E.
            (Elec.), M.B.A., Lecturer in Business
            Administration, DAB University, Indore; married Mr. Sumit
            Rana (IIT-Delhi, Computer).
            • Avi Rana
          • Ashish Panwar, educated at Mayo College,
            Rajasthan (M.A. (Eng), B.H.M.); employed in Dubai, married Mrs. Utpala
            Chauhan, and has issue.
            • Saumil Panwar
        • Col.Thakur Ran Vijay Singh Ranawat, 2 & 3,
          of the Guards,
          Provost-Marshal, Corps of Military Police; married to a Rajawat lady of
          Soda, Sawai Madhopur; and had issue.
          • Kunwar Rohit Singh Ranawat, educated at Mayo
            Ajmer, Rajasthan; involved in business in
            Kathmandu, Nepal; married Mrs. Julia Ranawat, Legal Administrator for
            U.N.H.C.R., and
            has issue.
            • Bhanwar Francisco Vijay Singh Ranawat
          • Kunwarani Ronilla Singh Ranawat, married to Kunwar
            Dr. Pritipal Singh Sodha of Amarkot,
            Sindh, Pakistan; and has
            issue, two sons.
            • Bhanwar Bhawani Singh Sodha
            • Bhanwar Shivdan Singh Sodha
        • Thakur Dr. Ran Vikram Singh Ranawat, MD (General
          Medicine & Therapeutics), educated at Sawai
          Man Singh Medical College, Jaipur (1965) and R.N.T. Medical College,
          Udaipur (1969, MD-Medicine), St Xavier’s School, Jaipur; Ex-Assoc.
          Professor of
          Medicine, Al-Arab Medical University, Benghazi, Libya; presently in
          practice at Dubai, UAE; married to Thakurani Dr. Bharti Ranawat, and
          has issue.
          • Kunwar Dr. Nishant Singh Ranawat, M.R.C.P.
            M.D. (Neurology, Vascular Neurology and Vascular and Interventional
            Radiology); educated at St. Xavier’s School, Jaipur; Mayo
            College, Ajmer, Rajasthan
            (1991), Sawai Man Singh Medical College, Jaipur (1998), Guys & St.
            Thomas’ Hospital, London, U.K.; Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn,
            St Peter’s University Hospital, New Brunswick, N.J., Case Western
            Reserve University (Neurology), University of Pittsburgh
            Medical Center (Vascular neurology) and University of Minnesota
            (Vascular and Interventional Radiology); presently has
            taken up a position as resident in internal medicine at SUNY, Brooklyn
            in NY; married Kunwarani Dr. Jaya Ranawat B.D.S. (née Kumari
            Shah), daughter of Shri Surendra Kumar Shah, LLB, legal advisor to the
            Times of India group, and of Jagmanpur
            in Bundelkhand.
          • Kunwar Dr. Jayant Singh Ranawat, Fellow of the
            Internal Medicine, U.S.; Hepatology Fellow, University of Indiana,
            Indianapolis, IN.; educated at St Xavier’s School, Jaipur; Mayo
            College, Ajmer, Rajasthan
            (1992), Pirogov Medical Institute, Vinnitsa, Ukraine; Rosalind Franklin
            University/Chicago Medical School, Chicago, IL; is presently a
            practicing internist in Orlando, Florida; married Dr. Khushboo
            Pundir of Faridabad, and has issue.
            • Bhanwar Baisa Miraya Ranawat
            • Bhawar Baisa Suhana Ranawat, born 2009.
        • Wg. Cdr. Thakur Ranveer Singh Ranawat (Retd.),
          2218 Sqn “Desert Tigers”, educated at Defence Services Staff College,
          Wellington; NDA, Khadakvasla,
          Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMCOL), Deheradun. President’s
          Silver Medal for the Best Cadet at RIMCOL. Presently proprietor of a
          hotel at
          Jodhpur, married Thakurani Pavitra Jadaun, and has issue.
          • Kunwar Dushyant Singh Ranawat, B. Com. (topped JNV
            University, Jodhpur), M. Tech. (Computers-Australia), Assistant
            Executive Manager, Barclays Bank,
            Singapore; married a Rathore lady from Peelwa, Jodhpur.
          • Kunwar Dhritiman Singh Ranawat, CA, Hyderabad.
        • Brig. Thakur Ransher Singh Ranawat (Retd), Kirti
          Chakra, Sena Medal 9; a graduate of Sainak School, Chittaurgarh and
          National Defence Academy,
          Khadakvasla; he was commissioned on 9th June 1968 into the Brigade of
          Guards, and since then Brig. Ranawat
          has held various instructional and staff appointments during his last
          years of service. He commanded an elite Guards Mechanised Battalion and
          the 12th RR Sector (Badgam) in Jammu and Kashmir. He also commanded an
          Infantry Brigade in Rajasthan. Before becoming the Deputy-Director
          General of the National Cadet Corps
          (Uttaranchal & UP), he was the Deputy DG NCC at the NCC Directorate
          of West Bengal and Sikkim in Kolkata. During the 1971 Indo-Pak war
          (Bangladeh War-Sylhet sector), Brig Ranawat served in the eastern
          sector where he was awarded Kirti Chakra as well as Sena
          bravery, married to Thakurani Nilesh Gaur of Parsindi, Bihar, and
          • Kunwar Digvijay Singh Ranawat, Rajasthan tours,
            Udaipur; married in Vancouver, Canada, Kunwarani Laila Rathore
          • Kunvarani Vaishali Chauhan, married to
            Mr. Amit Chauhan in London, and has issue.

            • Aryaan Chauhan
            • Yuvaan Chauhan
    • Kunwar Randeep Singh, adopted by the Thakur Saheb of
  • Thakur Sahib GUMAN SINGH, Thakur Sahib of Kankarwa
    -/1971, married 1stly, Baiji Lal (name
    ), married 2ndly, Baiji Lal Arjun Kanwar [Thakurani Sahiba
    Arjun Kanwar of Kankarwa], daughter of Rao Bahadur Raja Durjan
    Singhji of Jaoli in Alwar, and had
    issue, one
    daughter. He died

    • Chandra Kanwar Baisa (by Thakurani Arjun Kanwar), died in
  • Thakur Sahib SUBHASH SINGH RANAWAT, Thakur Sahib of
    Kankarwa (see above)

The help of Kunwar Dr. Nishant Singh Ranawat is gratefully
acknowledged, 2008/2011.


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