KASHTWAR (Princely State)



LOCATION:  east of Kashmir DYNASTY:  Sena RELIGION:  Muslim




The ancestor of the family, is traditionally stated to have been Raja
Hamir Sen, a younger brother of Raja Vira Sen, founder of Suket in
765AD. Rulers were….

    1. Raja KAHN SEN, scion of the Royal Family of Bengal or
      Suket, founder of
      Kashtwar sometime after 900AD, married and had issue.

      • Raja GANDHARAB SEN (qv)
      • Madan Sen
      • Deva Sen
    2. Raja GANDHARAB SEN, ruled for 14 years.
    3. Raja MAHA SEN
    4. Raja RAM SEN
    5. Raja KAM SEN
    6. Raja MADAN SEN
    7. Raja BRAHM SEN
    8. Raja UDHAT DEV fl.1088
    9. Raja MATA DEV
    10. Raja GANGA DEV
    11. Raja SANG DEV
    12. Raja RAKH DEV
    13. Raja INDUR DEV
    14. Raja AUTAR DEV
    15. Raja BHAG DEV
    16. Raja RAI DEV, two petty local rulers succeeded in driving
      him out of
      capital for one year.
    17. Raja GUR DEV
    18. Raja UGAR DEV, added Sartali/Shatali to his state.
    19. Raja MULDAR DEV
    20. Raja LACHMAN DEV, conquered Dachin in the Maru-Wardwan
    21. Raja SANGRAM SINGH fl.1420, conquered Nagsun, adding to his
    22. Raja SANGAR SINGH
    23. Raja MAGAN SINGH
    24. Raja DEVA SINGH
    25. Raja FIROZ SINGH
    26. Raja NARAIN SINGH
    27. Raja SALHAN SINGH (son), conquered Surur and Bonjwah,
      adding them to
      domains, founded the village of Salhana above Kandani.
    28. Raja RAI SINGH -/c1550, attacked by the Sultan of Kashmir
      in 1547.
    29. Raja VIJAI SINGH c1550/1570, conquered Saraj, built the
      fort and
      of Vijai, married and had issue. He was killed in a revolt by a local
      in 1570.

      • Raja BAHADUR SINGH (qv)
      • Rani Shankar Devi, married 1572, Sultan YAKUB SHAH CHAK
        of Kashmir,
        died about 1589 in Kashtwar, buried at Sirkot.


    1. Raja BAHADUR SINGH 1570/1588, the state was invaded by the
      Raja of
      in 1572, married and had issue.

      • Raja PRATAP SINGH [Bhup Singh] (qv)


    1. Raja PRATAP SINGH [Bhup Singh] c1588/c1610, attacked by the
      about 1606 and was driven out of his kingdom.


    1. Raja GUR SINGH [Gunwar Singh] 1618/1629, married and had
      issue. He died

      • Raja JAGAT SINGH (qv)
      • Raja BHAGWAN SINGH (qv)


    1. Raja JAGAT SINGH 1629/1642, invaded Bhadrawah, but in his
      absence his
      was captured by the Raja of Basohli, he was defeated and killed while
      to retake it. He died sp 1642.


    1. Raja BHAGWAN SINGH 1642/1660, with the help of 1,000
      soldiers provided
      by the Mughal Emperor, he succeeded in driving out the Basohli invaders.


    1. Raja MAHA SINGH [Mahajan Singh] 1660/1674 (abdicated),
      earned a
      as a poet, he married and had issue.

      • Raja JAYA SINGH (qv)
      • Mian Ram Singh, converted to Islam taking the name Dindar
        Khan, Wazir
        Kashtwar 1674/-
      • Mian Sirdar Singh.


    1. Raja JAYA SINGH 1674/1681, converted to Islam taking the
      name of
      Khan, married and had issue. He died 1681.

      • Raja KIRAT SINGH (qv)
      • Mian Muhammed Khan, received a khillat and a
        jagir of 8
        in Kashmir from the Mughal Emperor.
      • Bhup Devi, married 3rd July 1717, Padshah FARRUKHSIYAR,
        Emperor of Delhi.


    1. Raja KIRAT SINGH [Sa’adat Yar Khan] 1681/1728, converted to
      Islam by
      in 1687, assasinated at Gulab Bagh in 1728, married and had issue.

      • Raja AMLUK SINGH [Sa’adatmand Khan] (qv)


    1. Raja AMLUK SINGH [Sa’adatmand Khan] 1728/1771, married and
      He died 1771.

      • Raja MIHR SINGH (qv)
      • Raja SUJAN SINGH (qv)
      • Mian Dalel Singh, had descendants in Chamba.
      • Mian Guman Singh, tried to seize power in 1789, married
        and had issue.

        • Mian Ajit Singh, married and had issue.
          • Mian Fateh Singh, married and had issue.
            • Mian Anwar Singh, granted a jagir in Himgari
              pargana in Chamba, whose
              head (1930) is Mian Autar Singh of Himgari-Chamba.
            • Mian Dalip Singh


    1. Raja MIHR SINGH 1771/1786 [Sa’idmand Khan], married Rani
      Vilasamaji and
      had issue, one daughter, who was substituted for a boy born at the same
      time. He died 1786.

Mian Kundan Singh of Bhadrawah,
Raja of Kashtwar in 1786 for a short time, by the Raja of Chamba who
invaded and occupied Kashtwar, he was displaced and died in Chamba,
his descendants still live.

    1. Raja SUJAN SINGH 1786/1787 for 10 months, married and had
      issue. He died

      • Raja INAYATULLAH SINGH (qv)


    1. Raja PRITHI SINGH 1787/1788, putative son of Raja Mihr
      Singh. He died sp


    1. Raja INAYATULLAH SINGH 1788/1789, married and had issue.
      • Raja MUHAMMED TEGH SINGH (qv)

Raja LAL DEV of Jammu,
held power for a period of two years 1788/1789
opposition to the rightful ruler, a member of the Jammu Royal Family.

Raja GULAB SINGH, held
power for 40 days in 1789, a cousin of the

  1. Raja MUHAMMED TEGH SINGH [Saifullah Khan] 1789/1823,
    displaced for a time
    by a relative, who was eventually poisoned, gave shelter to the Afghan
    ruler, Shah Shuja to 1816, from Maharaja Ranjit Singh, for which the
    was annexed in 1820, he was imprisoned in Jammu and was later poisoned
    by his own servant without ever recovering his state, he married
    and had issue. He died 1823.

    • Mian Jaimal Singh, died sp 1871.
    • Mian Zorawar Singh, baptized as a christian at Ludhiana
      where he
      for many years as a faqir. He died sp 1870/1873.
    • Mian Dilawar Singh, born 1824, his family lived at
      Tilokpur near
      Kotla in the
      Valley; married and had issue. He died 1890.

      • Mian Sardar Singh, born 1867/1868, died 1891.
      • Hussain Bibi, born 1881.
      • Mian Amir Singh, born 1883.


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