KEONTHAL (Princely State)


AREA: 482 km2 PRIVY PURSE: 39,700Rs ACCESSION: 15th April 1948
STATE: Himachal Pradesh DYNASTY: Sen (Chandrabansi) RELIGION: Hindu



78th and present Raja of Keonthal since the 13th of December 2002.



born 6th April 1965 in Junga, became Tikka of Keonthal on the
of his elder brother in 1981 and Raja of Keonthal on the death of his
on 13th December 2002, elected as a Zila Parishad member from
the Junga Ward in District Shimla in December 2005.married 18th February 1994 in Junga, Kumari Vijay Jyoti Kumari, born
14th September 1971 in Khaneti, daughter of Rajkumar Tilak Raj Singh of
Khaneti, and has issue.

  • Rajkumari Sunandini Kumari
  • Tikka Khushvinder Singh



the predecessor state was founded by Raja Giri Sen, a son of a Sena
Raja of Bengal, and younger brother of Raja Vira Sen, founder of Suket
in 765AD. The state ranks fifth amongst the Shimla Hill states. The
Raja maintains a military forceof 108 infantry and 2 guns (as of 1892). Rulers

  • Rana BHUP SEN, 70th
    Raja of Keonthal, married and had issue.

    • Rana Raghunath Sen (qv)
      71st Raja of Keonthal 1801/1831, after the expulsion of the Gurkhas, a
      portion of the State was made over to the Maharaja of Patiala, and the
      remainder was confirmed to the then Rana by a sanad of the British
      Government in 1815, married and had issue. He
      fled to Suket
      he died in 1831.

      • Raja Sansar Sen (qv)



  • Raja SANSAR SEN,
    72nd Raja of Keonthal 1831/1862, born in Suket, granted a
    valuable khillat
    and the hereditary
    title of Raja in 1858, for his part in the Sepoy Mutiny; married a Rani
    from Bashahr, and had issue. He died 1862.

    • Raja Mahendra Sen (qv)
    73rd Raja of Keonthal 1862/1882, born 1827, he succeeded in
    paying off a
    heavy debt
    from his father, married four wives, two from Dhami and two from
    Kuthar, and had issue. He died 1882.

    • Raja Balbir Sen (by a Dhami Rani) (qv)
    • Kanwar Hira Singh, born 1857, died 1892.
    • Kanwar Surat Singh, born 1862, died 1923.
    • Kanwar Sahib Singh [Shiv Singh], born 1863, died 1917.
    • Kanwar Randhir Singh, born 1864, married and had issue.
      He died 1916.

      • Kanwar Umed Singh, married and had issue.
        • Kanwar Lakshman Singh
        • Kanwar Ajit Singh, married Kanwarani Padma Devi of Suket, and had issue.
          • Kumari Sushma Devi, married Kanwar Suresh Singh of Mandi, and has issue.
          • Kanwar Harinder Singh, married Kanwarani Kanchan
            Devi of Surendranagar, and has issue.
        • Kanwar Rupeshwar Singh, maried Kanwarani Savitri Devi
          of Madhan, and had issue.
    • Kanwar Mohan Singh, born 1866, Wazir of Keonthal in 1937;
      married 1stly, a Kumari Saheba from Burail, in present-day Chandigarh,
      married 2ndly, a Kumari from Bhajji, and had

      • Rani Tara Devi, married (as his first wife), 1912, Raja
        Rana Bhagat Chand of Jubbal,
        and had issue. She died 1918.
      • Sardarni (name unknown),
        married 1923, Sardar Sahib
        Jagdish Singh of Ramgarh in
        Haryana, and had issue.
    • Kumari (name unknown), married HH Raja Shamsher
      Prakash of Sirmur. She died before 1890.
    • Kumari (name unknown), married HH Raja Shamsher
      Prakash of Sirmur. She died before 1890.
  • Raja BALBIR SEN,
    74th Raja of Keonthal 1882/1901, born 1852, he succeeded to the gadi on 23rd August
    1882 (#1),
    internal disorders were a feature of his reign, resulting in the
    of a Government manager in 1899, married a Rani from Khairigarh-Singhai, and had
    issue. He died 18th

    • Tikka Ugar Sen, born 1875, married a daughter of HH Raja
      Amar Chand Sahib Bahadur, Raja of Bilaspur.
      died vpsp in 1892.
    • Kumari (name unknown) [Tikkarani Sahiba of
      Kashipur], married Tikka Hari Raj Singh of Kashipur.
    • Kumari (name unknown) [Tikkarani Sahiba of
      Kashipur], married Tikka Hari Raj Singh of Kashipur.
    • Raja Bijey Sen (qv)
  • Raja BIJEY SEN,
    75th Raja of Keonthal 1901/1916, born 13th September 1877 and
    succeeded to the
    throne on 18th March 1901. He was invested with full ruling powers on
    June 1902. He attended the Coronation Durbar of their Imperial
    King George V and Queen Mary at Delhi in 1911, married 1stly, 1900,
    of Raja Raghunath Singh of Guler,
    2ndly 1900, another daughter of Raja Raghunath Singh of Guler,
    died sp, married 3rdly 1904, Rajkumari Indumati Devi of Jubbal
    Indumati Devi of Keonthal], eldest daughter of Rana Padam Chand of Jubbal,
    married 4thly 1904, the second daughter of HH Rana Padam Chand of Jubbal,
    died sp, and had issue, five children. He died 2nd February

    • Rajkumari Kamarenda Mati Devi Sahiba [HH Maharani
      Kamarenda Mati Devi]
      (by 1st wife), born 20th March 1901, married February 1916, HH Maharaja
      Narendra Shah of Tehri Garhwal in
      Uttaranchal, and had issue. She died in 2000 at the age of 99
    • Rajkumari Indu Mati Devi Sahiba, born 1902, married
      February 1916, HH
      Narendra Shah of Tehri Garhwal in
      Uttaranchal, and had issue. She died in an automobile accident in 1932.
    • Raja Hemendra Sen (by Rani Indu Mati Devi)(qv)
    • Rajkumari Vidya Wati Devi (by Rani Indu Mati Devi),
      she married the Tikka
      of Vizianagram in South India [later Maharaja Sahib Alaka Narayana
      Raju of Vizianagram.]
    • Rajkumar Inder Vikram Singh [“Prince I.V.”] (by Rani Indu
      Mati Devi),
      1911, married Kumari Indu Mati Kumari, eldest daughter of Kanwar
      Singh of Kotkhai, and had issue, six
      children. He died 1991.

      • Kanwar Lokendra Singh, born 1939, married Kumari
        Chandra Prabha,
        of Rana Jai Singh of Dhadi, and had
        issue, three children. He died in 1995.

        • Anurag Singh, born January 1964, died 1970.
        • Capt. Rupendra Sen, born 9th December 1966, a trained
          airline pilot,
          maried July 1996, Kumari Durgeshwari Kumari of
          Khareda in Gujarat, and has issue.

          • Kumari Tarini Kumari, born 17th March 1998.
          • Kumar Avajit Sen, born 4th July 2002.
        • Kumari Mahima Kumari, born 9th April 1968, married
          Kunwar Dharamvir
          of Banswara, and has issue, two

          • Kumari Dravika Kumari
          • Pranay Singh
      • Kumari Lalita Kumari, born 31st March 1942, married
        Kanwar Mohinder Singh, son
        of Raja Chattar Singh, Raja of Basantpur in Baghal,
        has issue, four sons.
      • Kumari Asha Kumari, married Kanwar Virender Singh
        son of Kanwar Punjab Singh of
        Reh in District
        Kangra, and has issue, two sons and a daughter (see Nurpur).
      • Kumari Madhu Kumari, married Kunwar Prahlad Singh of
        Bilhari in M.P.
      • Kanwar Pradeep Singh, born 28th April 1947 in Chail,
        married in New York, Miss Elizabeth Ann
        of New York, and has issue, three children. (United

        • Miss Rachel Ann Sen
        • Master Rabindra Robert Sen
        • Miss Rita Indu Sen
      • Kumari Brindu Singh, born 1953, married to Kanwar
        Singh of Kathlor
        District Pathankot, Punjab, and has issue, four daughters.
  • Raja
    , 76th Raja of Keonthal 1916/1940, born 21st January
    1905, succeeded 2nd February
    1916, educated at Aitchison’s Chiefs College, Lahore; C.S.I. [cr.1936];
    married 1stly, 1924, Rani Vindheshwari Devi, daughter of Rao
    Bahadur Raja Harpal Singh of Alipura,
    married 2ndly,
    Rani Prasan Kumari of Sayla, and had
    issue. He died 1940.

    • Raja Hitendra Sen (qv)
    • Rajkumar Dalip Singh, born 8th July 1928, married 1961,
      Kumari Mankya
      daughter of the Thakur Sahib of Borsu in Jaipur, and had issue, a son
      a daughter. He died 1994.

      • Kanwar Giri Raj Singh, born 16th May 1963, married 4th
        December 2001,
        daughter of the Raja Sahib of Kama in Jaipur.
      • Kumari Taruna Kumari, born 1972, married 22nd November
        2002, Kunwar Ajatshatru
        Sinhji, son of Kunwar Jai Sinhji of Sitamau,
        and has issue.
    • Rajkumari Tara Devi [Rani Tara Devi of Baghal], born on
      31st October
      married 2nd November 1948, Raja Rajinder Singh of Baghal,
      and had issue, three surviving children. She died 22nd February 2005 at
      Indira Gandhi Hospital in Simla.
    77th Raja of Keonthal 1940/2002, born 13th September 1925,
    married 1stly in
    May 1944, Rajkumari Shanta Devi, died July 1960, daughter of Rana
    Krishan Chand of Kuthar,
    and his wife, Rani Krishna Devi, married 2ndly in 1964, Kumari Sheela
    Kumari, daughter
    Kanwar Ranjit Singh of Koti in H.P.,
    and had issue. He died 13th

    • Rajkumari Sudha Kumari [HH Rani Sudha Kumari of Jubbal],
      born 1st April
      1946 in Junga, married 5th May 1960, HH Raja Rana Yogender Chand of Jubbal,
      and has issue.
    • Tikka Jogendra Sen, born on 11th April 1947 in Junga,
      died unmarried
      October 1981 at Simla in his sleep when the building he was staying in
      accidently burnt down.
    • Rajkumar Arun Sen, born 8th January 1949 in Junga,
      declared heir to the
      throne of Kuthar in September 1986, and is now known as Rana Arun Chand
      of Kuthar.
    • Rajkumari Pratibha Kumari, born 16th June 1956 in Shimla,
      educated at
      Loreto Convent, Tara Hall, Shimla and Government College for Women,
      Chandigarh (B.A.); elected to the 14th Lok Sabha in 2004, Member of the
      Committee on Social Justice and Empowerment, Member of the Consultative
      Committee, Ministry of Tourism; Chairperson of the
      Association for Social Health in India
      (Himachal Chapter); Vice Chairperson of the H.P. State Red Cross
      Society 1985/1990, 1994/1998 and 2003/-;
      of the State Planning Board since 2003; Member of the State
      Women Empowerment Board since 2003 and Member of the Central Advisory
      Education Board 2004;
      married 28th October 1985
      at Junga (as his second wife), HH Raja Virbhadra Singh of Rampur-Bashahr,
      and has issue.
    • Raja Veer Vikram Sen (qv)
    • Rajkumar Prithvi Vikram Sen, born 1st April 1970 in
      Junga; married 28th September 2000, Rajkumarani Dr. Savita Sen, and has
      issue, two daughters and one son.

      • Kumari Kadambari Sen, born 23rd March 2002 in Shimla,
      • Kumari Sanjogita Sen, born 27th September 200x in
        Shimla, H.P.
      • Kunwar Lalit Aditya Sen, born 5th May 2008 in Shimla,
    78th Raja of Keonthal (see above)


  • Kumari (name unknown),
    married Raja Fateh Prakash,
    Raja of Sirmur, and had issue.
  • Kanwarani Savitri Kumari, married Kunwar Mohan Singh of Kotkhai, and had issue.



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