KURUPAM (Zamindari)



AREA: 2,072 km2 REVENUE: 250,000Rs ACCESSION: xx
STATE: Madras (Vizagapatam



, Zamindar of Kurupam (Fort Kurupam, P.O. Kurupam-535524, Distt. Vizianagram,
Andhra Pradesh)



15th February 1947 in Kurupam, B.A.(Economics), M.A.(Political
educated at Madras Christian College High School and Madras Christian
Tambaram. Elected to the 6th Lok Sabha in 1977; Deputy Chief Whip,
Congress Parliamentary Party 1977/1978,;Member, D.R.U.C.C., Waltair
Zone, South-Eastern Railway 1977/1979; President, Srikakulam District
Congress Committee 1977/1979; Member of the National Council of Youth
Congress from 1977; President of the Vizianagaram District Congress
Committee 1978/1979; Member of the Joint Select Committee on Vishwa
Bharati (Amendment) Bill 1978/1979; Chief Whip, Congress (S)
Parliamentary Party 1980/1989;  Member, Committee on Privileges
1981/1982;  General-Secretary, A.I.C.C. (S) 1983/1993; Member, All
India Congress Committee from 1979; General-Secretary, Congress
Parliamentary Party from 1979; Union Minister of State, Ministry of
Steel, Mines and Coal 1979/1980; Re-elected to 7th Lok Sabha (2nd term)
1980; Member, Joint Select Committee on Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill
1980/1982; Member, Estimates Committee 1982/1984; Re-elected to 8th Lok
Sabha (3rd term) 1984; Member, Joint Committee on the Railways Bill
1986; General-Secretary, National Front Parliamentary Party 1987/1989;
Member, Rajya Sabha 1994/2000; Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry
of Food Processing Industries 1994/2000; Member, Joint Select Committee
on Vishwa Bharati (Amendment) Bill 1994/2000; Executive Member, Andhra
Pradesh Congress Committee 1994/2000; Member, Committee on
Communications, Information and Broadcasting 1994/1996; Member, Joint
Select Committee on Railway (Amendment Bill) 1994/1996; Chairman,
Select Committee, Rajya Sabha 1995; Member, Rules Committee, Rajya
Sabha 1995/1996; Chairman, Select Committee on Trade Marks Bill, Rajya
Sabha 1995; Member, Committee on Human Resource Development 1995;
Member, Committee on Human Resoruce Development, Health and Family
Welfare 1996/1998; Member, Hindi Salahkar Samiti, Department of Heavy
Industry and Public Enterprises, Ministry of Industry from 1996;
Member, Committee on Public Undertakings 1997/1998; Member, Central
Advisory Committee on Territorial Army, Ministry of Defence 1997;
Member, Joint Committee of Parliament on the Salary, Allowances and
Pensions of Members 1997; Member, Committee on Defence 1998; Member,
Consultative Committees of Ministry of Planning, Civil Aviation, Food
Processing, Railways, Surface Transport 1998;
Member, Committee on Human Resources Development 1998; Re-elected to
14th Lok Sabha (4th term) 2004; Member, Committee on Estimates 2004;
Member, Committee on Rural Development 2004; Member, Business Advisory
Committee 2004; Member of the following clubs : Delhi Gymkhana
Club, New Delhi; Constitution Club, New Delhi; Talcher Rifle Club,
Orissa; India International Centre, New Delhi and India Habitat Centre,
New Delhi. Interests include.. walking, swimming, rifle shooting,
chess, cooking, astrology and music. Married 30th January 1971, Rani
Preeti Devi, daughter of Raja Purna Chandra Deo Bhanj of Daspalla, and his wife, Rani Kamala
Devi, and has
one son and one daughter.

  • Rajkumari Vyricherla Shruti Devi
  • Yuvraj Vyircharla Sisir Chandra Deo



state was founded
about 1450. Rulers and zamindars were..

    • Vyricherla PEDDA SANYASI
      , Zamindar of Kurupam, he was granted the hereditary title
      of Vyricherla,
      by the Raja of Jeypore, married and had issue.

      • Vyricherla Sivarama Raju (qv)
    • Vyricherla SIVARAMA Raju,
      Zamindar of Kurupam, disposessed of his estate
      about 1755, married and had issue.

      • Vyricherla Chinna Sanyasi Raju (qv)
    • Vyricherla CHINNA SANYASI
      , Zamindar of Kurupam fl.1802, he adopted the
      son of his cousin, married and had adoptive issue.

      • (A) Sri Raja Vyricherla Sitharama Raju (qv)
    • Sri Raja Vyricherla
      SITHARAMA Raju
      , Zamindar of Kurupam 1802/1830, married Sri
      Rani Subhadramma Garu (qv), and had adoptive issue. He died 1830.

      • (A) Sri Raja Vyricherla Suryanarayana Raju Bahadur
    • Sri Rani Subhadramma Garu,
      Zamindarani of Kurupam 1830/1841, she died 1841.
    • Sri Raja Vyricherla
      SURYANARAYANA Raju Bahadur Garu
      , Zamindar of Kurupam
      1841/1891, born 1838, installed in 1857, he purchased the Zamindari of
      married Sri Rani Soubhagyavati Patta Mahadevi Garu, and had issue. He
      January 1891.

      • Sri Sri Sri Raja Vyricherla Virbhadra Raju Bahadur Garu
  • Sri Sri Sri Raja
    Vyricherla VIRBHADRA Raju Bahadur Garu
    , Zamindar of Kurupam
    1891/-, born
    6th September 1877, married 19th May 1897 at Vizagapatam, Sri Rani
    Lakshmi Narasayamma Patta Mahadevi Garu, second daughter of Sri
    Goday Narayana Gajapathi Rao Garu, C.I.E., and his 1st wife, Sri
    Janaki Amma, daughter of Shri Madina Jugga Rao Garu, C.S.I., she died
    7th July 1901, and had issue, two sons and one daughter.

    • Sri Raja Vyricherla Narasimha Suryanarayana Raju Bahadur
      Garu (qv)
    • Sri Sri Sri Vyricherla Narayana Gajapathi Raju Bahadur
      Garu, Zamindar of
      Chemudu, born 23rd
      August 1900 at Waltair, Vizagapatam Distt., Madras;
      M.L.A. (Madras), Member of the Waltair Club and the Cosmopolitan Club,
      married Rani Chandramani Devi, born 1906 in Bissamcuttack, Orissa,
      died 1957, daughter
      of the Zamindar of Bissamcuttack, she donated her Lakshmi Vilas Palace
      in China Waltair, Visakhapatnam
      to establish a hospital for children with polio and other orthopedic
      problems, which was named after her as ‘Rani Chandramani Devi
      She also donated the Leprosy Home Building to Prema Samajam and her
      Ambika Bagh Palace on Waltair Main Road for the construction of a
      temple; and had issue.

      • Sri Rani Rukmini Devi, married 17th May 1944, Raja Bir
        Udit Pratap
        Shekhar Deo of Gangpur, and had issue.
      • Sri Rani Kamala Devi, married Raja Purna Chandra Deo
        Bhanj of Daspalla, and had issue.
    • Rani Sri Janaki Ratnayamma Garu, born 1899, Regent of
      married Raja Bhawani Shankar Shekhar Deo of Gangpur,
      and had issue. She died after 1944.
  • Sri Raja Vyricherla
    , Zamindar of Kurupam -/1926, born
    Member of the MLC, married Rani Sucharumali Devi, daughter of Raja
    Kishor Chandra Dev Birabar Harichandan Mahapatra of Talcher, and had issue. He died 1926

    • Sri Raja Vyricherla Durga Prasad Deo Raju Bahadur Garu
      (see below)
    • Shri Rajkumar Vyricherla Chandrachudamani Dev, Pattayet
      Saheb of
      Kurupam, educated at
      Rajkumar College, Raipur; M.L.A., married and had issue, one son and
      four daughters.

      • Yuvrani Usha Devi B.A., born 25th February 1952,
        Member, Senate of Berhampur University;
        President of Women’s Bank, Berhampur; M.L.A. (Orissa) 1990/1995 and
        2000/2009 (three terms); Chairman, House Committee on Women and Child
        Welfare, 2000/2002 and 2003/-; Member, Library Committee, 2000/2004;
        Member, House Committee on Linguistic Minorities 2000/-; Member, House
        Committee on Environment, 2001/2002; Member, House Committee on Women
        and Child Welfare, 2002/2003; Member, Standing Committee on Energy,
        Revenue & Excise (No.10), 2005/-; married Yuvraj Trigunateeta Debo
        of Chikiti, and has issue, one son and
        one daughter.
      • Shri Rajkumar Vyricherla Pradeep Kumar Dev, born 25th
        1961 in Kurupam,
        M.B.A., educated at Rishi Valley School, Jiddu Krishnamurthy
        Foundation, Loyola College, Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) and Andhra
        Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Elected Member of Parliament from
        Parvathipuram Lok Sabha Constituency; Member of Zonal Railway Users
        Consultative Committee, South Eastern
        Railway 1994/1996; Member A.P. Telecom Consultative Committee
        1994/1996; Trustee, Vishakhapatnam Port Trust 1998/2000; Member,
        Parliamentary Standing Committee for Union Ministries of Surface
        Transport, Civil Aviation and Tourism; Member, Consultative
        Parliamentary Standing Committee on Union Ministry for Commerce and
        Member Committee on Petitions, Lok Sabha; Member of All India Youth
        Congress National Executive Committee 1996/1998; Member of AICC
        1996/1999; presently (2010) Director, LGS Global Systems Ltd., Director
        3K Technologies Ltd.; Chairman East Coast Steel Profiles Pvt. Ltd. and
        Director Vinayagar Hotels & Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (VIHAR); leisure
        interests are playing Tennis, Table Tennis, walking, raising pets,
        gardening, meeting people from different walks of life, reading on
        of national and international importance and listening to western and
        classical music. Member of the following clubs… Waltair Club,
        Lawley Institute, Ooty, Nilgiris; and East Point Golf Club,
        Vishakhapatnam; Naval Officer’s Institute (NOI) Vishakhapatnam and Air
        Force Golf Club, New Delhi; Constitutional Club of India, New Delhi;
        February 1987, Shrimant Maharajkumari Vyricherla Sudani Devi, daughter
        of Maharaja
        Sahib Pusapati Dr. Vijayaram V Gajapathi Raju Manea
        Sultan Bahadur
        of Vizianagram, and his second
        wife, Maharani Dr. Pusapati Madhuri Gajapathi Raju,
        and has issue, two
        sons. (The Palace, P.O. Kurupam – 535 524, Vizianagaram
        (Dist.), Andhra Pradesh, India)

        • Rajkumar Vyricherla Viresh
        • Rajkumar Vyricherla Dheeraj
      • Kumar Rani Sumanjali Devi, married to Lt.-Gen. Kumar K.
        S. Dhal Samanta of Dompara, Orissa, and has issue, one son

          • Kumar Pranab Dhal Samant,
            married Kumari Anjali Dhal Samant.


      • Kumari Vijailakshmi Devi, married Shri Siddharth Singh
        Jhala of Kunadi in Kotah, and has
      • Kumar Rani Kadambari Devi, married Kumar Birendra Kumar
        Singh, Pattayet Saheb of Hindol, and
        has issue, one son and one daughter.
    • COURT OF WARDS 1926/1940
  • Sri Raja Vyricherla DURGA
    PRASAD DEO Raju Bahadur Garu
    , Zamindar of Kurupam
    1940/- , educated
    at Rajkumar College, Raipur; married Rani Vyricherla Sobhalata Devi,
    daughter of Rajkumar Pramod Chandra Deb of Talcher,
    and has issue, one son and five daughters.

    • Shri Rajkumari Sneharama Devi, married Shri Pravin
      Kumar (IAS Ret’d.), former Chief Secretary to the Government of
      and has issue, two daughters.

      • Kumari Samita
      • Kumari Namita
    • Sri Raja Vyricherla Kishore Chandra Deo Raju Bahadur Garu
    • Shri Rajkumari Sucharumoni Devi, married Kumar Bhawani
      Singh Deo of Dhenkanal, and has
      issue, two sons.
    • Shri Rajkumari Kusumanjali Devi
    • Shri Rajkumari Pushpanjali Devi, married Shri Salil
      Bose, and has issue, two daughters. (U.S.A.)
  • Sri Raja Vyricherla
    KISHORE CHANDRA DEO Raju Bahadur Garu
    , Zamindar of Kurupam
    (see above)



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