MALIA (Taluka)




Villages: 17 Privy Purse: 47,500RS Accession: 15th February 1948
State: Saurashtra Dynasty: Jadeja Religion: Hindu
Area: 267 km2 Population: 12,660 (1921) Revenue: 91,629Rs



Present Ruler: Thakore Saheb
, 10th and present Thakore Sahib of Malia
since 1939.
married, Thakorani Dilhar Kumari, eldest daughter of Shrimant
Raja Mahendra Singh Ju Deo of Nagod, and
his second wife, HH Rani Shyam Kumari, and
has issue.

  • Yuvraj Saheb Rajvirsinhji Bhupendrasinhji, educated at
    Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1971); married 10th
    1974, Yuvarani Madhulika Kumari, born 9th
    August 1956, daughter of HH Maharajadhiraj Raj
    Narendra Shiromani
    Maharajah Sri Dr. Karni Singhji Bahadur of Bikaner,
    and his wife,
    Maharani Sushila Kumari, and has issue.

    • Tika Saheb Raisinhji Rajvirsinhji



Predecessors and Short History: A
Class Princely State, the Ruling Family is descended from the same stem
as that of the Kutch and Morvi Houses. Kanyaji, the founder of the
State had eight sons of whom Modaji, the sixth son, received in
Malia with three other villages in Machhu Kantha and Vandhia with
others in Vagad. Modji desiring to throw off allegiance to the parent
imported the Mianas, a criminal tribe from Sindh and induced them to
within his territory. With their aid, he seized several other villages
in Machhu Kantha and established a separate Chiefdom. The rule of
is by Primogeniture. The State had the following powers; Criminal:
year’s rigorous imprisonment and fines to the extent of 5,000Rs,
To the extent of 10,000Rs.PREDECESSORS:

  • Thakore Sahib KANYAJI
    , founder of Morvi in 1697,
    representing the senior-most
    branch of the Jadeja Rajputs, son of Jam Ravaji
    Rayadhanji of Kutch,
    married and had issue.

    • Kumar Shri Tejmalji Kanyaji, married Kumari Shri
      Pamba Sahiba, daughter of 
      Raj Sahib Jaswantsinhji Gajsinhji of Dhrangadhra,
      and his third wife,
      Phuljiba Sahiba. He
      died spm.
    • Thakore Sahib Aliaji Kanyaji, succeeded in Morvi.
    • Kumar Shri Bhimji Kanyaji of Gugan, with the villages of
      Jetpur [Machhu] and Sultanpur at Morvi.
    • Kumar Shri Lakhaji Kanyaji of Lakadia, Nagdavas, Gharana,
      Bahadurgadh at Morvi and Manaba (Vagad) etc.
    • Kumar Shri Raysangji Kanyaji of Kumbharia (Vagad).
    • Thakore Saheb Modaji Kanyaji, sixth son,
      married and had issue.
      • Thakore Saheb Nathaji Modaji (see below)
      • Thakore Saheb Devaji Modaji (see below)
    • Kumar Shri Ranmalji Kanyaji of Kumbharia (Machhu) and
      Laliana (Vagad)
    • Kumar Shri Ramsangaji Kanyaji of Jangi (Vagad).


    1. Thakore Saheb DEVAJI MODAJI,
      1st Thakore Sahib of Malia, he  was the younger son
      received Malia, Khakhrechi and
      Vadharava in Machhukantha, as well as the Bhimadevka area of Fulpara
      – Sikarpur in Vagad, he chose to remain in Vadharva thikana, with
      looking after affairs in Malia, an arrangement which continued till
      independence, he married and
      had issue, four surviving sons.

      • Kumar Shri Vajesangji Devaji, overlooked in the
        succession in Vadharva, but was compensated with a share in the jagir
        which was divided into five parts.
      • Kumar Shri Agarsinhji Devaji of Vadharva, received two of
        five shares in the jagir, as the successor in Vadharva.


    1. Thakore Saheb NATHAJI
      , 2nd Thakore Sahib of Malia, his
      younger brother succeeded in Malia, and in an
      arrangement he was granted Wandhia and several villages, and eventually
      succeeded in Malia when his brother and his sons opted to stay in
      Vadharva, he married and had issue, nine sons.

      • Thakore Saheb Vibhaji Nathaji (qv)


    1. Thakore Saheb VIBHAJI
      , 3rd Thakore Sahib of Malia, married and had issue.

      • Thakore Saheb Dosaji Vibhaji (qv)


    1. Thakore Saheb DOSAJI
      , 4th Thakore Sahib of Malia 1802/1810, married and had

      • Thakore Saheb Sataji Dosaji (qv)
      • Rani Ram Kunwarba Sahiba, married (as his sixth wife),
        Raj Sahib Amarsinhji
        Raisinhji of Dhrangadhra.


    1. Thakore Saheb SATAJI DOSAJI,
      5th Thakore Sahib of Malia, married and had issue.

      • Thakore Saheb Mulvaji Sataji (qv)
      • Kumar Kaliansinhji Sataji of Khiraj.
      • Kumar Jalamsinhji Sataji of Vardusar.


    1. Thakore Saheb MULVAJI
      , 6th Thakore Sahib of Malia -/1875, married and had issue.

      • Thakore Saheb Modji Mulvaji (qv)
      • Kumar Lagdhiraji Mulvaji, married and had issue.
        • Kumar Nathaji Lagdhiraji
        • Kumar Bhimsinhji Lagdhiraji


    1. Thakore Saheb MODJI MULVAJI,
      7th Thakore Sahib of Malia 1875/1907, born 1st July 1846,
      June 1875(#1),
      and had issue. He died 20th October 1907.

      • Thakore Saheb Raisinhji Modji (qv)
      • Kumar Abhaisinhji Modji


    1. Thakore Saheb RAISINHJI
      , 8th Thakore Sahib of Malia 1907/1930, born 14th February
      1868 and
      20th October 1907, married Bai Shri Bakunverba, daughter of Rana Shri
      of Vanod, and had issue.

      • Yuvraj Saheb Gumansinhji Raisinhji, married and had
        issue. He died vp

        • Thakore Saheb Harishchandrasinhji Gumansinhji (qv)
        • Kumar Shri Narendrasinhji Gumansinhji
        • Kumar Shri Rajendrasinhji Gumansinhji
      • Kumar Shri Bharatsinhji Raisinhji
      • Kumar Shri Balvirsinhji Raisinhji, married and had issue.
        • Kumar Shri Surendrasinhji Balvirsinhji


    1. Thakore Saheb
      , 9th Thakore Saheb of Malia
      Thakorani Jayvant
      Kunwarba Sahiba, daughter of Thakore S. Sinhji of Adpur, and his wife, Thakorani
      Sahiba, and had

      • Thakore Saheb Bhupendrasinhji Harishchandrasinhji (qv)
      • Kumari Shri Premila Kuvarba Saheb, married Kumar Shri
        Balwantsinhji Sahebsinhji of Gangad, and has issue.

        • Kumar Shri Raghuvirsinhji Balwantsinhji


  1. Thakore Saheb
    , 10th Thakore Saheb of Malia
    (see above)


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