MYSORE (Princely State)

    (21 gun salute)


    AREA: 75,563 km2 PRIVY PURSE: 
    ACCESSION:  1st June 1949
    STATE:  Mysore DYNASTY:  Wadiyar RELIGION:  Hindu


    PRESENT RULER: HH Maharaja
    Shri Kanta
    , 26th and present Maharaja
    of Mysore since 24th September 1974. (J1,
    The Palace, Mysore, Mysore City-570001, Karnataka)


    20th February
    1953 in Mysore, M.A. (Pol. Sc.), LL.B., educated at Maharaja College
    Sharda Vilas Law College, Mysore; elected to the 8th, 9th, 11th and
    Lok Sabha. Member of the following committes.. Committee on Private
    Bills and Resolutions, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Sports and
    Affairs, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Tourism, Consultative
    Ministry of Civil Aviation 1984/1989, Committee on Private Members’
    and Resolutions 1989/1991, Consultative Committee, Ministries of
    and Tourism 1990/1991, Committee on Transport & Tourism 1999/2000.
    Chairman of the Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery; the HH Mahevani
    Educational Trust; and the HH Yuvarani Kempuchelo-Vajammaummani
    Trust; President, Gunamtra Maternity and Child Welfare Centre; Patron,
    Sri Jayachamarajendra Educational Trust; also worked as Lecturer in
    Science at Post Graduation level in the Department of Political
    Mysore University. Special Interests are..reading books on philosophy,
    theology, political science and economics, favourite pastimes
    reading, collection of objets d’art and watches. Member of the
    clubs… Mysore Sports Club; Bangalore Golf Club; Mysore Race Club;
    Turf Club; Delhi Race Club; Karnataka State Cricket Association and
    House. Chairman and Managing Director Wadiyar Investments (P) Ltd.; Sri
    Venkateswara Real Estate Enterprises (P) Ltd.; and Mysore International
    Travel Agency (P) Ltd.; Patron and Managing Partner, Sri Manjunath
    and Works Wadiyar Regency Rooms Theatre Complex; and Gayatri
    and Saraswati Enterprises, married 2nd February 1976, HH Soubhagyavati
    Maharani Sri Satya Pramoda Kumari Ju Devija Ammani Avaru of the Urs


    before 1350, though it was in existence since about 350AD when the
    Ganga Dynasty ruled this area. They were eventually displaced in
    by the Hoysala Dynasty till 1346. Sometime thereafter, the two brothers
    Vijaya and Krishna settled themselves in two fortresses of the Hadana
    initially vassals of the Hindu Vijayanagar Empire, they became the
    of the Wadiyar dynasty. In the 16th century, Hiriya Bettada Chamaraja
    gave the fortress of Puragarh to one of his three sons, Appana
    II who named the place Mahishasura. The name was transformed to Maisur
    or Mysore and this kingdom became independant in 1565 when the
    Empire fell. From 1755 until 1799, the throne was usurped by two Muslim
    rulers, but the British restored the Wadiyar Maharajas. Rulers

      1. Maharaja VIJAYARAJA,
        1st Maharaja of Mysore 1399/1423


      1. Maharaja CHAMARAJA II,
        2nd Maharaja of Mysore 1423/1459


      1. Maharaja TIMMARAJA I,
        3rd Maharaja of Mysore 1459/1478


      1. Maharaja CHAMARAJA III,
        4th Maharaja of Mysore 1478/1513


      1. Maharaja CHAMARAJA IV,
        5th Maharaja of Mysore 1513/1553


      1. Maharaja TIMMARAJA II,
        6th Maharaja of Mysore 1553/1572


      1. Maharaja CHAMARAJA V,
        7th Maharaja of Mysore 1572/1576


      1. Maharaja BETTADA DEVARAJA,
        8th Maharaja of Mysore 1576/1577


      1. Maharaja RAJA WADEYAR,
        9th Maharaja of Mysore 1577/1617, died 1617.


      1. Maharaja CHAMARAJA VI,
        10th Maharaja of Mysore 1617/1637


      1. Maharaja IMMADIRAJA,
        11th Maharaja of Mysore 1637/1638


      1. Maharaja NARASSARAJA,
        12th Maharaja of Mysore 1638/1659


      1. Maharaja KEMPADEVARAJA,
        13th Maharaja of Mysore 1659/1671


      1. Maharaja CHIKKA DEVARAJA,
        14th Maharaja of Mysore 1671/1705 or 1673/1704, born 1629,
        died 1705.


      1. Maharaja MUKARASURAJA,
        15th Maharaja of Mysore 1705/1714


      1. Maharaja KRISHNARAJA I,
        16th Maharaja of Mysore 1714/1731


      1. Maharaja CHAMARAJA VII,
        17th Maharaja of Mysore 1731/1734, died 1734.


      1. Maharaja KRISHNARAJA II,
        18th Maharaja of Mysore 1734/1766, born 1729, died 1766.


      1. Maharaja NANJARAJA,
        19th Maharaja of Mysore 1766/1771, born 1750, died 1771.


      1. Maharaja CHAMARAJA VIII,
        20th Maharaja of Mysore 1771/1776, born 1758, died 1776.


      1. Maharaja CHAMARAJA IX
        , 21st Maharaja of Mysore 1776/1796, born 1775, married
        Maharani Lakshmi
        Ammanni Urs, daughter of Gopal Raj Urs, and had issue. He died 1796.

    KHAN 1762/1782 (Usurper)

    Shah Bahadur 1782/1799

      1. Maharaja
        [Mummudi Krishna Raja Wadiyar], 22nd Maharaja of
        Mysore 1799/1868, born 1796,
        1stly Maharani (name unknown),
        2ndly, Maharani Devajammani Sita Vilasa Anaro, died 1893 (#3), and had issue. He died

        • Maharajkumari Devajammanni Wodiyar (by 1st wife), married
          Urs of the Bettadakote branch of the Royal Family, and had issue.

          • HH Sir Sri Maharajah Chamarajendra X Wadiyar (qv)
        • Natural Son, married and had issue.
          • Devaparthivaraj Wadiyar Bahadur, died after 1885.


      1. HH
        Sir Sri Maharajah CHAMARAJENDRA X WADIYAR
        , 23rd Maharaja of
        Mysore 1868/1894, born 22nd
        G.C.S.I., he was granted full ruling powers in 1881, he instituted the
        Representative Assembly of Mysore state also in 1881, founded the
        Kannada Bashojjivini School, he encouraged the founding of Agricultural
        Banks to help finance
        farmers and initiated Life Insurance for government employees, he was
        an entusiastic patron of arts and music, as well as a musician himself;
        married 1878, HH Maharani Kempananjammanni Vani Vilasa Sannidhana,
        died 1934 (#4), daughter of Sirdar Narase
        Urs of Kalale, and his wife,
        Avaru, and had issue, two sons and three daughters. He died
        1894 of diphtheria in Calcutta.

        • Col. HH Maharajah Sir Shri Krishnaraja IV Wadiyar Bahadur
        • HH Yuvaraja Sir Sri Kantirava Narasinharaja Wadiyar, born
          5th June
          educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; a member of the Council of Ministers,
          he was granted the style of His Highness in
          1917, K.C.I.E. [cr.1911], G.C.I.E. [cr.1915], married 1910, HH Yuvrani
          Kempu Cheluvammanniyavaru Urs, and had issue, one son and three
          daughters. He died 12th March 1940.

          • Yuvarajkumari Jaya Chamunda Ammani Avaru [HH the
            Maharani of Bharatpur], married HH Shri
            Maharaja Vrijendra
            Singh Sahib of Bharatpur, and had
            She died 1954.
          • HH Maharaja Sir Shri Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur (qv)
          • Yuvarajkumari Sujaya Kantha Ammani [Thakurani Sujaya
            Devi of Sanand], married the Thakur Saheb of Sanand.
          • Yuvarajkumari Vijaya Lakshmi Ammani [Thakurani Vijaya
            Devi of Kotda-Sangani], married about 1942, Thakur Saheb
            Pradyumna Singh of Kotda-Sangani,
            and had issue.
        • Maharajkumari Jayalakshmi Ammani Wadiyar, married
          15th February 1897 (#2), Sirdar
          Sir M. Kanth Raj Urs, Dewan of Mysore.
        • Maharajkumari Krishnajammani Wadiyar, married 20th April
          1896 (#2), Col.
          J. Desaraj Urs, Commander of the Mysore Lancers, and had issue, one son
          and three daughters. She died of tuberculosis
          and the Royal Family established the Princess Krishnajammani TB
          Sanitorium at Mysore in her memory.

          • Rajkumar C. Desaraj Urs, married and had issue,
            three children.

            • Rajkumar Prithviraj Urs, married Shivamala
              Urs, and had issue, one son and four daughters.

              • Yogendra
                Prithviraj Urs
              • Mrinalini Devi Urs

              • Aarti Devi Urs

              • Mayurakshi Devi Urs

              • Deepika Devi Urs

            • Major Desaraj Urs

            • Geeta Devi Urs
        • Maharajkumari Cheluvajammani Wadiyar, married 1900,
          Sirdar M. Lakshmi
          Raj Urs.

    HH Maharani
    Kempananjammanni Vani Vilasa
    1894/1902 (Regent)

      1. Col. HH
        Maharaja Sir Shri
        WADIYAR Bahadur
        , 24th Maharaja of Mysore
        1894/1940, born 4th
        June 1884 at the Royal Palace, Mysore, G.B.E.(civ) [cr.1917], G.C.St.J.
        [cr.1911], G.C.S.I.
        [cr.1907], educated at the Royal School in the Summer
        Palace premises (Lokaranjan Palace), educated in administrative matters
        by Sir Stuart Fraser of the Bombay Civil Service, also studied the
        principles of jurisprudence and methods of revenue administration, as
        well as music and horse riding; he was granted full ruling powers by
        Viceroy on 8th August 1902, first chancellor of Banaras Hindu
        University and
        University of Mysore, he instituted the Legislative Council in 1907, a
        Donat of Order
        of St John of Jerusalem in England, Hon. Colonel 26th King’s Own Indian
        Cavalry 1910; he was a patron of both Indian and Western Classical
        Music and himself was an accomplished player of eight instruments, viz.
        flute, violin, saxophone, piano, mridangam, nadaswara, sitar, and
        he helped found the Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore
        in 1911 with the gift of 371 acres of land and a donation of funds;
        his reign, Mysore became the first Indian state to generate
        hydro-electric power in Asia, and Bangalore was the first Asian city to
        have street lights, which were lit on 5th August 1905; he was honoured
        with the Delhi Durbar Gold Medal in 1903 and again 1911, the King
        V Silver Jubilee Medal in 1935 and the King George VI Coronation Medal
        in 1937; married 6th June 1900, HH Maharani Lakshmi Vilas
        Kumari Devi Bai, daughter of Rana Thala Bane Singhji of Vana
        in Kathiawar, died sp 1953. He died sp 3rd August 1940


      1. HH Maharaja Shri Sir JAYA
        , 25th Maharaja of Mysore
        1940/1974, G.C.S.I. [cr.1945], G.C.B. [cr.1946], born
        July 1919, a philosopher, musicologist, political thinker and
        philanthropist, educated at the Maharaja’s College, Mysore, graduating
        in 1938, Rajpramukh of Mysore State 1950/1956, first
        Governor of the unified State of Mysore 1956/1964 and
        later was transferred as the Governor of the State of Madras (Tamil
        Nadu) 1964/1967, a
        Licentiate of the Guild Hall of Music, London and honorary Fellow of
        Trinity College of Music, London in 1945, he was elected as the first
        president of the Philharmonia Concert Society, London in 1948, a fellow
        and president of Sangeet Natak
        Academy, New Delhi, 1966; author of a number of literary works,
        including The Quest for Peace: an Indian Approach, 1959; Dattatreya:
        The Way & The Goal
        , 1957; The Gita and Indian Culture, 1963; Religion And Man, 1965; Avadhuta:
        Reason & Reverence
        , 1958; An
        Aspect Of Indian Aesthetics
        , 1956; Puranas As The Vehicles Of
        India’s Philosophy Of History
        , 1963; he was awarded a Doctor of
        Literature from the University of Queensland, Australia and from the
        Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, and a Doctor of Law from the Benaras
        Hindu University, the first Chairman of the Indian Wild Life Board,
        founder-president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, he married 1stly, 15th
        May 1938 (sep’d.) (#1), HH Maharani Sathya
        of Charkhari, died 1983, married 2ndly, 30th April 1944, HH Maharani
        Tripura Sundarammani Yavaru,
        died 1983, and
        had issue. He died 24th September 1974.

        • Maharajkumari Gayatri Devi Yavaru, born 1946, married
          Sirdar Rama
          Chandra Raj Urs, died 29th June 2011, adopted
          son of Rajkumari Leelavati and Sirdar Basava Raj Urs, and had issue,
          one son and three daughters.
          She died 1974.

          • Tripurasundari Devi, born 1966,
            educated at Mysore
            University, married Swarup Anand Gopalaraja Urs of the Bettada Kote
            branch of the Mysore Royal Family, born 1960, and has issue.


            • Yaduveer Gopalaraj Urs, born
            • Jayatmika Lakshmi, born 1995.



          • Chaduranga Kanth Raj Urs,
            married Priyanka from the
            family of Princess Krishnajammanni.


          • Rajkumarani Keerti Devi,
            married Rajkumar Shailendra
            Singh of Ajaigarh, and has issue.


        • Maharajkumari Meenakshi Devi Yavaru, born 1951, former
          Member of the
          Board of Karnataka, owner of a riding school in Bangalore Palace
          called Princess Academy of Equitation, married M. R. Lakshmi Kanth Raje
          Urs, a Lawyer, and has issue.

          • Varchuswee SS Raje Urs, born
            29th July 1981 in
            Bangalore, B.A. and
            and  an Advocate, Manager of Two Horse Safaris and the Princess
            of Equitation, Matadipathi of Malvali, Honnakayanhalli, Kapadi and


        • HH Maharaja Shri Kanta Datta Narasinharaja Wadiyar
          Bahadur (qv)
        • Maharajkumari Kamakshi Devi Yavaru, born 1954, married
          Atmanaya Dev Singh
          [Kumar Shri Atmanayadevsinhji Surendrasinhji] of Wadhwan, born 1947, and has issue, twin
        • Maharajkumari Indirakshi Devi Yavaru, married
          Raja Chandra
          Urs, and has

          • Ms. Samyukta Lakshmi, graduate
            in commerce and


          • Aditya Gurudev Urs, graduate in
            commerce as well as in
            Master in Business systems from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.


        • Maharajkumari Vishalakshi Devi Yavaru, born 1962, married
          Gajendra Singh of Auwa,
          and has issue.


    1. HH Maharaja Shri Kanta
      , 26th Maharaja of Mysore
      (see above)