PATIALA (Princely State)

(19 gun salute)



AREA: 15,390 km2 PRIVY PURSE: 1,700,000Rs ACCESSION: 20th August 1948
STATE: Pepsu REVENUE: 5,500,000Rs RELIGION: Sikh
Sidhu Jat (Phulkian



HH Farzand-i-Khas-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia Mansur-i-Zaman Amir-ul-Umra
Dhiraj Rajeshwar Sir Sri Maharaja-i-Rajgan Maharajadhiraj
Shri AMARINDER SINGH Mahendra Bahadur
, 10th Maharaja of Patiala
since 17th June 1974. (New Moti Bagh Palace,
001, Punjab, India)



born 11th March 1942 in Patiala, Commissioned in the Indian
Army in June 1963 but resigned in early 1965; rejoined the Army
immediately once hostilities
broke out with Pakistan, resigning again afterwards; Chief Minister of
Punjab from 2002,
resigned 27th February 2007; M.L.A. (three terms); Member, National
Integration Council of India; Member of
from the Lok Sabha (7.1.1980) – (10.6.1984); Minister, Agriculture
(29.9.1985) – (1.4.1986); Member, Committee on Questions and
References; Member, Committee on Petitions; Chairman, Parliamentary
Board, SAD and Member, Working Committee of SAD; Leader of the Akali
Legislature Party; interests and pastimes include Horse riding, Flying,
Golf, Reading, Equestrian games and Polo; married 31st October 1964, HH
Maharani Parneet
born 3rd October 1944, daughter of Sardar Gian Singh Kahlon and
Sardarani Satinder
Kaur; educated at St. Bedes College and Convent of Jesus and Mary
Shimla, Himachal Pradesh (B.A., Teachers Training Certificate). Elected
to the 13th Lok Sabha 1999 and 14th Lok Sabha 2004, Member of the
on Food, Civil Supplies and Public Distribution 1999/2000. Has been a
servant for 30 years and was awarded the President of India’s Red Cross
Medal. Member of the Animal Welfare Board of India 2000/01. Interests
finance and foreign affairs and golf. Member of the Golf Club, New
Golf Club, Chandigarh; and Golf Club, Patiala; and has issue, one son
and one daughter.

  • Maharajkumari Jai Inder Kaur, married Sardar Gurpal Singh
    Sandhu, and has issue.

    • Kanwar Angad Singh Sandhu
  • Yuvraj Maharajkumar Raninder Singh, married 1995, Yuvrani
    Reshma Kaur, and has issue, one son and two daughters.

    • Rajkumar Yaduinder Singh



descent from Jaisal, founder of the State of Jaisalmer
in 1156, the founder of this Sikh dynasty, Phul, was Chaudhri
of a country located at the south east of Dihli. Phul’s descendants
founded three States: Patiala, Jind and Nabha (see Phulkian misl). In 1763, the
Emir of
the Chaudhri the dignity of Raja. The rulers were….

    1. Maharaja ALA SINGH,
      1st Maharaja of Patiala 1763/1765, born 1691 at Phul, in present
      of the Punjab, the third son of Bhai Ram Singh, he was granted the
      title of
      with the robes of honour as well as with a drum and a banner as
      of royalty by Ahmad Shah Durrani in March 1762 and a little later, the
      title of Maharaja;
      married 1707, Rani
      Fateh Kaur [Mai Fatto], daughter of Chaudhari Khana, a zamindar of the
      village Kaleke, now in Sangrur district of the Punjab and had issue,
      died in 1773 at Patiala and was cremated at Shahi Samadhan, the royal
      He died on 7th August 1765 at Patiala and was cremated in the Fort, now
      the city.

      • Kanwar Bhumian Singh, married and had issue. He died vp
        about 1743.

        • Bibi Rajindar Kaur, born 1739, married Chaudhuri Tilok
          Chand of Bhagwara, and had issue, one daughter.
          She died 1791.

          • Bibi (name unknown) Kaur, married and
            had issue.

            • Jodh Singh, married and had issue.
              • Sahib Singh, living 1820.
      • Rajkumar Sardul Singh, married (a), Rani Hukman Kaur,
        daughter of
        the Sardar of
        married (by chaddar dálna) (b), Mai Deso, widow of his cousin
        Jodh Singh, and had issue. He

        • Sardar Himmat Singh (by Mai Deso), born 173x, died 1774.
        • Raja-i-Rajgan Maharaja Amar Singh (by Rani Hukman Kaur)
      • Kanwar Lal Singh, married Bibi Bhagan Kaur, but died vpsp
        in 1748.
      • Bibi Pardhan Kaur, married Sardar Sham Singh of Ram Das
        Jhande, and had issue.


    1. Raja-i-Rajgan Maharaja
      , 2nd Maharaja of Patiala 1765/1781, born 6th June
      married (a), Rani Raj Kaur, married (b), 1774, his brothers widow,
      married (c), Rani
      Kaur, died in June 1821, sister of Sardar Ala Singh Bhikhi (and aunt of
      a wife
      of Raja Jaswant Singh of Nabha), and had issue. He died 5th February

      • Bibi Sahib Kaur (by Rani Raj Kaur), born 1771, married
        Sardar Jaimal Singh Kanhaiya,
        1812, and had issue. She died 1799 or 1801.


        • Maharani Chand Kaur, married Maharaja Kharak
          Singh of Lahore, and had issue. She
          died 13th June
          1842 and was cremated the next day.


      • Raja-i-Rajgan Maharaja Sahib Singh (by Rani Raj Kaur)(qv)
      • Rajkumar Budh Singh
      • Bibiji Chand Kaur, married, Sardar Dasaundha Singh Ghaiba
        of Rahon (see Dallewalia


    1. Raja-i-Rajgan Maharaja
      , 3rd Maharaja of Patiala 1781/1813, born 18th
      August 1773,
      he was granted the title of Maharaja by Padshah Akbar II of Delhi in
      1810, married
      1787, Rani Ratan Kaur, daughter of Sardar Ganda Singh Bhangi, married
      Rani Aus Kaur, born 1772, daughter of Sardar Gurdus Singh Sekhon of
      Chattah, she
      administered the state during the minority of her son, later retiring
      her estate at Sanaur, about 7 kms south of Patiala, where she spent the
      last years of her life dying in 1821, married 3rdly, Rani Partab Kaur,
      sister of Sardar Dal Singh, and had issue. He died 26th March

      • Raja-i-Rajgan Maharaja Karam Singh (by Rani Aus Kaur)(qv)
      • Rajkumar Ajit Singh, married June 1829.
      • Bibi Ram Kaur, married Sardar Hari Singh of Kalsia, and had issue.
      • Bibi Prem Kaur, married Sardar Kharak Singh Sabadia.


    1. Raja-i-Rajgan Maharaja
      , 4th Maharaja of Patiala 1813/1845, born 12th
      October 1797 or 16th October 1798 at Patiala,
      he succeeded to the gadi on 30th June 1813, he helped the British in
      1814 in checking Gurkha incursions into the
      Punjab hills and secured in return a large tract in the Himalayan
      foothills, he had shrines built
      in honour of the Gurus at many historical sites within his state and
      outside, making endowments for their maintenance, he was granted the
      title of Maharaja in 1840,  married
      (amongst others), Maharani Karam Kaur, daughter of Sardar Bhanga Singh
      of Thanesar, and his wife, Mai Jian, and had
      issue. He died 23rd December 1845 at Patiala.

      • Maharaja-Dhiraj Rajeshwar Raja-i-Rajgan Maharaja Narendra
        Singh Mahendra Bahadur
      • Maharajkumar Dip Singh, born 1825, died before November
        in 1862.


    1. Maharaja-Dhiraj Rajeshwar Raja-i-Rajgan Maharaja
      NARENDRA SINGH Mahendra Bahadur
      , 5th Maharaja of Patiala
      1845/1862, born 26th
      November 1823,
      married seven
      including (a), Maharani Karam Kaur, daughter of Sardar Ghulab Singh
      married (b), a daughter of Sardar Mihman Singh (and sister of Sardar
      Hira Singh), and
      had issue, one son and three daughters. He died 13th November 1862.

      • Kunwarani Sateha Devi [née Bibi Basant Kaur], born
        married Kunwar Kulendra Singh of Dholpur,
        had issue. She died 1888.
      • Bibi (name unknown) Kaur, married Sardar Narain
        Singh, son of Sardar Dewa
        Singh of
        Sialba (see Dallewalia
        misl). She died before 1870.
      • Rani Bishan Kaur, born 1849, married 1859, Raja Jaswant
        Singh of Bharatpur, and had issue.
        She died 17th February 1870.
      • HH Maharaja-Dhiraj Rajeshwar Raja-i-Rajgan Maharaja
        Mahendra Singh Mahendra Bahadur


    1. HH Maharaja-Dhiraj Rajeshwar Raja-i-Rajgan Maharaja
      MAHENDRA SINGH Mahendra Bahadur
      , 6th Maharaja of Patiala
      1862/1876, born 16th September
      1852, married 1stly, 5th March 1865, married 2ndly, married 3rdly,
      a daughter of Mian Mahtab Singh Dhaliwal of Dina (a relative of the
      of Faridkot), and had issue. He died 18th

      • Maharajkumar (name unknown) Singh (by 3rd wife),
        born 17th October 1867, died young.
      • Bibi (name unknown) Kaur, married 1884, Sardar
        Jiwan Singh of Shahzadpur,
        born 1860,
      • HH Farzand-i-Khas-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia Mansur-i-Zaman
        Amir-ul-Umara Maharaja-Dhiraj Rajeshwar Sri Maharaja-i-Rajgan Maharaja
        Rajendra Singh Mahendra Bahadur (by 3rd wife)(qv)
      • Raja Sahib Sir Ranbir Singh, K.C.S.I. [cr.1903], Raja
        born 1873, married
        1889, a daughter of Sardar Lahna Singh of Karamgarh in Patiala, and had
        issue. He died 18th January 1916.

        • Rani Yadvhendra Kaur, married Maharaj Ranabur Kishor
          Deb Burman of Tripura.
        • Bibi (name unknown) Kaur, married Raja Jagannath
          Singh, Jagirdar of Daulatpur.


    1. HH
      Farzand-i-Khas-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia, Mansur-i-Zaman,
      Amir-ul-Umara, Maharaja-Dhiraj Rajeshwar, Sri Maharaja-i-Rajgan
      Maharaja Sir
      RAJENDRA SINGH Mahendra Bahadur
      , 7th Maharaja of Patiala
      1876/1900, born
      25th May
      married (a), November 1888, HH Maharani Bathtawar Kaur, daughter of
      Sardar Kishan Singh, married (b), 13th April 1893,
      Maharani Harnam Kaur [née Florence Gertrude
      Bryan], christened 20th December 1873, daughter of Charles and Minnie
      died about 1895, married (c), Rani Saheba Kokela, died after 1928, and
      had issue. He died 8th November 1900.

      • Maj.Gen. HH Farzand-i-Khas-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia
        Maharaja Dhiraj Rajeshwar Sir Sri Maharaja-i-Rajgan Bhupendra Singh
        Bahadur (by Maharani Bathtawar Kaur) (qv)
      • Raja Ram Narain Singh, married Rani Rajbans Kaur from Kot
        Fateh (sister Rani Taptej Kaur, wife of Raja Birender Singh of Dholpur), and had issue.

        • Kanwar Manvinder Singh
      • Colonel Rao Raja Shri Birendra Singh Sahib, born 1898,
        educated at
        Chiefs’ College, Lahore; served in the Afghan War 1919, married and had
        issue, six daughters and one son.

        • Raja Harendra Singh Sahib, multinational executive,
          agriculturist, President Rotarian, member of the Masonic Lodge, married
          Rani Sarojdevi Harendra Singh, and has issue. (Dehradun, India)

          • Raj Kumari Dharmesh Nandini Patel (Patiala
          • Raj Kumar Janak Singh, works for DaimlerChrysler AG. (Montreal,
      • Maharajkumar (name unknown) Singh (by Maharani
        Harnam Kaur), born in August 1893, died in March 1894.


    1. Maj.-Gen.
      Farzand-i-Khas-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia Mansur-i-Zaman Amir-ul-Umra
      Dhiraj Rajeshwar Sir Sri Maharaja-i-Rajgan Maharaja BHUPENDRA SINGH
      , 8th Maharaja of Patiala
      1900/1938,  born 12th October 1891 at Patiala (#1),
      at the Aitchison College in Lahore, invested with full ruling
      powers on 3rd November 1910, G.C.S.I. [cr.1921], G.C.I.E. [cr.1911],
      [cr.1922], G.B.E. (Mil) [cr.1918], Member of Standing Committee of
      Princes’ Chamber (ten times elected Chancellor of the Chamber of
      during the 1920’s and 1930’s), Commander-in-Chief of the Patiala
      Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel of the Ist Ludhiana Sikhs, Hon. Col. 15th
      Ludhiana Sikhs, Hon. Maj.-Gen. in British Army, Fellow of the Royal
      Zoological and Horticultural Societies, Member of the Royal Colonial
      Member of Royal Asiatic Society, appointed Hon. ADC to HM 1922, served
      in WWI 1914/18 receiving Grand Cordon of the Order of the Nile, and of
      Order of Leopold of Belgium, Grand Cross of of Orders of Crown of
      Crown of Roumania, and St Saviour of Greece, and of Legion of Honour,
      in the Afghan War 1919, represented India at League of Nations Assembly
      1925, captained the Indian cricket team on its 1911 tour of England,
      of the All-India Gundog League and vice-president of the Indian Kennel
      Association, chancellor and chief patron of the Sikhs’ premier
      institution – the Khalsa College at Amritsar, he married 1908, HH
      Bakhtavar Kaur, daughter of Sardar Gurnam Singh of Jind, (mother of
      children, five of whom died young), and had further issue, 88 children
      in all, only 53 of whom survived.
      He died at Patiala, from heart failure, on 22nd March 1938.

      • Raja
        Brajendra Singh (Prince Johnny), born 8th August 1912, married and had
        issue, two daughters. He died in 1958.

        • Rajkumari Durgeshnandini Devi, married Raja Shri
          Chandra Deo Bajradhar Narendra
          Mahapatra of Ranpur
          Orissa, and had issue, three sons and
          one daughter.
        • Rajkumari Sudha Devi, married (div.), (as his first
          Raja Birendra Shekhar Deo, Raja Saheb of Gangpur.
      • Maharajkumari Hemant Kumari (Princess Pretty), born 21st
        August 1912.
      • Lt.Gen. HH Farzand-i-Khas-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia
        Mansur-i-Zaman Amir-ul-Umra
        Dhiraj Rajeshwar Sir Sri Maharaja-i-Rajgan Maharajadhiraja Sir
        Yadavendra Singhji
        Mahendra Bahadur
      • Maharajkumari Dinesh Kumari (Princess
        Brownie), born 29th May 1913, married 1931 in Patiala, to a Kunwar
        Sahib of
        Bijawar State, and had issue, two daughters and a son. She died in
        September 2005.
      • Maharajkumari Shishank Kumari (Princess Betty), born 17th
        June 1914, married into the Dalippur
        Royal Family.
      • Maharajkumari Kailash Kaur (Princess
        Pip) [HH Maharani Kailash Kumari Devi of Patna], born 22nd May 1917,
        married 1932, HH
        Maharajah Sir
        Narayan Singh Deo of Patna.
      • Maharajkumari Ramesh Kumari (Princess Peggy),
        born 29th November 1917, married 18th February 1942 at Patiala, Raj
        Kumar Suresh Prakash
        Singh, son of the Raja Sahib of Tikra.
      • Raja Bhalendra Singh (Prince Peter),
        born 19th
        1919 (#2), educated at the Aitchison
        Lahore, and at Cambridge University, became a life member of the
        Olympic Committee in 1947, President of the Patiala Union Olympic
        till 1957, Vice-President of the Punjab Olympic Association till 1960,
        President of the Amateur Athletics Federation of India, President of
        Indian Olympic Association 1959/1975 and 1980/1984, honoured with the
        Bhushan Award in recognition of his services to sports, as well as the
        International Distinguished Service Award in 1982 (presented by the US
        Sports Academy), chief architect in the formation of the Olympic
        of Asia, elected to the Punjab Legistature Assembly in 1958, he worked
        in the home and education departments of PEPSU, also served as Director
        of the State Bank of Patiala, married 1stly, Rani Pushpa Kumari of
        married 2ndly, Rani Harminder Kaur, born 1932, died 1st August 2000,
        had issue. He died 16th April 1992 at New Delhi (#1).

        • Raja Randhir Singh (by Rani Pushpa Kumari), born 18th
          1945, Secretary
          General of the Indian
          Olympic Association and the Olympic Council of Asia, married 25th May
          Rani Uma Kumari, daughter of Kanwar Pratap Singh of Sirmur, and his wife, anwarani Usha
          Kumari, and has issue.
        • Rajkumari Padmesh Kumari (by Rani Harminder Kaur), born
          1953, married, Kanwar Ajay Bahadur
          Singh of Sirmur.
          She died 30th
          May 2003 at Simla.
        • Rajkumari Nikki Kumari (by Rani Harminder Kaur),
          1981 (div.), Navin Ansal,
          born 1957, (married 2ndly, Raseel Gujral), educated at Lawrence School
          in Sanawar, Himachal Pradesh and Hindu College in Delhi, graduating in
          History; Delhi businessman.
      • Raja Bhartendra Singh (Prince Billy), born 30th October
      • Maharajkumari Yadhunandan Kumari (Princess Honey) [HH
        Rani (now Rajmata)
        Yadhunandan Kumari
        of Nalagarh], born 20th November 1920, married HH Raja Surendra Singh
        of Nalagarh, and has issue.
      • Maharajkumari Yadhuvansh Kumari (Princess Alice), born
        9th September 1922.
      • Raja Padamendra Singh (Prince Michael), born 11th March
      • Raja Ganendra Singh (Prince Richard), born 12th February
        1926. Unmarried.
      • Raja Raghavendra Singh (Prince David), born 18th July
        1926, married and had issue, one daughter. He died 1985 in Patiala.
      • Maharjkumari Surindra Kumari (Princess Birdie), born 14th
        November 1926.
      • Raja Hitendra Singh (Prince Robert), born 21st September
        1927, married and had issue, one son.
      • Raja Mrigendra Singh (Prince William) (by Maharani
        Chandra Bhaga Devi), born 21st July 1928,
        artist and scholar, graduate of Yale University, Connecticut, U.S.A.
        (Doctorate in Education), married 3rd August 1954, Rani Harinder Kaur,
        born 27th May 1934, daughter of Sardar Gurnam Singh Sekhon, and
        his wife, Sardarni Hardyal Kaur Sekhon, and has issue, three daughters
        and one son. (New York, U.S.A.)

        • Rajkumari Gianesh Kumari, married Thakur Sarva Daman
          Singh, M.D., and has
          issue, one son and one

          • Kunwar Arush Pratap Singh, born in
            New York, USA.
          • Kunveri Anjani Kumari Singh, born in
            New York, USA.
        • Rajkumar Karmendra Singh Sidhu, married 1993 (div.),
          and has issue, three daughters.

          • Kunveri Kirnendra Kaur Sidhu, born in New
            York, USA.
          • Kunveri Sharnendra Kaur Sidhu, born in
            New York,
          • Kunveri Hemendra Kaur Sidhu, born in New
        • Rajkumari Madhavendra Kumari Chahal, married 1995
          (div.), and has issue, one son.

          • Kunwar Darshbir Singh Chahal, born in New
            Jersey, USA.
        • Rajkumari Amarendra Kumari Sidhu, Unmarried.
      • Raja Kirnendra Singh (Prince Dickie), born 29th November
        1928, married and had issue.

        • Rajkumar Pat Singh Sidhu, deceased.
      • Maharajkumari Shailendra Kumari (Princess Kuku) [Rani
        Shailendra Kumari of Jodhpur], born 22nd June
        1929, married 1951, the Late Maharaj Sri Himmat
        Singh of Jodhpur,
        and has issue, two sons.

        • Maharaja Yashwant Singh, born 14th February
          1954. Unmarried.
        • Rajkumar Rajinder Singh, born 21st June 1955,
          married Durgesh Nandani, and has issue, two daughters.

          • Kunveri Padmaja Kumari
          • Kunveri Rudhrani Kumari
      • Raja Gianinder Singh (Prince Georgie), born 25th March
        1930, married Rani Jaspal Kaur, and has issue, one son and one daughter.

        • Rajkumari Tripurantika Kumari B.Com., born 12th June
          1969 in Patiala, married 6th JUne 1989 in Patiala, Shri Haninder Dang,
          and has issue, one daughter.

          • Ms. Rubaina Kumari
      • Raja Kumadendra Singh (Prince Johnny), born 18th December
        1930. Deceased.
      • Maharajkumari Kumudesh Kumari (Princess Ruby), born 5th
        January 1931,
        married Shri
        Bhandari, former Governor of Uttar Pradesh 1996/-, born 29th March 1928
        in Lahore, son of Sri Amar Nath Bhandari, Chief Justice of the Punjab
        Court, and has issue, one son and one daughter, both of whom are
      • Raja Mohanendra Singh (Prince Jimmy), born 30th December
        1931. Unmarried.
      • Raja Kamalendra Singh (Prince Nevil), born 17th February
        1932 at Patiala. Unmarried.
      • Raja Kamendra Singh (Prince Ralph),
        born 9th May 1932, married Rani Hermala, and had issue, one son. He
        died in
        an aircrash, test
        flying in 1995.

        • Rajkumar Gaganendra Singh
      • Maharajkumari Devindra KUmari, born 26th June 1932,
        married Shri Kishan Lohan.
      • Raja Kharhagendra Singh (Prince Stanley), born 15th
        August 1932,
        entered East Germany and his present whereabouts is unknown. Unmarried.
      • Raja Joetendra Singh (Prince Bobby), born 11th September
        1932. Unmarried.
      • Raja Khagendra Singh (Prince Edward), born 12th September
      • Maharajkumari Umesh Kumari (Princess
        Diamond), born 14th November 1932,
        married 1951,
        Colonel Sardar Kanwar Bharat Singh, elder brother of Kanwar Natwar
        (see below), and has issue, a son and a daughter.
      • Maharajkumari Upendra Kumari (Princess Edna), born 15th
        November 1932.
      • Raja Ramendra Singh (Prince Roy), born 25th November 1932
        at Patiala, married Rani Karen Elizabeth Gracie, and had issue. He died
        September 1989 as a result of a bicycle accident.

        • Kunwar Jason Rajinder Sidhu, born 17th August 1974 in
          Montreal, Quebec, married 11th August 2007 in Montreal, Kunwarani Angie
          Catherine Adelin, and has issue, two daughters. (Canada)

          • Kumari Cierra Veniece Sidhu, born 11th December 2002.
          • Kumari Ireland Ruthie-Anna Sidhu, born 6th July
      • Maharajkumari Gangesh Kumari (Princess Elsie), born 8th
        January 1933, married Shri Mohinder Singh.
      • Maharajkumari Bhuvnesh Kumari (Princess Leena), born 22nd
        January 1933, unmarried.
      • Maharajkumari Kamlesh Kumari (Princess Pam),
        born 2nd April 1933, married Late Sardar Jasbir Singh, an
        Industrialist, and
        had issue, one daughter.

        • Rajkumari Radhesh Kumari
      • Raja Divindra Singh (Prince Brian), born 14th July 1933,
        married a Sikh
        lady from the
        family of Shahzadpur Estate in Haryana, and has issue, a son
        and a daughter.
      • Maharajkumari Jayanti Kumari (Princess Maureen), born
        28th September 1933, married and has issue, three sons.
      • Raja Hemendra Singh (Prince Mervin), born 6th December
        1933, he was educated at the Colonel Brown Cambridge School in Dehradun
        and at St. Joseph’s College, Darjeeling and at Calcutta University,
        India; he married 1969, Rani Franciane, a French lady, and has issue,
        daughters. (London, U.K.)

        • Rajkumari Annabelle Sidhu, born 1st September 1972,
          educated at
          Trinity Hall, Cambridge University, U.K.; married Jeremy Berenzweig,
          and has issue, a son and a daughter. (London, U.K.)

          • Theo Berenzweig
          • Anoushka Mia Berenzweig, born 14th April 2006.
        • Rajkumari Stephanie Sidhu, born 9th December 1973,
          educated at
          Manchester University, U.K.; married M. Rémi Brun, and has
          issue, three children. (Paris, France)

          • Louise-Anjali Brun 
          • Oscar-Hari Brun 
          • Maia Madeleine Brun 
      • Raja Amarendra Singh (Prince Geoffrey), born 8th June
      • Raja Himindra Singh (Prince Maurice), born 8th August
        died unmarried 1982 in Calcutta.
      • Raja Hirendra Singh (Prince Malcolm), born 4th July 1935,
        married Veronica.
      • Maharajkumari Girendra Kumari (Princess Jean), born 9th
        September 1935, married Col. Sukhminder Singh, and had issue.
      • Maharajkumari Bhartendra Kumari, born 4th June 1936,
        married and has issue, two daughters and one son.
      • Maharajkumari Padmendra Kumari (Princess Angela), born
        23rd July 1936.
      • Raja Devendra Singh (Prince Cecil), born 29th September
        1936, married Rani Amarjit Kaur, and has had issue, one daughter and

        • Rajkumari Gitanjali Kumari, born 2nd November 1966,
          married and has issue, one son.
        • Rajkumar Omindra Singh, 19th November 1968, married.
        • Rajkumar Pavanindra Singh, born 1st July 1978, married
          (div’d.). He died sp 12th February 2011.
      • Raja Yatendra Singh (Prince Denzil), born 26th June 1932,
        died unmarried.
      • Raja Nagendra Singh (Prince Eric), born 1st July 1936.
      • Raja Harindra Singh (Prince Leslie), born 18th April 1937.
      • Raja Umindra Singh (Prince Freddy), born 7th June 1937,
        died unmarried in Calcutta.
      • Maharajkumari Nagender Kumari (Princess Greeta), born 4th
        November 1937, married Vipin Khanna, and
        has issue.


        • Arvind Khanna, born 1967, MLA from
          Sangrur, Punjab; educated at
          Milfield School, U.K. and at Pepperdien University,
          California (B.B.M 1989), general secretary of the
          district unit of the youth wing of the Shiromani Akali Dal in 1997,
          Director of Clan Morgan Holdings Private
          Limited, President and Managing
          Director of TSL
          Technologies Pvt Ltd, President
          of the Professional Golfers’ Association of India and President of the
          Fencing Association of India.


      • Maharajkumari Gaureesh Kumari (Princess Roseland), born
        10th December 1937, married and had issue, two sons (all deceased).
      • Maharajkumari Narpindra Kumari (Princess Renee), born
        20th July 1938.
      • Maharajkumari Urvishi Kumari (Princess Wendy), born 21st
        September 1938, married Ravi Khanna, brother of Vipin Khanna, and has


    1. Lt.-Gen.
      HH Farzand-i-Khas-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia Mansur-i-Zaman Amir-ul-Umra
      Dhiraj Rajeshwar Sir Sri Maharaja-i-Rajgan Maharajadhiraja Sir
      YADAVENDRA SINGHJI Mahendra Bahadur
      , 9th Maharaja of
      Patiala  1938/1974,
      born 7th January 1913, educated at Aitchison College at Lahore, spent
      time at the Punjab Police School, Phillaur, in 1931, he was made
      of Police for Patiala district, graduating two years later to the rank
      of Inspector-General. In 1933, he was appointed the Chancellor of
      College, Amritsar, and he held this position for a number of years. He
      donned Indian colours in 1934 when he was selected to play against
      he was also north Indian tennis champion, and led the Patiala polo
      President of Indian Olympic Association 1938/1960, appointed an
      to the British King and pro-chancellor of the Chamber of Princes in
      1946. Rajpramukh of PEPSU, which in November 1956, in accordance with
      recommendations of the States Reorganization Commission, was merged
      East Punjab. Member of the Indian delegation to the 11th session of the
      United Nations General Assembly. In 1958, he represented India in Paris
      at the 10th annual conference of UNESCO, and in 1959, 1961, 1962, 1963,
      1967 and 1969 he led the Indian team at meetings of the UN Food and
      Organization (FAO).  In 1960, the government made him chairman of
      the newly created Indian Council of Sports, a body designed to oversee
      the whole sporting sphere and advise on the allocation of public money
      to sports teams and facilities. In 1965, he was appointed to the
      post of Indian Ambassador in Rome, where he served until 1967. He
      over the Sikh Eductional Conference annual sessions held at Patiala
      Delhi (1952) and Indore (1961). He was also the chairman of the Punjabi
      University Commission which preceded the establishment in 1962 of
      University at Patiala. He was chosen president of the Guru Gobind Singh
      Foundation as well as of the Guru Nanak Foundation, the former set up
      honour the tercentenary of the birth of Guru Gobind Singh (1967) and
      latter the quincentenary of the birth of Guru Nanak (1969).  In
      he took on a new role as chairman of the Indian Horticulture
      Council and the following year took up his second and last permanent
      posting at the Hague in the Netherlands, married 1stly, 1933, HH
      Hem Prabha
      Devi, second daughter of Raja Aditya Pratap Singh Deo of Seraikella, born 1913, married 2ndly,
      1938, HH
      Mahindar Kaur, born 1922, daughter of Sardar Harchand Singh Jaijee, and
      had issue. On the 17th June 1974, he suffered a severe heart attack and
      died. His body was flown to India and was cremated with full state
      on 21st June at Patiala in the family crematorium, the Shahi

      • Capt. HH HH Farzand-i-Khas-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia
        Mansur-i-Zaman Amir-ul-Umra
        Dhiraj Rajeshwar Sir Sri Maharaja-i-Rajgan Maharajadhiraj Shri
        Amarinder Singhji Mahendra Bahadur (qv)
      • Maharajkumar Malwinder Singh, born 1944, married
        Maharajkumari Harpriya Kaur.
      • Maharajkumari Heminder Kaur, born 1st June 1939, married
        21st August
        Kanwar Natwar Singh, born 16th May 1931 in Bharatpur, educated at St.
        Stephen’s College, University of Delhi, Delhi (Arts), at Cambridge
        University (Corpus Christi), England and at Peking
        University, China; Member of the Indian Foreign Service
        (IFS) 1953/1984, serving in Beijing, China 1956/1958, and  New
        York 1961/1966. In 1966, he was posted
        to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat under Mrs Indira Gandhi and served
        in various capacities to 1984. He was elected to the eighth Lok Sabha
        from Bharatpur constituency in Rajasthan in 1984, served as Minister of
        (Steel, Coal
        and Mines),  and Minister of Agriculture 1985, Minister of State
        for External Affairs 1986/1989, re-elected to
        the twelfth Lok Sabha in 1998 from Bharatpur, elected
        to the Rajya Sabha
        from Rajasthan in 2002, appointed to the cabinet
        as Minister for External Affairs, being removed from the post on 7th
        November 2005 (though retaining a cabinet role as minister
        without portfolio), and eventually resigning from the cabinet on 6th
        December 2005, author of “E.M.Forster : A Tribute”, NY 1964; “The
        Legacy of Nehru”, NY 1965; “Tales from Modern India”, NY 1966; “Stories
        from India”, UK 1971; “Maharaja
        Suraj Mal (1707-63)”, UK 1981; “Curtain Raisers”, Delhi 1984; “Profiles
        & Letters”, Delhi  1997; “The Magnificent Maharaja Bhupinder
        Singh of Patiala”,
        Delhi 1997; “Heart to Heart”, Delhi 2003; and has issue.

        • Sh. Jagat Singh B.B.A, born 28th
          August 1968 in Delhi, M.L.A. from
          Rajasthan from the Congress
          Party; All India Youth Congress General Secretary; married 1stly, 25th
          Natasha Masiri, born 1971, died 17th March 2002 in New Delhi, married
          2ndly, 2008 at the Royal Palace in Chail,
          daughter of Suman Sehgal, and has
          issue, two sons (by first marriage).
        • Ritu Singh, born 1975, fashion
          died unmarried 9th
          May 2002, cremated 10th May at the Lodhi Road Crematorium in New Delhi.
      • Maharajkumari Roopinder Kaur, born 1940, married Major K.
        S. Dhillon of
        the Hodsons Horse, and has issue, one son and one daughter.

        • Kanwar Harshdip Singh, married Kanwarani Manvi
        • Rajkumari Namrata Kaur, married Shri Amit


  1. Capt. HH HH
    Mansur-i-Zaman Amir-ul-Umra
    Dhiraj Rajeshwar Sir Sri Maharaja-i-Rajgan Maharajadhiraj Shri
    AMARINDER SINGHJI Mahendra Bahadur
    , 10th Maharaja of Patiala
    (see above)



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