PRATAPGARH (Princely State)

(15 gun salute) 


AREA: 2,303 km2 PRIVY PURSE: 102,000Rs ACCESSION: 7th April 1949
STATE: Rajasthan DYNASTY: Sisodia RELIGION: Hindu
POPULATION: 52,025 (1901)
, 23rd and present Maharawat of Pratapgarh since 1949.



born 17th March 1940, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot
(1957); married 1stly, 1960 (div. 1964), HH
Mukund Kumari, daughter of HH Maharaja Jam Sahib Shri Digvijaysinhji
Ranjitsinhji of Nawanagar, and his
wife, HH Maharani Gulab Kunwerba, married
1965, HH Maharani Parveen (née Shamsher Ali), daughter of the
Nawab of Mamdot, and niece
of the Nawab of Loharu, and has issue.

  • Yuvraj Jai Singh, born 13th February 1961, educated at
    Rajkumar College, Rajkot
    (1972); married 1987,
    Yuvrani Ratna
    Kumari, daughter of Raja Dinesh Singh of Kalakankar,
    and his wife, Rani Neelima Kumari, and has issue.

    • Bhanwar Bhuvanyu Singh, educated at The Doon School,
      Dehradun and at the University of Delhi (B.A. in Economics and
      Political Science), has also completed  the Certified Course for
      Real Estate Agents, Sales Persons and Direct Sale and Home Loan Agents
      (recognized by the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi);
      Member of the Indian National Congress Party; Member of the Delhi
      Gymkhana Club and The Cricket Club of India; presently (2011) working
      as Director of A.B.R. Security Associates; Director at R.D.S. College
      of Management, affiliated to I.M.T., Ghaziabad; Director of Bhumishree
      Farming and Farm Products.
    • Baisa Tanushree Kumari, born 24th February 1992.



The predecessor
state of Sadri later Kanthal and still later Deolia was founded in 1433
by Rawat Khemkaran Singh, son of Maharana Mokal Singh of Mewar. The
rulers were…

      Rawat of Sagri and Kanthal 1433/1473, he was granted the Jagir
      Sagri, later
      his own Kingdom of Kanthal, married four wives, and had issue, four
      sons and one daughter. He died at the battle of Dadmipur circa 1473.

      • Rawat Suraj Mal (qv)
      • Kunwar Ranvir Singh
      • Kunwar Shekhgar Singh
      • Kunwar Raisal Singh
      • Baisa Pep Kunwari


    1. Rawat SURAJ MAL,
      Rawat of Kanthal 1473/1530, married 1stly, Rani Shrantgar Kunwari,
      married 2ndly, Rani Takht Kunwari, married 3rdly, Rani Jadav Kunwari,
      and had
      issue. Died 1530.

      • Rawat Bagh Singh (by Shrantgar Kunwari) (qv)
      • Kunwar Randhir Singh (by Shrantgar Kunwari)
      • Kunwar Sahismal Singh (by Takht Kunwari), he was granted
        Jagir of Dhamotar,
        married and had issue.

        • Kunwar Kamal Singh, died 18th June 1576 at Haldighati.
      • Kunwar Ranmal Singh (by Takht Kunwari), he was granted
        the Jagir
        of Kalyanpura,
        married and had issue. He died 1541.

        • Thakur Sultan Singh of Kalyanpura.
      • Kunwar Kaala Singh (by Jadav Kunwari)
      • Kunwar Rajghar Singh (by Jadav Kunwari)
      • Kunwar Jaagoji Singh (by Jadav Kunwari)


    1. Rawat BAGH SINGH,
      Rawat of Kanthal 1530/1535, married five wives and had
      He died 1535.

      • Rawat Rai Singh (qv)
      • Kunwar Jetmal Singh
      • Kunwar Barmal Singh
      • Kunwar Kanha Singh
      • Kunwar Kanji Singh, he was granted the Jagirs of Ambirama
        Badi Sakthali.
      • Kunwar Manji Singh
      • Ram Kunwari
      • Shyam Kunwari


    1. Rawat RAI SINGH,
      Rawat of Kanthal 1535/1552, married and had issue. He died

      • Rawat Bikram Singh (qv)
      • Kunwar Udaikaran Singh
      • Kunwar Aaskaran Singh
      • Kunwar Puranmal Singh
      • Kishan Kunwari


    1. Rawat BIKRAM SINGH,
      Rawat of Kanthal 1552/1561 and Deolia 1561/1564, born 1525, founded the
      of Deolia in 1561,
      to become Pratapgarh, married four wives and had issue. He died
      August 1564.

      • Rawat Tej Singh (qv)
      • Rajkumar Surjan Singh, he was granted the Jagir of
        married and had

        • Thakur Ram Das of Raipur, married and had issue.
          • Kunwar Man Singh of Manpura
          • Kunwar Kan Singh of Kangarh
      • Rajkumar Sardul Singh, he was granted the Jagirs of
        Sidhpura and
      • Rajkumar Kishan Das, he was granted the Jagir of Jhantla
      • Rajkumari Kishan Kunwari
      • Rajkumari Lal Kunwari


    1. Rawat TEJ SINGH,
      6th Rawat of Deolia 1564/1593, married six wives and had issue.
      He died 1593.

      • Rawat Bhanu Singh (qv)
      • Rawat Sinha Singh (qv)


    1. Rawat BHANU SINGH,
      7th Rawat of Deolia 1593/1597, married Rani Bhagwati Kunwari,
      daughter of
      Rao Narayandas of Idar. He died sp in 1597.


    1. Rawat SINHA SINGH,
      8th Rawat of Deolia 1597/1627, married 13 wives and had
      issue. He died
      April 1627.

      • Rawat Jashwant Singh (qv)
      • Rajkumar Jaganath Singh
      • Rajkumar Mahav Singh
      • Rajkumari Sada Kunwari
      • Rajkumari Raj Kunwari


    1. Rawat JASHWANT SINGH,
      9th Rawat of Deolia 1627/1628, married eight wives,
      Rani Chanda
      Kunwari, and had issue. He died 1628.

      • Maharawat Hari Singh (qv)
      • Rajkumar Maha Singh
      • Rajkumar Man Singh, he was granted the Jagir of Arnod.
      • Rajkumar Kesari Singh, he was granted the Jagir of
      • Rajkumar Udai Singh
      • Rajkumari Rup Kunwari
      • Rajkumari Suraj Kunwari


    1. Maharawat HARI SINGH,
      10th Maharawat of Deolia 1628/1673, was granted the title of
      Maharawat by the Mughal Emperor, married ten wives including (a)
      Manbhavnade Hadi, (b) Maharani Jas Kunwari Jhali, (c) Maharani Anoop
      Rathod from Medta, (d) Maharani Ajabkuveri Goad (committed sati),
      (e) Maharani Anandkuveri Rathod (committed sati) and had issue.
      He died 1673.

      • Maharawat Pratap Singh (by Maharani
        Manbhavnade Hadi)(qv)
      • Maharaj Amar Singh (by Maharani Jas Kunwari Jhali), he was
        granted the Jagir of Sakthali.
      • Maharaj Mokham Singh (by Maharani Anoop
        Kunwari), he was granted the Jagir of
      • Maharaj Madhav Singh (by Maharani Ajabkuveri  Goad),
        he was granted the Jagir of
      • Maharaj Anand Singh (by Maharani Anandkuveri)
      • Maharajkumari Kalyan Kunwari (by Maharani Anandkuveri),
        married Kunwar (later Maharaja) Anup Singh
        Rathore of Bikaner.
      • Maharajkumari Sobhaya Kunwari (by Maharani Anandkuveri)


    1. Maharawat PRATAP SINGH,
      11th Maharawat of Deolia 1673/1698 and Pratapgarh 1698/1708, founded
      Pratapgarh in
      1698, married
      wives including (a) Maharani Prem Kunwari, daughter of Padam Singh of Bikaner,
      (b) Maharani Dharma Kunwari Goad, daughter of Thakur Vithaldas of Ajmer
      committed sati),
      (c) Maharani Vijay Kunwari, daughter of Thakur Sabal Singh Kachhawa,
      committed sati),
      and had issue. He died 30th November 1708.

      • Maharawat Prithvi Singh (qv)
      • Maharaj Kirti Singh
      • Maharaj Bhim Singh
      • Maharaj Daulat Singh
      • Maharaj Inder Singh
      • Maharajkumari Bane Kunwari
      • Maharajkumari Sobhagya Kunwari
      • Maharajkumari Phool Kunwari


    1. Maharawat PRITHVI SINGH,
      12th Maharawat of Pratapgarh 1708/1718, married 9 wives
      including Maharani
      Kunwari, daughter of Kunwar Padam Singh of Bikaner, and had issue. He

      • Maharawat Pahar Singh (qv)
      • Maharawat Umaid Singh (qv)
      • Maharaj Padam Singh
      • Maharaj Kalyan Singh
      • Maharawat Gopal Singh (qv)
      • Maharaj Guman Singh
      • Maharajkumari Kalyan Kunwari
      • Maharani Anoop Kunwari, married Maharaja Ajit Singh of Jodhpur.
      • Maharajkumari Padam Kunwari
      • Maharajkumari Ratan Kunwari
      • Maharajkumari Suraj Kunwari


    1. Maharawat PAHAR SINGH,
      13th Maharawat of Pratapgarh 1718/1718, married and had issue. He
      died 1718.

      • Maharawat Sangram Singh (aka Ram Singh) (qv)


    1. Maharawat SANGRAM SINGH,
      14th Maharawat of Pratapgarh 1718/1719. He died 1719 sp.


    1. Maharawat UMAID SINGH,
      15th Maharawat of Pratapgarh 1719/1721, married four wives
      Kunwari, daughter of Thakur Kushal Singh Adjawat Kachhawa, and had

      • Maharajkumari Amrut Kunwari


    1. Maharawat GOPAL SINGH,
      16th Maharawat of Pratapgarh 1721/1756, married eleven wives and
      issue. He

      • Maharaj Bakhtawar Singh
      • Maharawat Salim Singh (qv)
      • Maharaj Ratan Singh
      • Maharaj Jait Singh
      • Maharajkumari Suraj Kunwari
      • Maharajkumari Ajan Kunwari


    1. Maharawat SALIM SINGH,
      17th Maharawat of Pratapgarh 1756/1774 , married eleven wives
      including Maharani
      Kunwari, daughter of Thakur Lal Singh Rathod of Aamjhar, and had issue.
      26th October 1774.

      • Maharawat Sawant Singh (see below)
      • Maharajkumar Rod Singh, died at a young age.
      • Maharajkumar Vijay Singh, died at a young age.
      • Maharajkumar Gaj Singh, died at a young age.
      • Maharaj Lal Singhji, he was granted the Jagir of Arnod,
        and had issue.

        • Maharaj Arjun Singhji, Thakur Saheb of Arnod, married
          and had

          • Maharaj Kushal Singhji, Thakur Saheb of Arnod, born
            married a daughter of
            Rao of Asind in Mewar, and had issue. He
            died 1856.

            • Kunwar Raghunath Singh, adopted by Maharawat Udai
              Singh and succeeded as HH Maharawat Sir Raghunath Singhji Bahadur of
              Pratapgarh (see below)
      • Maharajkumar Mehtab Singh, died at a young age.
      • Maharajkumari Maya Kunwari
      • Maharajkumari Rup Kunwari


    1. Maharawat SAWANT SINGH,
      18th Maharawat of Pratapgarh 1774/1844, born 5th October 1767,
      married 8
      including (a) Maharani Swaroop Kunwari, daughter of Maharaja Bahadur
      of Kishangarh, married (b),
      Maharani Daulat Kunwari, daughter of a Rathod Sardar
      of Medhta, married (c), Maharani Gulab Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Tej
      Sinhji of Namli in Ratlam,
      married (d) Maharani Daulat Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Fateh Sinhji of Namli in Ratlam, and had issue.
      died 5th January 1844.

      • Yuvrani Pran Kunwari (by Swaroop Kunwari), married
        Yuvaraj Shri Umaidsinhji Gambhirsinhji Sahib Bahadur of
      • Rani Chiman Kunwari (by Daulat Kunwari Rathodji), married
        1821, Rana
        Fatehsinhji Solanki of Lunawada.
      • Maharaj Padam Singh
      • Maharajkumar Dip Singh, married 1stly, Rani Raaj Kunwari,
        daughter of
        Udaibhan Singh of Bhinai, married
        2ndly, a lady from Fatehgarh in Kishangarh,
        and had issue. He died 21st May 1826 (1823).

        • Bhanwar Kesri Singh (by Rani Raaj Kunwari), born 8th
          1808, he died sp under
          mysterious circumstances in 1834 (#1).
        • Maharawat Dalpat Singh (by 2nd wife) (qv)
        • Maharani Pratap Kunwari (by 2nd wife), married 12th
          February 1833,
          Sardar Singh of Bikaner.
      • Maharaj Sardar Singh
      • Maharajkumari Ajab Kunwari
      • Maharajkumari Chandan Kunwari
      • Maharajkumari Takhat Kunwari
      • Maharajkumari Ratan Kunwari


    1. Maharawat DALPAT SINGH,
      19th Maharawat of Pratapgarh 1844/1864, born 26th November 1808,
      adopted by
      Jashwant Singhji of Dungarpur in 1820, but wasn’t allowed to eventually
      there in 1845. His own son died in 1845 and he therefore adopted Kanwar
      Udai Singh
      of Sabli who became the next Maharawal of Dungarpur, married 1stly,
      Daulat Kunwari of Namli in Ratlam, married 2ndly, Maharani Moti Kunwari
      Kushalgarh, married 3rdly, Maharani Kesar Kunwari of Kushalgarh,
      4thly, Maharani Kalyan Kunwari of Keranya in Bansda, and had issue. He
      30th March 1864.

      • HH Maharawat Udai Singh (qv)


    1. HH Maharawat UDAI SINGH,
      20th Maharawat of Pratapgarh 1864/1890 , born 29th June 1848,
      married 1stly,
      HH Maharani
      Swaroop Kunwari, daughter of Thakur Takhat Sinhji of Namli in Ratlam,
      2ndly, HH Maharani Juhaar Kunwari, daughter of Raja Duleh Singhji, Raja
      of Sailana, married 3rdly, HH
      Kunwari, daughter of Raja Duleh Singhji, Raja of Sailana, and had
      issue, as well
      as an adopted son. He died
      15th February 1890.

      • Yuvraj Hamir Singh (by 1st wife), born 29th March 1865,
        died 1869.
      • Yuvraj Arjun Singh (by 2nd wife), born 1st March 1887,
        died young.
      • (A) HH Maharawat Sir Raghunath Singh Bahadur (qv)


    1. HH Maharawat Sir RAGHUNATH
      SINGH Bahadur
      , 21st Maharawat of Pratapgarh 1890/1929, born
      29th December
      1858, adopted from Arnod on 4th May 1890 by HH Maharani Swaroop
      Kunwari; K.C.I.E.
      [cr.1911], married 1stly, HH
      Maharani Ugam Kunwari, daughter
      the Thakur of Khawasa (Pisangan) in Ajmer, died 6th December 1891,
      HH Maharani Kesar Kunwari, daughter of Maharaj Bhawani Singh of Semlia
      in Sailana, died 28th April 1908,
      3rdly, 20th February 1892, HH Maharani Vraj Kunwari (sister of the
      wife), and had issue. He died 11th January 1929.

      • Yuvraj Pratap Singh (by Maharani Ugam Kunwari), died 19th
        September 1890.
      • Yuvraj Man Singh (by Maharani Ugam Kunwari), born 13th
        April 1886, married 1stly,
        18th February
        Yuvrani Chandra Kumari of Khetri,
        married 2ndly, 13th October 1910,
        Bhuvaneshwari Devi of Tehri-Garhwal,
        died 9th August 1913, married
        1913, Yuvrani Maya Kunwarba Sahiba of Dhrangadhra,
        and had issue. He died 29th October 1918.

        • HH Maharawat Sir Ram Singhji II Bahadur (qv)
        • Rani Mohan Kumari, born 24th July 1911, married 2nd
          December 1929,
          Dr. Raghunath Singh of Sitamau.
      • HH Maharani Vallabh Kunwari (by Maharani Ugam Kunwari),
        married HH Maharaja Ganga
        Singh of Bikaner.
        She died 19th August 1906.
      • HH Maharani Raj Kunwari (by Maharani Vraj Kunwari),
        married 1909, HH Maharaja Dileep
        Singhji of Sailana.
      • Maharaj Goverdhan Singhji (by Maharani Vraj Kunwari), he
        was granted the Jagir of Arnod on 4th
        September 1901.


    1. HH Maharawat Sir RAM SINGH II Bahadur,
      22nd Maharawat of Pratapgarh 1929/1949, born
      12th April 1908,
      K.C.S.I., married 1stly 14th May 1924, HH Maharani Raj Kunwari,
      died 1929, daughter of Rao Raja Sir Madho Singhji Bahadur of Sikar,
      married 2ndly, 20th April 1932, HH Maharani Meghraj Kumari, daughter of
      Hon. Maharaja Bahadur Sir Keshav
      Singh of Dumraon, married 3rdly, 6th
      May 1934, HH Maharani Mahendra Kumari, daughter of Major HH Maharana
      Shri Maharaja Shri Raj Sir Ghanshyamsinhji Ajitsinhji
      Sahib Bahadur of Dhrangadhra,
      and his third wife, HH Maharani Anand Kunwarba Sahiba, and had issue.
      He died 9th January 1949.

      • HH Rani Devendra Kumari, born 16th February 1925, married
        HH Raja
        Lakshman Singh of Chamba, and had
        issue, three sons
        and two daughters. She died 27th June 2004 at King Rashid Hospital in
        cremated at Chamba.
      • Maharajkumari Indira Kumari, born 19th April 1933,
        married to Vasna
      • Maharajkumari Urmila Kumari, born 4th August 1937,
        married Maharajkumar Balram Singh
        of Datia.
      • Maharajkumari Kusum Kumari, born 17th July 1939, married
        in Dewas.
      • Rani Kumud Kumari, born 17th July 1939, married Rao Sahib
        Ju Deo of Bihat, and has issue.
      • Maharajkumari Kanak Kumari, born 1940, married.
      • Kaurani Ila Kumari, born 1942, married Kumar Shri Ranjit
        Singh of Bilkha, and has issue.
      • Maharaj Prakaram Singh, married Rani Bhanu Kumari,
        daughter of HH Shri
        Sawai Maharaja Sir Tej Singhji Dev Bahadur of Alwar.
      • Maharaj Ranjit Singh, married Rani Subh Kumari, daughter
        of Rawat Kuber
        Singh of Dhula, and has issue, one

        • Rajkumari Jyotsana Kumari
      • Thakurani Yeshwant Kumari, born 23rd February 1938,
        married Thakur
        Singh of Badnore, and has issue.
      • HH Maharawat Ambika Pratap Singh (qv)
      • Maharani Maheshwari Devi, born 9th April 1941, married
        December 1956
        HH Maharao Brijraj Singh of Kotah.
      • Maharaj Durgapratapsinh, born 25th December 1945,
        educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1963); married
        8th February
        1973, Rani Meenakshidevi from Dera Ismail Khan, born 20th February
        died 10th February 2005, and has issue.

        • Baijilal Rajkumari Ambikadevi, born 13th November 1975.
        • Rajkumar Dhruvadityasinh, born 16th May 1979.


  1. HH Maharawat AMBIKA PRATAP
    , 23rd Maharawat of Pratapgarh (see above)

The help of MS D.P.S. Sisodia is gratefully acknowledged,



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